Where you should travel based on your favourite cocktail

Where You Should Travel in 2021 Based on Your Favourite Cocktail

If you’re unsure of where your next adventure will take you in 2021, why not try matching your favourite beverage to your next destination? 

They say your drink of choice says a lot about you; and while we don’t want to make any sweeping generalizations, perhaps it can help you choose where you should travel in 2021. Just sayin’. 

Disclaimer alert: While we’re not here to encourage excessive drinking, a cocktail or two won’t go astray on your next holiday. 

Where you should travel based on your favourite cocktail
Sip on a cocktail in an exotic location

Where You Should Travel in 2021 Based on Your Favourite Cocktail

If you love drinking Pisco Sours

  • You should travel to Cusco, Peru
  • Must-do experience: Wander through the Rainbow Mountain

Pisco Sour drinkers enjoy trying new things and wandering off the beaten path. Why not travel to the origin of your favourite beverage – because if you love sipping on Pisco Sours, you’ll love Peru. Easy. 

Travel to: Peru

A view of Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

Cusco is known as the gateway to Machu Picchu, but it is a destination itself. We enjoyed lazy afternoons people-watching in Plaza de Armas where ribbons of cobblestone streets lead to a vast and picturesque central square. The imposing Cusco Cathedral dominates the view while tourists and locals alike laze on the benches, warming in the sun.

The city is incredibly clean and charmingly pretty. On arrival, we wondered if the city has a ‘style guide’ – even the famous golden arches of McDonald’s was painted black in keeping with the city’s aesthetic. It has all the things a traveller might crave – not least the amazing falafels at Paloma Imbis! – Kia, Atlas & Boots

If you favour an Aperol Spritz

  • You should travel to Rome, Italy
  • Must-do experience: Learn how to make pasta with a local artisan

What’s not to love about the humble Aperol Spritz? Served in a generously-sized wine glass and topped with orange or lemon wedges, it’s the ultimate beverage to accompany your next escape to Italy. An Aperol Spritz-lover would enjoy a trip somewhere they can explore the local art scene, immerse themselves in another culture and explore history museums freely. So, what are you waiting for? 

Rome is an open museum and just about everywhere you look is something remarkable. Plan ahead by booking a tour or tickets to the Galleria Borghese, but also allow for some aimless wandering and a long lazy lunch. – Gillian, Gillian’s Lists

Where you should travel based on your favourite cocktail
Aperol Spritz

When in Rome, don’t try to do everyone at once. Italians have mastered the art of enjoying their surroundings in the best way possible…. la dolce vita. And there is no need to overload yourself with appointments and day trips, when the best way to truly immerse yourself in the Italian experience is to let it happen. Sit for hours in a piazza, get lost on the side streets, and most of all, relax. Rome wasn’t built in day, so you shouldn’t just give it one day…. – Erica, Erica Firpo

If you enjoy a Moscow Mule

  • You should travel to Moscow, Russia 
  • Must-do experience: Go on an underground art tour of the Moscow Metro system

No one really knows exactly how and why this beverage came to be, but why not head to Moscow on a mission to see if you can figure out the unsolved mystery of the Moscow Mule? 

Where you should travel based on your favourite cocktail
Moscow Mule

If your middle name is Gin and Tonic

  • You should travel to London, England 
  • Must-do experience: Take an alternative walking tour through Shoreditch

Hello, London! Gin drinkers are sophisticated, worldly and enjoy unique experiences; all of which can be found in the heart of London. While the roots of the famous Gin and Tonic are said to originate from the army of the British East India Company when in India, there is no better place to enjoy a G&T than in London. 

I love London as there’s so much to see and in my opinion, it’s one of the most diverse and innovative cities in the world. What’s great about London is you have all the major tourist attractions, such as Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, but you also have many ways to ‘live like a local’ as the city is made up of many interesting neighborhoods, each with their own character and quirks.

London has amazing transport links, but it’s also a great city to explore on foot. You’ll find a wealth of hotels, restaurants, museums and exhibitions to suit every budget and taste. The tourist information and wealth of resources for travellers here are excellent too. – Lucy, The Travel Journo

Photo by tolenga dany on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND

What I love the most about London is the fact that one day I can visit the former home of Charles Dickens, then another day lose myself in the multicultural streets of Shoreditch, where every surface seems to feature colorful artworks by some of the most prestigious street artists in the world.

