Get Local, in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies

One of the most beautiful and magical places on earth is right in the heart of Canada. Surrounded by mountains, wildlife and countless outdoor activities, Banff is a must-see destination for anyone.

This is your guide to where to go in the Canadian Rockies!

The Alps vs the Rockies

Not only is the town itself a gem, the spots around it are just as incredible. With the iconic Lake Louise and Moraine Lake just 40 minutes away and Kananaskis Country, where the Oscar Nominated film The Revenant was filmed, it’s hard to ignore the sheer beauty of the land. When visiting Lake Louise, a hike up to the Big Beehive is a local favourite. Most visitors hike up to the Lake Agnes Tea House and stay there, but many don’t know that if you climb just a bit further you reach epic views and avoid crowds.

What’s great about Banff, is if you’re looking for a local experience, heading there on the weekend won’t be your best bet. You’ll find most of the locals out on a Thursday, Sunday or Monday at bars like the Dancing Sasquatch, Tommy’s Neighbourhood Pub or the Rose & Crown.


Next up, food. There some serious eats in Banff, you just need to know where to go for them. The Bear Street Tavern houses some of the best pizzas around. Not only do they serve epic pizzas like the Godfather and the Big Bird, they also bring out honey and chilli oil to add to them. It might sound strange, but it’s incredible. Other ones to check out are Eddie Burger, Wild Flour and Squish.


Photo credit: Lukes_photos / CC BY-SA

Despite being a tourist hot spot, locals have found a way to get away from the crowds. In popular areas like Johnson Lake, start walking through the trails on your left and you’ll find some remote spots to relax by the lake, another spot to do this is Cascade Ponds. If you’re looking for somewhere with an epic view of Banff, hike or drive up to the “green patch” for a picnic.