A woman relaxes into a yoga pose at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The Best Airports with Yoga Studios in the USA and Europe

Airports with yoga studios are becoming a thing as more designated yoga spaces are popping up in terminals all over the world. Check out the international airports in Europe and the USA where you can get your downward dog on!

Wellness and travel often go hand in hand and airports are rising to the occasion by offering travellers designated areas for yoga. So if you’re looking to do some hatha yoga, vinyasa or ashtanga before boarding the plane to your next escape, then read on! These international airports throughout the USA and Europe offer travelling yogis space to get their downward dog on.

airports with yoga studios in the usa and europe
Yoga can help passengers to relax and recharge while travelling | © AndiP/Pixabay

American airports with yoga studios

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Yoga Room (Terminal 2, Terminal 3)

In a city that’s dedicated to the pursuit of new horizons in wellbeing, it’s no surprise that SFO pioneered the way for spaces dedicated to yoga back in 2012. After the success of their first airport yoga room, SFO opened up a secondary spot. Open 24 hours and free to use; they are the perfect place get your flow on and reduce the stress of flying.

Located after security in the domestic departures of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. 

Burlington International Airport (BTV)

Yoga Room (Second floor)

At BTV, you’ll find a serene spot created by Evolution Yoga where you can unwind, stretch out and relax into some savasana while in transit. There’s also a shower available in a family bathroom across from the Observation Tower to freshen up in afterwards. Checked in your mat? Don’t worry because this free studio also offers complimentary mats, blocks and cushions.

Located on the second floor across from the Observation Tower 

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Yoga Studio (Terminal B, Terminal E)

DFW embraces the benefits that come from sun salutations by providing travellers that want to boost their vitality and energy with two fully-fledged studios complete with free mats, exercise balls and stretch bands. Beginners can practice alongside 20-minute video guides, and there are even digital visual aides for advanced yogis as well.

Located in Terminal B by D40/B1 and in Terminal E by E31

A woman relaxes into a yoga pose at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Yoga flow in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport | Courtesy of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Chicago Midway International Airport (CHI)

Yoga Room (Concourse C)

CHI’s yoga space is a tranquil oasis ideal for passengers looking to drift away from the airport hubbub. Open daily from 6 am to 10 pm, soft earthy tones, plants, bamboo wooden flooring, exercise mats and natural light filtering through frosted glass create an environment that is tailormade for recharging, meditation and reflective journeys.

Located in Concourse C, close to the Mother’s Room 

O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Yoga Room (Terminal 3)

ORD’s 15 x 16-foot sustainable bamboo wood yoga room is kitted out with floor to ceiling mirrors, a video monitor that displays stretching techniques for travellers, soothing audio sounds and natural imagery. Keep an eye on flight information with a monitor just outside the room, and if you need to do a quick clothing change, there’s a public restroom close by on the same floor. Open from 6 am to 10 pm, it’s a calm environment where you can transport yourself away from the commotion of the airport.

Located on the Mezzanine Level of the Terminal 3 Rotunda near the Urban Garden

Miami International Airport (MIA)

Yoga Room (Terminal H)

This peaceful room devoted to yoga is open daily from 9 am to 9 pm for all passengers. It’s the perfect spot to exhale before you begin navigating your way through the airport and head into security. What better way to start your trip?

Located on the first floor in Terminal H before security

A man in an airport looking at flight information
A few minutes of yoga can help prepare your body for a flight | © Anete Lūsiņa/Unsplash

European airports with yoga studios

London Heathrow (LHR)

Yoga Studio (Terminal 4)

LHR has stepped up yoga in airports by offering travellers with a paid day pass to the SkyTeam lounge access to mats, an instructional as well as food and drinks. The classes are designed to promote wellbeing for flying passengers. According to celebrity teacher, Shona Vertue who did a yoga collaboration with London Gatwick back in 2015, just 20-minutes of breathing and stretching is enough time to prepare the body for a long-haul flight and beats sitting around bored in the waiting room.

Located in SkyTeam Lounge in Terminal 4, opposite Gate 10

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Yoga Room (Terminal 1, Terminal 2)

Free and open 24 hours, at FRA, travellers have access to props like mats, blocks, cushions, pads and floor to ceiling mirrors. Travelling yogis that need a little guidance can take advantage of video instruction and flyers to help them with their practice. Add some atmospheric music to the mix and a giant Buddha image, and you’ve got everything you need to bliss out.

Located in Terminal 1, after security near C14 and located in Terminal 2 after border control near D1

Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Yoga Lounge (Terminal 2)

While HEL doesn’t have a designated yoga space, Kainuu Lounge is the perfect spot for you to relax into some yoga postures. Open 24 hours and free for all passengers to use; the lounge has free WiFi, a Book Swap, ergonomic chairs and soft plush carpet to cushion all your asanas for when you don’t have a yoga mat.

Located in Terminal 2 in the Schengen area at Gate 31

Natural light creates a perfect yoga space in Helsinki Airport
Get your downward dog on in the Kainuu Lounge | Courtesy of Helsinki Airport

Yoga travel hacks

The same way you would be mindful of fellow yogis at home, here are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind while practicing in transit.

  • Take off your shoes before entering the room.
  • Avoid bringing food and drinks into the room. Water is fine. Remember to stay hydrated folks!
  • Put your phone on silent.
  • Keep some disinfecting wipes on you, they aren’t always provided and are a great way to clean mats for yourself and as a courtesy to others.
  • If you need zen instead of flow, many of the yoga rooms can double up as a meditation space.

Based in Toronto, Sahar is a full-time content editor for Days to Come and part-time travel junkie.

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