The 7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Traveller Needs

Katie’s thought long and hard and is excited to present to you a list of resolutions that are perfectly suited for a travel lover’s lifestyle.

We can dream and dream and dream some more, but the majority of us don’t exactly have the time or cash to hit up all the places we want to in one year. This got me thinking, what small changes and goals can travel-obsessed people like myself set to make sure we are never neglecting what truly matters?

So, I wanted to share with all of you some everyday new year’s resolutions every traveller should add to their 2021 goals.

Learn a new language (or at least try)


Let’s be honest, learning a new language is hard and takes time, which is why I add in “at least try.” Whether it’s taking a class, downloading Duolingo or just buying a phrasebook to study, taking a first step is always the best step towards self-improvement. When you’re choosing what language you want to learn (or get better at), pick one from a country you’re dying to visit. This way, every time you practice you can picture yourself in France (French is my current language of choice), Japan or wherever your heart is telling you that you need to go. It makes your bucket list items that much more enticing.

Cook food from around the world


This one is my favourite new year’s resolution! When most people think of travelling and new cultures, food is one of the first things that can come to mind. Since food and travel are so intertwined it seems fitting that this resolution would be a favourite. What’s great is that the power of the internet has given us access to hundreds of thousands of recipes (thanks to Pinterest) around the world. When you can’t go to the country, why not bring their cuisine into your kitchen?

Go solo

Travelling somewhere solo (whether it’s a weekend getaway or a big trip) does wonders. If you haven’t travelled solo prepare for the following side effects: increased confidence, making a ton of new friends around the world, the opportunity to challenge yourself and WAY more. It’s always tough to do it at the beginning, but the rewards are so worth it. You create your own schedule, roam on your own and if something ever goes wrong (which we hope it doesn’t) then your problem-solving skills will reach a whole new level. It’s amazing what you can do on your own, you just need to take that leap of faith to truly believe it.

Save, save, save (and save some more)


It’s never exciting talking about saving money as it always sounds more like a stressful chore. But if you look at your savings as your key to a new destination, you may be more inclined to do so. This is what I’m going to be doing in 2021, trying my hardest to save as much as possible. I’ve got a big trip planned already, but it’s always good to start saving for the next one on your bucket list. Even if you just put $20 per month away, it’s SOMETHING and you’ll feel good about it. Each time you put money into that bank account or jar, you’re watching it get bigger and watching your next adventure inch closer and closer.

Learn something new about the world every day


It’s so easy with the internet to learn something new every day. When it comes to travel, who doesn’t love researching their next destination (or basically every country in the world)? Learning something new about the world each day will not only keep your travel spirit alive, but it gives you a chance to discover new places that may not have been on your list before. All you need to do is spend 5 minutes a day, whether it’s before bed or on your lunch break, to do a quick Google search on a random country and read a bit about it.

What I usually do is pull out a map, close my eyes and wherever my finger lands I look up that country. It’s not only saves me time on choosing a place to look at (because let’s face it, I basically want to learn about everywhere) but it also allows me to look into some seriously small, beautiful countries I might otherwise never think about.

Embrace the weekends


Weekend getaways are incredibly underrated. They’re perfect for when you’re pinching pennies but are dying to get away. If there’s a city that’s a quick flight or drive away, go solo or grab a couple friends to discover it. Check out new restaurants and bars, meet new people, experience new things and afterward you’ll feel invigorated and happy you explored somewhere new, even if it’s close by. It also makes the time between the last international trip you had to your next one seem not as bad.

Read a book (or listen to an audiobook if that’s your thing)

Even if you don’t read, you can always listen to an audiobook. It’s incredible what your imagination does when you read, visually you can imagine yourself there and picture it in your mind. In my opinion, this is as inspirational as it gets. You don’t have to stick to reading exclusively travel-themed books (think guide books and the like) there’s books out there like The Happiness Project that inspire you to do what makes you feel good.

Two of my personal favourites are Shantaram and Wild if you need some recommendations.

Going somewhere new (even if it’s close to your hometown) opens your eyes up to a new place, new restaurants, cultures and people. Most of all, it lets you step outside of your comfort zone and discover not only a new place, but a new you as well.

Based in Toronto, Katie has travelled to over 25 countries and loves going to new places, trying new food and cooking as much as she can. After living in Banff, Alberta for two years, she continued to travel Europe and South America extensively. Now, she continues to see the world one step at a time.

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