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Best Two-Week Itineraries for Europe

Are you looking to book a two-week European vacation? Here are the best two-week Europe travel itineraries covering everything from the most popular destinations to off-the-beaten-path experiences. To help you plan your trip, explore some of our sample itineraries which cover everything from overland train journeys and trips to Eastern Europe to city breaks in Paris and London!

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Two-week itinerary ideas for a trip to Europe

Below, we've picked two of the best itineraries to visit Europe's most popular destinations in 14 days. They're perfect for the first-time traveller and cover everything from the iconic Swiss countryside and the Eiffel Tower to historical sites in Rome.


  • Amsterdam (3 days)Get on board and have those cameras at the ready – the best way to be introduced to Europe is via Amsterdam, the charming capital of the Netherlands. Highlights include the city's beautiful 17th-century architecture.
  • Nuremberg (2 days) - Nuremberg was an architectural marvel but it was heavily bombed during World War II. The city was then painstakingly rebuilt, and has been returned to some of its former glory – many buildings having been rebuilt in the original stone.
  • Prague (3 days) Marvel at Prague’s fascinating history which is reflected in the beauty of its churches, opera houses, concert halls, and of course, Prague Castle.
  • Bratislava (2 days) Bratislava is a charming city. Here you’ll find a medieval castle overlooking the old town, along with more recent socialist-era architecture.
  • Vienna (3 days) Vienna has hosted some of the world’s leading musical minds at one time or another – including visionaries like Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. 

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  • Paris (3 days)Stretch those legs on an optional bike tour of Paris, or simply roam the streets on your own. End your day with a Seine River cruise or a bohemian cabaret show.
  • Swiss Alps (3 days) - Go off-the-radar with a mountain walk or hop on board the Jungfrau Railway for a visit to the Jungfrau Mountain summit in the Swiss Alps.
  • Vatican City (2 days) Count your blessings on a tour of the Vatican City, and then explore two-and-a-half millennia worth of history.
  • Venice (3 days) Check out some of the most famous sites in Venice on a guided walking tour (ticking off the likes of St. Mark's Square and Accademia Bridge), then jump on a Vaporetto to explore the Grand Canal in Venice.
  • Amsterdam (3 days) Grab your cycle and follow in the tracks of thousands of cyclists by going on a bike tour of Amsterdam's iconic canals, bridges and parks. 

Discover the whole itinerary here: European Wonder

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Two-week Eastern Europe itinerary ideas

Looking to explore central and Eastern Europe? Prepare for an amazing adventure using these two sample itineraries. 


  • Berlin (3 days) Berlin is a melting pot with historical importance and a diversity of cultures and flavours.
  • Krakow (3 days) - After plenty of sightseeing, end your day by embracing Polish social traditions in one of Krakow’s many restaurants and pubs.
  • Vienna (3 days) Wander the elegant streets of Vienna, take in some of Europe's most distinguished art galleries or just settle yourself on a café terrace.
  • Český Krumlov (1 day) Spend time wandering the small city of Český Krumlov and visit the city's most prominent attraction: a 13th-century Gothic castle.
  • Budapest (2 days) Spend a day exploring the charming and historic city of Budapest. Visit one of the city's famous thermal baths or take a boat cruise along the Danube. 

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  • Budapest (3 days) Admire the Matthias Church and take in the view from the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest.
  • Krakow (2 days) - Continue north to see the picturesque Oravsky Hrad Castle before crossing into Poland to explore Krakow.
  • Częstochowa (1 day) Travel north to Częstochowa and visit the 14th-century monastery of Jasna Góra, which is famous for being in possession of a Black Madonna. 
  • Warsaw (2 days) - Visit the Chopin Memorial in the Łazienki Park. Pay your respects at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes and then explore the rest of the city at your own pace. 
  • Prague (3 days) - Head off to Prague and cross the Vltava River to explore the sprawling cobblestoned streets of the Old Town Square and make sure you visit the famous Astronomical Clock.
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Two-week budget itinerary ideas for Europe

If you are looking to explore Europe on a backpacker's budget, here are some great itinerary suggestions that will cover all the interesting sites without breaking the bank. 


