5 Benefits of Travelling with Mom

There’s nothing like travelling with mom. Find out the top 5 benefits of ditching your inner circle and taking that Eurotrip with your one true best friend… your mom.

1. Create memories that mean something


You always have a partner for the perfect selfie.

When you travel solo, or even with friends you’ll still make great memories but often times they will eventually slip from your mind as you lose touch with your fellow travellers. When you travel with mom, you’ll never forget that hilarious time you got lost in Rome or the time you accidentally ate turtle jelly in China. Never again will you be saying, “oh I guess you had to have been there” when you’re giggling through an inside joke alongside mom.

2.Travel at a slower pace


Travelling with mom can mean enjoying destinations at a more relaxed pace.

Oftentimes when we travel we feel the need to see as much as possible, which ends up having to be done as fast as possible. While it’s great to try and get the most out of your limited vacation days, rushing from site to site is hardly the best way to enjoy the distinct culture of small town Europe. When you travel with mom, she’ll encourage you to slow down and smell the roses and not just because she’s older and might actually need to take it slower but because she has years of experience behind her that have taught her how to enjoy time off.

3. You’ll be more prepared than ever


You never have to worry about being alone during an emergency.

While preparing for a big trip is exciting…packing is certainly not. Your mom is the best person to have on your side when it’s the day before your departure and you haven’t even dropped one pair of socks in your bag. When she’s actually coming on the trip you’re packing for she’ll be even more invested in ensuring you both pack all the essentials. If (and when) you forget to bring that spare pair of underwear for your carry-on bag, you won’t have to worry because OF COURSE she packed extra for you. Moms also always seem to have a hair brush, band aids and granola bars on hand in case of emergency. Finally, travelling with mom is the best way to be prepared for anything because not only does she have her own survival instincts to account for but she also has the irreplaceable “mama bear” impulse as well.

4. Navigate the practical challenges


Moms are experts at problem-solving and sight-seeing.

You will hit unexpected road blocks during your trip because let’s be honest, hiccups are inevitable. Remember when your flight got delayed for the third time in that random Peruvian airport and all your unwashed body wanted to do was break down and cry out for mom at the ticket counter? Well guess what? When you travel with your mom, she’ll be right there, ready to catch you when you have those breaking point moments. Not only do moms love to be there for their kids but you’ll get a chance to do the same for her which will lead to…

5. Get a deeper understanding


Learn and begin to appreciate a whole new side to your mom.

How sad would it be if we all went through life only understanding each other from a one-dimensional perspective? Unfortunately the daily grind can make us forget that we can all be complicated, nuanced people who are each on our own journey of self-discovery. The point? Your mom is way more than just a mom. She was a person with hopes, dreams and goals before you showed up on the scene. Don’t let being a mom the only thing that defines her to you. When you travel with her, those quiet nights in Spain will give you each time to ask the questions you never have. Want to know who her first crush was? How she decided she wanted kids? Even finding out something as simple as her favourite drink can make you feel closer than ever and help break down the walls we inevitably build between us as we all grow up.