Where You Should Travel Based on Your Favourite Game of Thrones House

While we wouldn’t actually want to be part of any house in the Game of Thrones world (there’s far too much dying, torturing and pet-related travesties for our liking), we can definitely have our favourites. Just like in the Harry Potter world, our house says a lot about us, including where we should travel. So whether you’re bold and fiery like a Targaryen or a noble and honourable Stark, we’ve figured out where you should travel based on your favourite Game of Thrones house.

Game of Thrones House: Stark – Scotland and New Zealand


If you like the Stark family, chances are you’re a very honourable person – or at least admire the trait. The House of Stark face problems head on and speak plainly and truthfully, not interested in faking it or frilling about the edges of situations. As an admirer of these qualities, Scotland is an ideal place for you to travel.

You like their bluntness and practicality, yet there’s still plenty of fun and good times there, too. The sceneries, beautiful yet sometimes dark and eerie, are something to write home about – plus, they resemble the typical Stark fate pretty accurately…

On the happier hand, you love that Starks are courageous, brave and can handle anything that’s thrown at them, something you like to emulate on your travels. So also consider giving New Zealand a try, where adventure travel is in its masses, and you’ll love the warmth and friendliness of the Kiwis (a relief for a Stark, for sure) yet still be entranced by the landscape and get that alone time with the mountains.

Game of Thrones House: Lannister – USA and Greece


Lannisters like to maintain an illusion of greatness despite the cracks underneath… sort of like the USA, so this is a place where those sympathising with the family who always pay their debts should head to. The world may not always have the best view of the US, but when you’re there, you’re able to look past that and see the beauty and strength within it, from the laid back west coast to the lively South to the intellectual east coast.

Although a Lannister loves power and will head wherever that is, there’s a part which just wants to escape somewhere nice where you’re unknown (being a Lannister fan probably won’t gain you many admirers). You want to go somewhere you can have a good time lazing about drinking some wine. That’s why Greece would be perfect for you, where you can hop from island to island, admiring the views with a drink and lavish, delicious food.

Game of Thrones House: Targaryen – Iceland and Hawaii

Photo credit: Alex Schwab via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND

You might like the House of Targaryen just because they have dragons, or because of their strong willpower, beauty, genius, and leadership. Either way, if you’re a lover of the silver hair (but hopefully not so much the incest), you’re in for a travel treat. Targaryens are big on extremes, so where better than the Land of Fire and Ice itself, Iceland? Here, you can admire huge, dramatic mountains, craters, volcanoes and geysers, which are often connected with folklore, perfect for your dragon-obsessed mind.

On the other end of the scale, how about Hawaii? Technically part of the USA, which we’ve assigned as a Lannister destination, but Hawaii is a world of its own, isolated and culturally different. Watch as glowing lava seeps into the vivid, blue ocean and become the Mother of Turtles or Dolphins while swimming with these beautiful creatures. Just as mentioned before, you like extremes, as well as beauty and passion, so Hawaii is the Drogo to your Daenerys. The Rhaegal to your Viserion. Speaking of the dragons, they’ll be pretty happy here, too.

Game of Thrones House: Martell – Spain and Brazil


If you favour the Martells, your personality is fiery, witty and passionate with a short temper at times and slow to forgive people when they’ve wronged you. When it comes to travel, you’ll want something to move you to your core and focus your mind, which can get a bit bored when not constantly stimulated. Two places that will never bore you? Spain and Brazil, of course.

In Spain, you’ll have a variety of landscapes to keep you busy, with bustling Barcelona, the food of Valencia, the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees, the beaches of Menorca, San Sebastian and the party lifestyle of Ibiza.

Of course, if it’s party lifestyle you’re looking for, Brazil is sure to keep you on your toes. You’ll feel right at home in Rio de Janeiro, with great nightlife, beautiful ocean views and imposing mountains surrounding you. You’re a free spirit, so as long as you’re having fun and can feel comfortable in your own skin, you’re happy – just make sure to keep a calm head if something goes wrong on your quest for the ultimate adventure, a hot-headed Martell doesn’t always make the best decisions (just ask Oberyn…).

Game of Thrones House: Tyrell – France and Mexico

Provence, France

If you love the Tyrells, it might be partly to do with them definitely coming from the nicest place in the Game of Thrones world, Highgarden. The beautiful flowers, grand buildings, courtyards and fruits that fill the place are pretty comparable to the family that inhabits it: courteous in speech and manners, ambitious, regal and sophisticated.