  • Munich (2 days) - Munich doesn't just turn things up during Oktoberfest! All-year-round you can discover charming Bavarian culture, explore peaceful gardens and legendary beer halls or hidden nooks on a bike tour. 
  • Vienna (3 days) - Marvel at the cubist Wotruba Church, visit the Flak Towers that defended Vienna during World War II or take a stroll through the Windows of Peace - a monument to history’s peaceful heroes.
  • Krakow (2 days) - Explore a city dotted with Gothic and Renaissance buildings. Highlights include the UNESCO-listed medieval Old Town and the alternative student district of Kazimierz.
  • Zagreb(2 days) - Zagreb is full of quirky museums and ancient architecture. The best part of visiting this city is it's perfectly located for day trips to Plitvice Lakes National Park.  
  • Split (2 days) - Gorge on a delicious dinner of Dalmatian dishes such as seafood, lamb peka, and cevapcici, and wash it all down with a glass of local wine.

Discover the whole itinerary here: Eastern Wanderer

  • Paris (3 days) - From the Louvre and the Musée d'Orsay to the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Élysées, you'll be sure to make a solid dent in your bucket list.
  • Swiss Alps (2 days) There are plenty of options in the Swiss Alps for low budget travellers as well. Remember the most of breathtaking thing of all - the incredible views - are free! 
  • Avignon (2 days) - Welcome to the home of the magnificent Palais des Papes (considered one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe). Be sure to accompany all your meals here with some local Rhône Valley wine. 
  • Barcelona (3 days) Hit the streets and alleyways of Las Ramblas, discover the boho spirit of the Gracia neighbourhood, or give in to your inner football fanatic at the home stadium of Barcelona FC: Camp Nou.
  • Rome (3 days) - Pass by the Pantheon, throw your two cents into the Trevi Fountain, sit on the Spanish Steps and discover the ancient version of the Hunger Games at the Colosseum. 

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Discover the mosaics of Park Güell in Barcelona
Discover the mosaics of Park Güell in Barcelona

Two-week travel itineraries for Europe by train

What better destination than Europe to discover overland on a train? The following itinerary ideas take you around the United Kingdom or the Alpine region. 


  • York (2 days) - Begin by exploring a charming network of medieval streets one of York's major highlights, and learn more about your chosen method of travel at the National Railway Museum.
  • Edinburgh (2 days) - Considered one of Europe's most picture-perfect cities - imagine award-winning modern architecture against a backdrop of hilltops that look over the sea - Edinburgh is definitely worth the stop! 
  • Inverness (2 days) Inverness has been a focal point for all travel, trade and communication through the Scottish Highlands for hundreds of years.
  • Liverpool (2 days) Afternoons are made to be spent in Liverpool, discover the story of the famous Beatles band, walk along the "prom" and guzzle a bag of chips from fish and chip shop beside the sea. 
  • Bath (1 day) - Located in the scenic area of the River Avon valley and surrounded by hills, Bath is one of England's most romantic and best-loved spa towns.

Discover the whole itinerary here: Grand Tour of the UK (2020)

  • Munich (2 days) - Rich in both culture and heritage, this city has a wonderful collection of museums, galleries and architecture that will give you plenty to marvel at. 
  • Salzburg (3 days) - Discover the birthplace of Mozart, and the famous setting for the classic film The Sound of Music.
  • Traunkirchen (1 day) - Stroll through this village’s cobbled lanes, admire the authentic fishermen cottages and the Monastery of Traunkirchen.
  • Austrian Lake District (1 day) - Visit Bad Ischl, before pressing on to St Gilgen, it's rolling in character.
  • Interlaken (1 day) - This beautiful town is all yours to explore today. Spend time here however you like, but we recommend the glacier-fed lakes.

