Where to Travel Based on Your Couple Style

There is possibly nothing more exciting than travelling with your significant other. From packing your bags to running through airports together, every aspect of couple travel is a wild adventure. There are many different types of couples out there, each fantastic and unique in their own ways, but different destinations are best suited for different types of couples and travellers. Here’s where you should be travelling this year based on your couple style.

The Long-Distance Couple


Long-distance couples are one of a kind. They’re used to being independent and are strong on their own, but they love nothing more than spending time together. They make the most out of the little time they have together, meaning their travel destinations needs to be as spectacular as they are.  

  • Morocco is the perfect destination for long-distance couples. There’s a huge variety of things to do, from hikes through the desert to leisurely afternoons wandering through the colourful street markets. It’s a great destination for kicking back and relaxing or putting on your adventure shoes and making memories that will last until you can see each other again.

Perfect Tour: Highlights of Morocco

two people sitting on sand dunes with the sun in the background
Merzouga, Morocco | © Ignacio Ceballos/Unsplash

The Power Couple


The power couple has it all – they’re successful in just about every aspect of life, from their gym goals to their careers. They work hard and play hard, meaning their ideal travel destination needs to offer the perfect combination of relaxation, fun, and excitement.

  • Thailand is a power couple’s haven. The beaches are stunning, allowing for endless afternoons of relaxation, cat naps, and beach volleyball. And the nightlife is equally as impressive, with strong drinks, beach bonfires, and dancing the night away under a full moon. It’s an amazing combination of relaxation and excitement, creating the perfect getaway for any power couple.

Perfect Tour: Northern Thailand Adventure

The On-Trend Couple


On-trend couples are always one step ahead. They always seem to know what’s next, whether it be the latest diet fad or the next new restaurant downtown. They’re the first people you go to when you need to know what’s hot in fashion and what’s not. It’s for that very reason their travel destination needs to be as up and coming as they are.

  • India continues to gain popularity. While it’s sometimes overlooked by travellers, on-trend couples know it’s a hidden gem that has endless experiences to offer. The food is delicious, it’s a haven for culture, and the people are warm and welcoming. From monuments built by lovers to the holiest of rivers, India is the “it” destination for on-trend couples.

Perfect Tour: Taj Traveller

The Stylish Couple


This couple always looks on point. Regardless of where they’re going, they always look perfect, almost as if they were plucked right out of a fashion magazine. Travel gives them the opportunity to update their wardrobe with the latest looks, so amazing shopping is a must for nearly every trip they go on.

  • Italy is one of the most fashionable destinations of them all. Home to one the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is the perfect destination for any couple looking to update their wardrobe. Fashion forward couples can start their mornings at a cafe with espresso and spend their afternoons browsing some of the most iconic designer stores. Plus, the beautiful history and flawless architecture make for chic photo backdrops.

Perfect Tour: Taste of Italy

woman holding person's hand near buildings under white and blue cloudy sky
Italy’s chic backdrops are perfect for stylish couples | © Jakob Owens/Unsplash

The Party Couple

Las Vegas

If there’s a party, you can count on this couple being there. The party couple loves to get out on the town and dance the night away. They know the best nightlife hotspots and have no problem staying out until the break of dawn. Because they know how to have a good time, this couple needs a destination that lets them party the night away.

  • Vegas is a solid destination for party couples. From the moment they arrive, the bright lights and colourful personalities will invite this couple in with open arms. Each night can be spent at a different casino, bar, show, or concert, creating endless possibilities for wild entertainment. Plus, when it’s time to unwind, the open desert air is there to clear your mind

Perfect Tour: Las Vegas New Year

The Adventurous Couple


Adventurous couples don’t mind sleeping under the stars, early morning hikes, or spending a week without any WiFi connection. They love each other’s company, but love the great outdoors even more. The perfect trip for this couple involves lots of walking trails, days spent in the fresh air, and an awesome pair of hiking boots.

  • It’s the wide open, untouched wilderness that makes Iceland the greatest destination for any adventure driven couple. There are waterfalls everywhere, dramatic cliffs around every turn, and black sand beaches that will make you rethink what makes a beach beautiful. Each day comes with a new trail to hike, a new campsite to make home, and a new volcano to explore. Adventurous couples will love it so much, they may never come home.

Perfect Tour: Complete Iceland

The Gaming Couple

South Korea

Gaming couples are beyond satisfied with a night in playing video games. It doesn’t matter the game or the console, and this pair is as in love with video games as they are with each other. This lifestyle means anywhere they travel to be technology inspired and on the edge of gaming breakthroughs.

  • South Korea is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to video game development and technology. That’s what makes it so perfect for gaming couples – they can explore their passion and the beauty of Korea simultaneously. From groundbreaking gaming lounges to stunning ancient temples, South Korea fulfils every adventure the gaming couple could dream of.

Perfect Tour: Round Korea 7 Days

man holding umbrella beside woman while walking on street
Seoul, South Korea | © Steven Roe/Unsplash

The Chill Couple


This is the couple that has no worries. They’re extremely easy-going and don’t seem to have a care in the world. They love relaxing with a cup of coffee, curling up with a good book, and enjoy spending authentic time together. The perfect destination for this pair isn’t too busy and has lots of great coffee shops and places to spend a romantic night together.

  • Naturally, Amsterdam is an ideal place for any chill couple to visit. They will fall in love with the relaxed way of life, abundance of coffee shops, and the beautiful parks, museums, and pubs that make for perfect date nights. Whether you rent a bike or wander through the halls of the Van Gogh Museum, this city is the place to unwind, and enjoy a carefree trip abroad.

The Perfect Tour: Amsterdam Explorer

The Artsy Couple


The artsy couple has a genuine passion for any expression of art. Their idea of a great date is a night at the theatre or a morning exploring their favourite art gallery. This couple would love a trip to a destination that will fuel their artistic curiosity while showcasing some of the best art the world has to offer.

  • As you probably guessed, Paris is the place to visit for anyone who has a love for art. This magical and romantic city is home to 73 museums, 208 theatres, 84 cinemas, 31 monuments, and three opera houses. With so many artistic influences, the city itself is considered a masterpiece to many. So, whether you decide to visit the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, or share a kiss under the Eiffel Tower, Paris is the perfect place for the artsy couples to run away to.

Perfect Tour: In Love With Paris

man sitting on green chair reading book, and a woman sunbathing
Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, France | © Marie-Sophie Tékian/Unsplash