The Perfect Adventure For Experienced Travellers

Travel is all about the adventures. From zip lining through tropical rainforests, to climbing snowy mountains, to trying unique food, one of the best parts of travel is the way it encourages us to take risks and explore the world in a new way.

But what does adventure mean to you? There isn’t just one way to be adventurous, and there isn’t just one type of person who can be adventurous. Travel is also about broadening horizons, expanding your world-view, and improving yourself – you don’t have to climb Everest to do that! With that in mind, the next time you’re planning a trip, think about what kind of adventure you want to have: there’s always a trip that suits your needs.

Adventures for experienced travellers

Why does adventure have to have an expiration date? In fact, we think reaching retirement age is the perfect reason to begin planning your next adventure. Of course, there are certain considerations to make – as with any trip, at any age – in regard to health, safety, and ability, but there are plenty of ways to travel adventurously in your golden years. Why not go on a food tour, and try your favourites from the countries they were born in? Or, if art and history is your calling, a visit to world-famous museums you may have only read about could be a dream come true. Whether it’s your first trip out of your home country or you’re experiencing these destinations for the hundredth time, adventure is always just around the corner.

One amazing way to see everything on your list in one easy trip is to take a river cruise. With river cruising, you unpack your suitcase once and stay in a floating hotel room that whisks you off to glamorous and historically-significant destinations. Why spend so much time travelling, when you can make the trip itself part of your vacation?

A ship sails through Budapest

River cruising is an amazing adventure! | Courtesy of Regina River Cruises

Why river cruising?

River cruising is often seen as a stuffy alternative to more fast-paced travel styles, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Regina Cruises offers endless on-deck amenities, such as pools and themed dinners, as well as the limitless possibilities that come with waking up in a new destination every morning. Enjoy the sunshine on an outdoor deck and don’t worry about having to move when the ship enters a tunnel, Regina Cruises have thought of everything and have built their vessels specifically to avoid this inconvenience.

If your perfect adventure involves lots of sightseeing, but little walking, you’re still in luck! The excursions offered on a Regina river cruise come with 200m or less walking at a time, which means passengers with mobility issues are taken care of, but those without are free to explore on their own.

Adventurous river cruise itineraries for seniors

From the North Sea to the Alps I

Beginning in Amsterdam, this cruise leads travellers through Germany before ending twelve days later in Vienna. A perfect adventure for lovers of history and architecture, you’ll enjoy walking tours of medieval cities, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and unwind with plenty of free time to explore these beautiful regions at your leisure – or just relax aboard your beautifully-appointed ship!

Bamberg, Germany

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bamberg, Germany | © Christian Allinger/Flickr

Danube Rhapsody I

If cruising along towering mountains while relaxing in a comfortable, friendly environment sounds like your kind of adventure, this 10-day cruise is perfect for you. On day six, travellers cruise through the Danube Gorge, a narrow area lined with 300-metre-tall cliffs; the largest river cliff landscape in Europe. Beginning in Linz and ending in Braila, this cruise also includes a coach excursion to a nature park, a visit to an open-air museum, and guided tours of important European cities.

A river cruise ship sails through a valley

MS Princess Sisi out on the Danube River | Courtesy of Regina Cruises

Culture & nature by the Danube

Sometimes, the ultimate adventure involves stepping in history’s footsteps and fully immersing yourself in a culture completely new to you. This six-day river cruise, which begins in Vienna and ends in Novi Sad, Serbia and travels through Slovakia, Hungary, and Croatia on the way. Wake up in Budapest and explore both sides of this storied city, see all there is to see in a massive nature reserve and enjoy the view from the top of the Belgrade Fortress in Serbia.

Hanseatic Cities & Baltic Beaches

If dramatic coastlines and ancient history speak to your soul, this eight-day river cruise is the ideal match for you. You’ll explore cities rich with Gothic architecture, discover 19th-century Baltic seaside resorts, and take in views of massive white chalk cliffs in breathtaking national parks. Travellers also enjoy a bit of island-hopping, from the Polish Island of Wollin to Lauterbach in the German Baltic Sea.

Greifswald, Germany

Explore the city of Greifswald at your own pace | © jaym.s/Flickr

The Iron Gate & Danube Metropolises

If major cities and stylish cruising sound like your perfect adventure, this itinerary is calling your name! Beginning in Novi Sad and ending in Vienna, travellers will explore three capital cities in just six days. Cruising down the Danube, travellers will see incredible views of the massive cliffs in the Danube Gorge, visit a paprika house in the paprika capital of the world, and take a charming train ride back to the comfort of their ship after a long day of exploring both the Buda and Pest sides of Budapest, Hungary.

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Never let anyone say that your travelling has to stop once you reach a certain age. If a tour operator is aware of any health issues beforehand, they’ll always do their best to accommodate them. From charming countrysides to the urban jungle, waking up in a new destination every day on a river cruise is the perfect adventure for senior travellers.

What’s your idea of adventure?