Discover the whole itinerary here: Grand Alpine Explorer (2020)

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Two-week cruise itinerary ideas for Europe

Enjoy the luxury and comfort of exploring Europe on a cruise, there are many options ranging from river cruises to cruises on the Mediterranean Sea. 


  • Lisbon (3 days)  Visit the Jeronimos Monastery and then head to the Maritime Museum to learn about the nautical history of this one-time nation. Alternatively, climb to the hilltop town of Sintra and visit the Palacio Nacional monument.
  • Regua (1 day) - Enjoy a full day cruising through the Douro Valley, a famous wine-growing region that has a history of wine production that stretches back 2,000 years. 
  • Salamanca (2 days) - Take your time exploring the architectural splendour of Salamanca, a city as visually striking as it is historically intriguing. 
  • Pocinho (1 day) Enjoy a leisurely cruise to nearby Pocinho and discover Côa Valley. 
  • Porto (3 days) - Visit a local corking factory to learn how cork is produced for its many uses. Or visit Vila Nova de Gaia, a historic district set on the banks of the Douro River for a tasting of the region’s fmaous wine in one of Porto's cellars.
Discover the whole itinerary here: Unforgettable Douro with Lisbon 2020

  • Copenhagen(2 days) Visit the famous sculpture of the Little Mermaid which commemorates the fairytale written by Hans Christian Andersen. Continue to Amalienborg Palace, the famous Tivoli Gardens and the Glyptotek Art Museum.
  • Bornholm Island (1 day) - At one time, this was a popular holiday destination. These days Bornholm Island is a well-known foodie paradise fuelled by its wild and sustainable ingredients.
  • Tallinn (2 days) - With over 1,000 years of history, there’s no shortage of sights here. Go sightseeing in the Old Town and make sure you see Toompea Castle, Dome Church, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and the Great Guild Hall.
  • St Petersburg (3 days) - Visit the State Hermitage Museum then head to Catherine Palace where a walk through the adjoining gardens provides welcome respite to a day of excitment.
  • Stockholm (2 days) - Visit the Royal Palace and the Vasa Museum. Afterwards, sit down for afternoon tea in historic Sigtuna, the oldest surviving town in the country.

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See a different side of cities like Porto on a river cruise
See a different side of cities like Porto on a river cruise

Two-week Europe itineraries starting in Paris

What could be more iconic than starting your journey through Europe in Paris? Here are two sample itineraries that begin in Paris, one for exploring the continent and one for exploring the best of France.  


  • Paris (3 days) - Visit Paris’ main highlights such as the Champs-Élysées, and enjoy a relaxing Seine cruise with spectacular views of the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.
  • Lugano (2 days) - Admire the towering peaks of the Swiss Alps and St. Gotthard on the way to Lugano in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.
  • Florence (3 days) In Florence, you'll have plenty of time to window-shop the many small gold and leather stores along Piazza Santa Croce. 
  • Rome (3 days) - Dedicate an afternoon to gazing up at the magnificent ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which is adorned with Michelangelo’s paintings and replenish yourself with famous pasta dishes. 
  • Ferrara (2 days) - Walk through impressive Este Castle to the marble cathedral and browse the little boutique shops.

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  • Paris (3 days) Visit Paris and see the City of Light at its best on a driving tour. Play landmark bingo with the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Honfleur (1 day) - Visit the lovely Honfleur, a well-known picturesque port. 
  • Bayeux (1 day) - Journey to Bayeux which is home to the famous tapestry that depicts William the Conqueror's epic battle in 1066.
  • La Rochelle (1 day) Spend some time in this small town situated on the Atlantic Coast and follow it up with a scenic drive through the Bordeaux wine region where you can stop for a wine tasting session at one of the celebrated cellars.
  • Rocamadour (1 day) Stop in the medieval town of Rocamadour, perched high on a cliff, this spot is know for its dramatic lanscape and beauty. 

Discover the whole itinerary here: Grand Tour of France

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Discover Europe's vintage cars
Discover Europe's vintage cars

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