Why you should travel solo, now

When it comes to travel, doing it solo for the first time can seem overwhelming, unrealistic and just flat out intimidating. It happened to me and now I can say, I think everyone should do it.

There are lots of thoughts that will make your mind race the first time, but don’t let that hold you back.

What am I doing?

Why have I done this ALONE?!

Can I get the plane to take me home? These are of course very valid questions, but we’re here to tell you that yes, you need to travel solo right now. 

Why you should travel solo

Solo travel is an incredibly rewarding experience

Why you should travel solo

After travelling solo once or twice now, I urge you to please remember this one thing; all of those feelings are normal and they almost immediately disappear once you step off the air plane.

Travelling solo does a lot to you. It gets you out of your comfort zone in every way. Between meeting new people, eating new food and discovering a new destination (or destinations) on your own, it’s a massive learning experience.

The best thing about travelling solo is that you realize you can do things on your own that you really didn’t think you could. You overcome situations you may have never thought you would be in – like having to eat at a restaurant alone. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds, it’s actually quite relaxing!

Why you should travel solo

You never know what adventures you might have when you travel solo!

Planning becomes incredibly easy, even though you might be planning flights, tours and destination stops on your own you can do what YOU want to do. There’s no negotiating over an itinerary, no worrying about what other people might want to do, it’s just you.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice is that your confidence will get a bit of a booster. When you get back home, you realize how incredible what you just did really is. You realize that you did it on your own, every step of the way and that fact alone would make anyone’s confidence rise up and expand their mind into thinking they can do anything

If you’re nervous about your first solo trip, or just about the destination in general, talk to people who have been there, stay in hostels, book some day trips or jump on a quick tour at the beginning. This allows you to meet people quickly, get advice and make friends that truly last a lifetime.

Share your best solo travel tips below!