5 Tours You Need to Take in Your 20s

5 Tours You Need to Take in Your 20s

Travelling in your 20s is the best time to see what the world is all about, develop a worldwide network of friends and most importantly, it’s a chance to learn about different cultures or maybe even work abroad! You might be familiar with the phrase ‘not all classrooms have four walls’, and it’s totally true! Your 20s are the time to get out there in the world and explore. While you’re at it, we’ve hand-picked 5 tours you need to take in your 20s. Of course, anyone at any stage of their life can join one of these tours, but if you’re in your 20s, it’s time to start exploring this incredible world we live in. After all, the only tour you’ll ever regret is the one you didn’t book.

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1. Sailing tour

Who doesn’t love crystal blue waters, yachts and sizzling summer days? If you want a best-week-of-your-life kind of tour, then it’s time to spin the compass and head to the water for a sailing tour. Just imagine speeding across the waters of Croatia, Greece or Turkey without a care in the world while mingling with other like-minded travellers? Not to mention incredible seafood, ice-cold drinks and regular swimming stops! Sounds like paradise? It’s even better in real life.

Before we go any further, we’re not trying to say that a sailing adventure is exclusive for travellers in their 20s, but it is worth noting that some operators will cater only for the youth market whereas other operators cater to all ages.

aerial photography of brown roof houses beside sea at daytime
Old Town Market, Dubrovnik, Croatia | ⓒ Jonathan Chng/Unsplash

Depending on your travel style, some tours are more active than others meaning you might be pulling ropes or helping to sail the boat. Others sailing adventures are more of the ‘sit back and relax’ kind and are equipped with a full crew (chefs, captain and tour guide), which means you can spend all your time soaking up the sunshine.

Depending on the boat size, the group will be 8-16 travellers, and some of the larger vessels can hold up to 40 people if you’re looking for a larger group of new friends. Most importantly, if you’re unsure about how your sea legs would fare on the water, keep in mind that your classic Croatia sailing tour, for example, will dock in the harbour each night so you will get a chance to step off the boat almost daily to explore the land.

The only problem with a sailing tour? You’ll never want it to end…

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2. Hop on hop off tour

Naturally, most 20-somethings prefer to explore on their own, travel at their own pace and sing to their tune. This doesn’t mean you need to go it completely alone. While there are plenty of travellers in their 20s who set off on their own for a month or two and come home with a new view of the world, most honest travellers will tell you that it can get lonely at times and that the research and planning can take its toll on the experience.

The perfect medium between group tours and hitting the road solo is a hop on hop off tour, also known as independent touring. Trips like this allow you to stop in the places you like for longer and move on when you’re ready, but still, offer some guidance from local guides and include your transport, so you don’t have to do it all yourself. It’s the perfect balance of freedom and guidance which is ideal for the first time traveller.

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3. Volunteer and community tour

What better way to expand your horizons than to combine your next adventure with a volunteer or community-led tour? By working with local volunteer groups to aid conservation, assist with local development projects or teach students new skills, you’re as close as it gets to integrating into a new culture.  The bonds that you build, not only with the locals but also with your fellow volunteers are ones you will remember for life.

As for future employment, the right type of community or volunteering experience can also look great on your resume and shows prospective employers that you’re worldly, open-minded and a dedicated worker.

four people with matching blue shirts walking on green grass field
Form bonds while immersing yourself in a new community | ⓒ Rawpixel/Unsplash

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4. Overland and safari tour

Challenging yourself is something we should always strive to do throughout our lives, but the earlier we start, the better! Overlanding and safari tours can be physically and mentally challenging, many involve setting up camp every night and long journeys in your overland truck, but the reward is well worth it. Get off the beaten track and steer away from the tourist trail with a small group of like-minded adventurers. If you’re looking for an experience to create memories to last a lifetime and stories you’ll be telling your grandchildren – look no further than an overland safari adventure.

It’s the perfect GAP year experience to open your mind and take some time to figure out your next steps when you return home.

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5. Festival tour

Only got time for a quick trip? Festivals are one of the best ways to experience local traditions when you’ve just got time for a short vacation, but organising your trip independently can be tricky. Hotels are in high demand, and some festivals are also hard to get to, but by booking a festival tour, you can enjoy the luxury of everything being organised for you.

Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, UT at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple
Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Holi Festival | © Steven Gerner/Flickr

Festivals aren’t just about wild partying – sure there are celebrations involved – but there is something for everyone! Festival tours can take you all over the world, from the Day of the Dead in Mexico to Scotland’s unique New Year’s celebration, Hogmanay. Many of them have ties to centuries of history, and you can learn from how the locals do it!

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