Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories: From Luggage to Toiletries

These eco-friendly travel accessories are perfect for anyone that’s hoping to do their bit for the planet while taking a trip! Everyone knows that travel is good for the soul but is it good for the environment? Planes release more CO2 than any other form of transportation, and at any moment, there are about 500,000 people currently in the air.

Between the high environmental cost of air travel and the increasing worry about plastic consumption, is it possible to travel and love our planet at the same time? While we can’t do much for the emissions, there are plenty of companies out there that create travel accessories that help decrease your carbon footprint while you’re abroad. With that in mind, here’s our list of the best eco-friendly travel accessories!

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Eco-friendly reusable straws

The plastic that goes into mass-producing reusable straws has been a hotly-debated topic recently, with major companies like Starbucks and Disney pledging to eliminate their plastic straw use in coming years. While plastic straws are still necessary for people with certain disabilities, if you don’t need to use one, we recommend going without. If you want to use a straw, consider bringing your reusable one, such as these reusable ones from Cupture.

Keep clothes fresh on the go with a wash bag

If you’re planning on being on the road for a while, doing laundry abroad is a great way to save space in your luggage. But, as we all know, traditional clothes washing can use a lot of water. One way to preserve the environment while staying fresh and clean on the road is by using a wash bag to do your laundry. Just put your clothes and some soap in one of these bags, fill with water, and shake! Not only is it a great way to save water, these bags, such as The Scrubba, can be used on the road and in hotels, saving you time better spent exploring.

Young female traveller washes her clothes with The Scrubba while on the go

Keep your clothes clean on the go without impacting the environment | Courtesy of The Scrubba

Ditch the plastic with a biodegradable toothbrush

You may not think about it too often, but toothbrushes also contribute to plastic pollution. When you combine the handle and the plastic bristles, throwing away toothbrushes adds to a lot of plastic waste. One solution to this is purchasing and travelling with a biodegradable toothbrush. This bamboo toothbrush has charcoal-infused bristles and lasts up to three months.

Travel with a natural shampoo bar

Shampoo bars don’t just save plastic and valuable luggage space: they’re also airplane-safe and usually made with natural ingredients. Just wet the bar, create a lather, and run through your hair. Often, the lack of chemicals in these bars means they’re better for your hair than traditional liquid shampoo! Lush’s shampoo bars come highly recommended. Not only do they help the environment and come in many different scents, but they’re also never tested on animals and packaged in recycled material.

multicoloured shampoo bars lined up in front of a black and white tile background

Shampoo bars are a great way to stay fresh while travelling | Courtesy of Lush

Solar charger

Staying charged up while you’re travelling can be incredibly valuable — not only will it allow you to take as many pictures of your adventures as you want, it also ensures you stay in touch with loved ones or travel partners, or stay connected with any significant news that could affect your trip. Using a solar charger is a great way to remain fully functional while helping the environment, and many companies sell portable solar chargers, such as Dizual.

Organic sunscreen

Wherever you travel to, it’s always important to keep sunscreen on-hand to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, many sunscreens contain chemicals that can damage the environment, especially if you’re swimming in an ocean. It’s best to find a sunscreen that protects you and the environment: watch for chemical names such as oxybenzone and try to find an organic one, like this line from Raw Elements.

A laughing woman helps apply sunscreen to a man's back

Organic sunscreen protects you and the ocean | Courtesy of Raw Elements

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Travelling is an important part of many people’s lives: its benefits are almost countless. But, if we want to continue to travel to such amazing places, they need to be preserved! Every little bit helps when it comes to travelling eco-friendly, so next time you’re packing up, consider throwing one or more of these products into your bag.

What are your favourite eco-friendly travel accessories?