Extraordinary Ancient Worlds

A reminder of those who once walked the earth, these are some of the most hauntingly beautiful, mystical places in the world. Abundant with history, ancient ruins and sometimes a faint pulse of what life once was, they are perfect for engaging your inner historian.

1. The Great Wall, China


Photo credit: Vin Crosbie / CC BY-ND

Possibly the most majestic of them all, The Great Wall is an ancient monument and a cultural testimony to the powerful dynasties that once ruled the East. This trip will see you wander the sometimes narrow paths and crumbling stairways, staring upon the stunning mountain ranges that surround it.

You can also explore The Forgotten City, meander through the richly decorated halls of the Summer Palace on Kunming Lake and take a cruise along the Grand Canal on this trip. Finish it all off with a delicious meal of Peking Duck!

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2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The Gods will certainly be impressed when you visit what is quite literally ‘heaven on earth’. The stunning prowess of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, a temple so abundant in history and rich in culture has been named the ‘mother of all temples’.

This magnificent structure is the heart and soul of Cambodia, a country that has seen the worst of times yet has come through with a cultural renaissance. From the small rice paper making villages to the horror of the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek, this trip will let you experience everything that is Cambodia.

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3. Stonehenge, England


Although it has been attracting a steady stream of travellers, artists, dreamers and scientists for the last 5000 years, Stonehenge in England is still a hauntingly beautiful place. Experience the mystery for yourself, taking in the smooth impressive stones and the hundreds of nearby burial mounds.

Combined with the rolling green hills and the quaint charm of the United Kingdom, this trip will have you drinking whisky with the locals, searching for Loch Ness and getting to know Shakespeare up close and personal.

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4. The Mezquita, Spain


Photo credit: procsilas / CC BY

With a culture thousands of years in the making, Spain holds a history and architectural intimacy like no other place on earth. You will visit the Mezquita, a remarkable mosque in Cordoba and one of the most impressive works of Islamic architecture that tells the story of a harmonious era when Muslims, Jews and Christians once lived side by side.

Then, watch the sunset over the charming narrow streets of Albaicin, followed by a night full of tapas and flamenco dancing. Rich with beauty, old tales, and exquisite food, this trip will have you unearthing all the romance and magic Spain has to offer.

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5. Machu Picchu, Peru


The view over Machu Picchu

This extraordinarily beautiful ancient city stands at 2,400m above sea level and is embedded in lush tropical rainforests. It was virtually unheard of until the early part of the 20th century and many people now consider it a must see in their lifetime. Believed to be a sacred site for thousands of years, the Inca city is like no other place on earth and you can experience its giant walls, majestic ruins, stunning views of the Andes on this trip.

You’ll also have the chance to wander the markets of the surrounding local villages, relax in the natural hot springs, or simply sip on a Pisco sour and relax!

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