Everything You Need to Eat in Peru

There is a reason why Peru should be on every traveller’s list. It’s the country of spectacular Inca ruins, breathtaking Andean landscapes and a huge variety of delicious food to feast upon (hiking that Inca Trail is hungry work).

There is a reason why Peru should be on every traveller’s list. It’s the country of spectacular Inca ruins, breathtaking Andean landscapes and a huge variety of delicious food to feast upon (hiking that Inca Trail is hungry work). 

Straight from their office in Cuzco, Tucan Travel have compiled a list of dishes you cannot miss eating on a trip to Peru.

1. Ceviche

Photo credit: Prayitno

A Peruvian specialty, Ceviche is a delicious plate of raw fish infused with citrus flavours. It’s a unique, fresh dish and available in the back-end street markets as well as some of the most renowned restaurants in the country. Most Peruvians and travellers alike will agree it is the number one “plato” in Peru.

2. Anticuchos 

Photo credit: mmmyoso via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: mmmyoso

One for the carnivores, anticuchos are meat skewers that originally began as a street food, but can now be found in plenty of high-end restaurants too. Generally, they are made from cow heart, but you can also find them served with lots of different types of meat. Head to a “antichucheria” to gorge on these meaty delights!

3. Causa

Photo credit: Patcito via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA
Photo credit: Patcito

Otherwise known as the tastiest thing in the world, causa is the result of a delicious three step process. First, you must add some cold mashed potato made from two different potatoes (of the thousands they have in Peru), then you must layer on some avocado and finally you need to choose your seafood. From crab, tuna or octopus, the world is your oyster! If fish isn’t your thing, then there are also vegetarian options for the final topping or you can opt for savory chicken instead. 

4. Lomo Saltado

Photo credit: Masala Cha via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: Masala Cha

Lomo saltado is one of many simple yet irresistible dishes of Peru. Enjoy steak, rice, fries, tomato and onion, with a little bit of fresh chili and soy sauce for an instant classic which is sure to fill you up!

5. Aji de Gallina

Photo credit: djjewelz via VisualHunt / CC BY-ND
Photo credit: djjewelz

Another classic that people can’t get enough of, aji de gallina is a delicious, slightly spicy chicken curry – covered in a tasty creamy yellow sauce. Often served with rice, you can’t go wrong with this dish, especially when it’s a chilly Andean evening!

6. Tacu Tacu

Photo credit: mmmyoso via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: mmmyoso

Tacu tacu is a hearty meal of beans and rice that’s filling, nutritious and perfect for breakfast, lunch or a hearty snack! You can have it on its own or served a la pobre – with steak, fries and plantains. Other toppings can include shrimp or pork but many are happy to eat this beauty by itself.

7. Chicharron

Photo credit: powerplantop via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: powerplantop

It may not be a dish for anyone who’s new year resolution is to eat healthier, but this fried pork is irresistible. Get yourself a “Sanguche de Chicharrón” – a large roll brimming with slices of fried pork, camote (sweet potato) and salsa criolla – a spicy habanero, lime and onion salsa.

8. Toasted Corn 

Photo credit: Josh*m via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: Josh*m

Admittedly this may not be a dish on its own, but it’s something you cannot skip or avoid in Peru. It is served in thousands of restaurants while you wait for your main meal. A savory snack, toasted corn is great with beer and even better than popcorn!

9. Seco de Cordero

Photo credit: Premshree Pillai via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: Premshree Pillai

This lamb stew is not available in enough places, but worth the hunt as it’s an unforgettable and authentically Peruvian dish. The key ingredient is cilantro in large quantities and a small bit of Peruvian chilli. If you can, make sure you order it with white frijoles (cannellini beans).

10. Pastel de Papa con Rocoto Relleno

Photo credit: Peru Delights
Photo credit: Peru Delights

Now this is two diamonds in one serving. Rocoto Relleno is a spicy Rocoto pepper – usually stuffed with meat and seasoning. It can be quite hot, so it is perfect when served with the ‘Pastel de Papa’ – a delicious creamy potato cake that includes milk and cheese.

Peru is certainly one of the top places in the world for eating, so make sure you try out some of these bucket-list dishes on your next adventure and don’t forget to wash them down with a pisco sour or two!


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