And we have to say, there’s one country that comes to mind which you must visit if you envy the Tyrell lifestyle: France. You’re sure to be satisfied by dreamily prancing through the lavender fields of Provence or sipping champagne with other VIPs on a yacht in St. Tropez.

If you’re already used to the croissants and castles of France, try Mexico. With its famous history and dynasty, the country will strike a chord with you, as it would with a Tyrell. Regal, beautiful and proud with a desire for everlasting fame, (those ruins in Mexico are sturdy!) you’ll be quite content beginning your day discovering Mayan culture, followed by an afternoon on the beach beside a platter of delicious food.

Game of Thrones House: Tully – Italy and India

Italian Restaurant

Given that House Tully’s motto is “Family, Duty, Honour”, travel for this house, as well as those who relate to their good nature, is deep-rooted in family values. Italy should be your next travel destination; not only is it a nation where family is considered the main priority, experiences with family are also considered sacred.

It’s not uncommon to see families cooking together – and genuinely enjoying themselves doing so. Well, it’s not really that hard to believe when pasta and pizza are on the menu here. Plus, the stubbornness and passion of the Italians is on par with the Tully’s, so you’ll fit right in.

Sticking with the family theme, India must be Travel Destination Number Two for you. India holds all of House Tully’s values dear, but perhaps in a completely different way than you’re used to yourself, immersing you in a new culture but one you can relate to. Seeing as House Tully has had a few problems at home of late, they and their fans could do with an exotic location and get lost in the huge expanse of India.

Game of Thrones House: Baratheon – Germany and China

Neuschwansteinstrasse Castle, Germany

With a motto like “Ours is the Fury”, Baratheons can be, let’s say, a bit stubborn, tough-skinned and brutish. They are great fighters and are made up of strong people, which is most likely why they can be a favourite house. Germany is the place for you Baratheon supporters, with its love of direct action, bluntness and standing ground.

It’s a strong country which you will admire, from the dark and eerie but beautiful nature of the Black Forest to the force that Berlin and its sturdy personality is. You’ll be quite at home at Oktoberfest, clinking steins. Just watch out for any boars that may be roaming around.

In the same vein, the strength of China, your next travel destination, is something you’ll be fascinated by. The Terracotta Warriors, the Great Wall and more will have you in awe of the power and community China held – these also reflect a typical Baratheon trait of becoming prone to excess in times of success (they did build a wall that can be seen from space, after all – a bit extravagant, to say the least).

Game of Thrones House: Greyjoy – Denmark and Japan


Greyjoys are even more blunt and direct than the Starks and Baratheons and the way they do things is seen as a bit uncouth compared to the mainland. However, those who are fans of House Greyjoy should visit Denmark. Not for the sleek, modern design or bicycle-riding lifestyle it’s often known for, but rather its Viking history. You like the idea of sailing on the seas, conquering new lands, because if Greyjoys like anything, it’s knowing what they want and taking it. Earning power is better than buying it, for them, and you couldn’t agree more.

If Viking Denmark is the Earthbound home to Greyjoys, then they’d travel internationally to Japan. It’s by the sea, with many unexplored and underrated islands to hop around, likeGunkanjima (Battleship Island) which was used in the James Bond film Skyfall or Yaeyama Islands, often compared to the Caribbean. Japan is also a cultural force of nature, a challenge you’d be willing to take on. 

Game of Thrones House: Wildlings – Portugal and Norway


If the free people, or wildlings, are who you’re feeling in the Game of Thrones life, you’re the gypsy traveller. You’re the type to live out of a campervan with minimal belongings and travel around. You’re resourceful, so you don’t need much and you’re a true budget traveller, only forking out the cash when it’s sure to be worth the promised excitement. Portugal suits the campervan lifestyle, with tons of dramatic scenery to stop by, easy driving yet still wild enough to keep your interest.

Alternatively, challenge your adventurous spirit with hikes and roughing it in a more adverse climate like Norway. Here, you can head for an extreme adventure in which you’ll be able to truly test how capable you are in the wilderness. Trek to Trolltunga and live on the edge (literally) of what seems like the whole world. Plus, it’s pretty far north so you’ll be staying true to the wildling’s northern dwellings.

Kirsten is a travel-obsessed Brit who, ever since studying in Australia, is always plotting her next adventure, from surfing in Bali and swimming with sharks (and pigs!) in The Bahamas to searching for the Northern Lights in Iceland (she didn't find them) and cruising around Norway. You can follow her adventures at Kirst Over the World

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