Romantic Getaways to Rekindle Your Marriage

Some of the best memories I have with my partner come from the time we’ve spent exploring different corners of the world together. Given the nature of our careers, schedules, the copious amount of time we spend pursuing our past times as amateurs, the time we get to spend travelling with each other is special. So I really appreciate the need for a couple to take trips together.

You don’t need me to tell you that relationships are tricky to circumnavigate. Travel helps us to grow as individuals and reconnect with ourselves away from the daily grind, and likewise, it can help couples to do the same. Rather than escaping your routine; it’s about experiencing new things together.

Whether it’s hiking together in the Amalfi Coast, taking a wrong turn and ending up in Switzerland instead of Lake Como, almost missing a flight to New York after sleeping in, or having a shoulder to sleep on during long-haul flights, these moments strengthen your bond. This is the only cheesy line you’ll find throughout this entire article: Because while it may be about the destination, it’s also about the journey.

Here are five romantic getaways to rekindle your marriage

Hike the Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of my favourite memories from the Amalfi Coast was our first evening there. We made our way down three hundred or so steps from the hotel towards a little restaurant in the harbour. The food was overpriced and too salty, but it didn’t matter. Nothing could take away from the sound of the sea lolling away below us, the boats creaking in the harbour, and lights from nearby towns along the coast glittering away.

We spent the next week or so doing much of the same thing, but with better food. Clambering up and down stairs, hiking breathtaking coastline, basking in views across the Bay of Naples, and devouring fresh Italian cuisine. We walked along trails like the iconic Path of the Gods. Another day we climbed the 1700 steps from Positano to the small village of Nocelle, our efforts were rewarded by an organic lemonade stand right at the top hawking ice-cold drinks. When we weren’t looking for coastal trails, we were looking for a boat with a red coloured fish on its mast so we could sail away to a restaurant called Da Adolfo.

Being outdoors in this beautiful destination was amazing, but what brought us together was just walking alongside each other for hours at an end. The Amalfi Coast cast a spell over us; someday we’ll go back and relive some of that magic.

View-of-Positano-from-Path-of-The-Gods perfect for a romantic getaway
Spectacular views from Path of the Gods hiking trail | © Sahar Aman

Visit lively cities in New York, USA

The first time we flew to New York together, we woke up an hour before our 7 am flight. Lesson learnt, after that we stopped booking early morning flights. Luckily the airport was only twenty minutes away, and miraculously we made it to the check-in in time, running all the way, adrenaline pumping. What a fitting way to head towards the fastpaced city of New York?

I love falling headfirst into the Big Apple. New York has a way of sweeping you off your feet, and it’s the perfect playground for couples. From the museums, arts and famous landmarks to the endless coffee shops, bars, and restaurants, you can explore whatever it is you love together. We love wandering around the neighbourhoods; our favourites include Brooklyn and Jackson Heights for the incredible food.

I like the pace of big cities, and visiting New York with my significant other revives us and inspires us as a couple. It’s easy to get into a rut with your daily routine, but this city is palpable and makes you feel everything — the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s such a big part of having a bond as a couple, embracing the challenges that come your way. New York’s intoxicating energy gives us something to aspire to.

Go beach hopping in Trinidad, Cuba

We were riding in a taxi colectivo from Viñales to Trinidad when it broke down in the middle of the highway. There was no way to salvage the vehicle, and the driver managed to find us another taxi colectivo crammed with other travellers. Had we booked a tour, this never would have happened. We were given a place to sit on one of two benches in the van’s trunk alongside another couple (who we ended up becoming friends with). We had two bottles of water and some crackers, and another six to eight hours to go.

It was an agonising journey, but also hilarious. Even at that moment were laughing. That’s what Cuba gave us as a couple, lots of funny moments. One day we were counting our pennies in a hotel room because we hadn’t exchanged enough cash in Havana, and all the banks were closed. We had to find a cheap meal, but it was one of the best eats we had during our trip.

After a rickety drive, when we finally got to Trinidad, we spent the next few days feasting on fresh lobster, beach hopping, chasing waterfalls in Topes de Collantes and listening to salsa music in the town square. What could be more romantic than that?

Girl stands in a tree looking out across the stunning bay of La Boca in Trinidad
La Boca, Trinidad | © Sahar Aman

Enjoy rooftop dinners in Marrakesh, Morocco

Like at the start of a new marriage, Marrakesh is a glorious whirlwind. The potency of the city’s sights and sounds might remind you of those early days when everything about your relationship is exhilarating. Part of a couple’s journey is how hearts beating wildly find harmony and rhythm together, which can be just as dazzling. Marrakesh also has a steady side.

The old and new fuse together in Marrakesh, the cosmopolitan culture of the city alongside the calming presence of its ancient walls provide lots of moments to feel enchanted. Whether you’re making your way through cobbled market lanes that smell of flowers, leather and spice, trying to catch your breath in the medina, rooftop dinners or lingering over a mint tea in the courtyard of a riad at night, along with each other, there are so many things to love about this city.

a colourful crowded market square with a romantic sunset looming in the background
Sunset over Jemma el Fnaa

Experience mountain living in St. Moritz, Switzerland

We were making our way towards Lake Como through the Italian Dolomites region, where we had been hiking for the past week, when we saw cars slowing down ahead. “Is there a toll on this route?”

I was pretty sure there wasn’t, and quickly checked Google Maps. It’s easy enough to do, but somehow we’d taken a route that was going through Switzerland. “Nope, that’s not a toll, it’s an EU border checkpoint. We’re going to Switzerland.” Excited by the prospect of this unexpected detour, we made our way along snaking roads through alpine terrain.

You would think that after spending a week in Italy’s Dolomites that we would have had our fill of mountain scenery, but Switzerland can more than hold its own. An hour later, we came across Lake Silvaplana, a shimmering emerald water body which seemed to go on and on close to the luxury resort town of St. Moritz.

Located in Switzerland’s Engadin valley, St. Moritz is tailormade for a glitzy romantic getaway (the town is famous for attracting celebrities, royalty and the well-heeled), even if it’s short and sweet. Alongside nature’s bounty of snowcapped peaks, hiking trails galore and lush woodland, you’ll find sparkly boutiques and flashy places to eat. The best way to wrap your head around it is to look for a tour that will give you access to this alpine haven.