London is quite different from the rest of the country and should not be missed! Whilst deeply steeped in history, the capital boasts an energy where cutting-edge fashion and music trends seem to change on a daily basis. – Zarina, Dutch Girl in London

If you frequently dream about Long Island Iced Tea

  • You should travel to Long Island, New York 
  • Must-do experience: Visit Montauk Point Lighthouse, the fourth-oldest still-active lighthouse in the US, built in 1796

If you enjoy a Long Island Iced Tea, why not head to the area where your preferred drink was first crafted?  Long Island Iced Tea-lovers like to have fun and frequently seen to be the life of the party.

If a Singapore Sling is the beverage for you

  • You should travel to Singapore, Singapore 
  • Must-do experience: Explore the Singapore Botanical Gardens

First created in 1915 at Raffles Singapore by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon where it became an instant hit, this concoction can be found across the world.

If your favourite pastime is sipping on White Russians

  • You should travel to St Petersburg, Russia 
  • Must-do experience: Travel along the Trans-Siberian railway

Far from Russian in origin however given the main ingredient is vodka, it would be a shame not to head to Russia, right? Fans of this creamy beverage are explorers, who enjoy spending their time overseas seeing as much as possible through unconventional modes of transport; rather than spending a week poolside.

St Petersburg was a total revelation for me! I hadn’t expected so much color, or natural beauty, or stunning architecture, or fascinating history. It felt European in some ways, while at the same time being completely unique. Plus, Savior on Spilled Blood is the most spectacular church I’ve seen in my life!

As I mentioned before, it feels quite European at times, which makes it more familiar than, say, Moscow. It’s easy to get around, the locals are friendly, and most of the major sights can be reached on foot. I highly recommend visiting. – Elle, Elle Croft

If you live for Sangria

  • You should travel to Madrid, Spain 
  • Must-do experience: Embark on a tapas tour through Madrid

This red wine punch can do no wrong. If you love the flavours of red wine, chopped fruit and sometimes a splash of brandy, you most certainly need to visit Spain where jugs of Sangria are both inexpensive and delicious.

If you love Caipirinhas

  • You should travel to Rio, Brazil 
  • Must-do experience: Party all night at Carnival

Similar to a Mojito (but better), Caipirinhas are the drink of choice in Brazil and is their national cocktail.

Travel to: Brazil

Where You Should Travel in 2018

If an Alabama Slammer is your drink of choice

  • You should travel to Alabama, USA
  • Must-do experience: Visit the Neversink Cave, a limestone sinkhole in Jackson County

Also known to come as the Southern Slammer, this beverage has the kick of Amaretto along with the goodness of Southern Comfort. Alabama Slammer drinkers tend to like the simple, yet sophisticated things in life and don’t waste time exploring new-found cities.

If you love Bellinis

  • You should travel to Venice, Italy 
  • Must-do experience: Ride a gondola (cliché yes, but you won’t regret it)

Not to be confused with a Mimosa, the Bellini was crafted at Harry’s Bar in Venice by Giuseppe Cipriani. Bellini drinkers tend to be classy folks, who know how to let their hair down.

Where You Should Travel in 2018
Venice, Italy

In Venice, you are whisked off to the past with a lifeline to the present. Venice is built on 118 islands linked by 400 bridges in a Lagoon extending 550 km². I love life in a city offering modern amenities while looking the same as she did in the 16th century.

When visiting Venice, experience her slow lifestyle and secret gardens. Discover her culinary heritage going back to the 10th century. Taste 300-year-old coffee recipes. Visit Saint Mark’s Square in the morning or before sunset. Explore the colorful floating markets off the beaten path. – Iris, La Venessiana

Tell us in the comments where your next adventure will be in 2021.

Will it be determined by your favourite cocktail?

Gemma is a travel-lover from Melbourne. When she's not surrounded by the great outdoors, Gemma can be found spending her time with family and friends or planning her next trip overseas.

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