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4.2/5 - Excellent
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  • Authentic travel experiences
  • 60% of travellers are solo passengers
  • Established for 30 years
  • Travelling with like minded people

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Tour of the Year  South American

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  • TC
    Wat's Up Cambodia?
    3.0 - Average
    Written on October 16, 2017
    The accommodation was all for the most part, a lot better than I was expecting. The tour guide was informative and knowledgeable, but he didn't really have the …
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    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    HI Taylor, thanks for your comments and useful tips. The Wats up Cambodia tour is a whistlestop adventure through some of the most popular sites in South East Asia and because of the poor transport connections, it can sometimes take a while to travel from A to B. We like to think of this as part of the adventure however. We are pleased you enjoyed the tour but if you have any further feedback, don't hesitate to contact us on
  • BS
    Jewels of Sri Lanka
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on October 14, 2017
    I was on the same tour as Jaylyne, who wrote the review below. My experience was completely different. I found it to be a well-run trip with an excellent itiner…
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    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    Thank you so much or your feedback Bernard. We are so pleased that you had such a good trip to Sri Lanka. We hope to have you on another trip soon.
  • LR
    Canadian Rockies Adventure (from Vancouver to Calgary)
    4.5 - Excellent
    Written on October 12, 2017
    Absolutely loved this tour, five stars for sure! Our guide, David, clearly loves the Canadian Rockies and wanted to ensure we all had a great experience, saw th…
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    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    We are so pleased you had such a good trip, Lynton. Hopefully we will see you on another trip again in the future.
  • SF
    Vic Falls to Cape Town
    3.0 - Average
    Written on October 11, 2017
    I felt a bit rushed everyday. Leaving early in the morning just to be at the next campsite/bar at 2 pm. Wish you would have spend more time for excursions or st…
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  •  reviewer 5
    Jewels of Sri Lanka
    2.0 - Rather poor
    Written on October 7, 2017
    …ved a long email with an excuse for every shortcoming and essentially Tucan Travel was calling me a liar. The food was okay. On the second day w…
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    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    Hi Jalyne, Thank you for your comments. First let me apologize as it seems your tour did not meet your expectations. Our tours to Sri Lanka normally sell out months in advance, however outside of peak season, during the time you travelled, our trips can run in smaller groups. Our Sri Lanka tours are not only some of our most popular, but also continually gather the highest feedback from our customers who come from around the world. With this in mind, we took your email to our Reservations Team, sent while you were on tour, incredibly seriously. It was immediately escalated to the most senior member of staff available and investigated by discreetly contacting your tour leader (who we are in daily contact with anyway) and their manager. We are sorry that our response did not lead to a resolution you were happy with. At the time, we did everything possible to explain our position and try to improve your enjoyment. Furthermore, many of the comments you have listed in this complaint were not mentioned to anyone here at Tucan Travel. If you have anything further to add, we recommend emailing Once again, we apologise that your trip was not what you hoped it would be. Kind regards, Jess @ Tucan Travel
  • LS
    Balkans Encompassed (18 destinations)
    3.0 - Average
    Written on October 1, 2017
    The trip overall was really well planned given the distance and number of countries covered. There was a really well thought out mix of cities, towns, coast an…
    Read more
    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    Hi Lorna, thank you for your in-depth feedback on your Balkans Encompassed Tour. I'm really pleased that overall you enjoyed your trip with us. Our tour leaders always arrange group dinners if clients want them. They are entirely optional to attend but many people, particularly those travelling on their own, enjoy and request them. Group meals are an excellent way to socialise and get to know other members of the group and the tour leader will always try to find restaurants with western and local options on the menu, within an affordable price range. We do hope that this has not put you off future trips with us and we hope to welcome you on another tour soon.
  •  reviewer 7
    Tortuguero Costa
    4.0 - Good
    Written on September 16, 2017
    Great experience, especially if you want to experience fantastic wildlife!
  • A
    South East Asia Loop
    2.0 - Rather poor
    Written on September 11, 2017
    …like these tainted the trip a great deal. I couldn't decide if it was Tucan or the guide that was ripping us off at every opportunity but ultimate…
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    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    We are so sorry that your tour wasn't what you expected. The health and safety of our customers is our biggest priority so we are very concerned to read that you did not feel well looked after while on tour with us. In order for us to fully investigate your comments, we would really like you to email Thanks
  • UC
    Sri Lanka Experience
    5.0 - Excellent
    Written on September 11, 2017
    Sri Lanka Experience...WOW...what a fabulous experience. Having traveled all over the world in the US Navy, this was by far my best experience touring another c…
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  • SP
    Circuit of Iceland
    2.5 - Average
    Written on September 9, 2017
    Who is Tucan Tours? From the moment we arrived in Iceland, we never heard of them. …
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    Tucan Travel commented on this review
    Hi Susan, We are really sorry that your tour didn't met your expectations. I assure you that we, at Tucan Travel, take feedback, good and bad, very seriously. Please could you email detailed feedback to so that we can fully investigate and get back to you with our comments? All the best, Jess from Tucan Travel.

About Tucan Travel

Tucan Travel is an adventure tour company which offers group travel across the world. Originally starting in 1987, they were one of the first South American tour companies, with the company name taken from the well known South American bird, the Tucan. Tucan Travel offers different different types of travel, their own custom built trucks for overland trips, and guaranteed departures on certain dates. It is this combination of factors, as well as being started by some adventurous people, that allows travelers a deeper understanding of the world, and gives those travelers an opportunity to see and experience places outside of the norm.

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The Road to Rio Carnival Day 3

Why Tucan Travel?

Travel Experience

Tucan Travel have the experience and the variety of tours to accommodate travellers from all over the globe. By offering different styles of travel, as well as a great balance between quality and value, Tucan Travel are famous for the trips they take their travelers on.

Modular, Flexible Itineraries

Their modular itineraries mean that there is flexibility for doing all or part of the tours, and the trips are run by their expert tour leaders, with all the local knowledge to make your trip memorable.

Tucan Travel Benefits

Over 4000 Guaranteed Departures

Tucan Travel offers guaranteed departures, meaning that the trip will definitely go ahead on the date that it is scheduled to. These guaranteed departures will never be cancelled for lack of participation, and all guaranteed departures will run unless there is a natural disaster, operational issue or other similar event that is beyond Tucan Travels power. Tucan Travel has listened to their customers, and that is why they have made the guaranteed departures so important. They understand that the guaranteed departures mean that there is more confidence when booking a tour, and so they offer over 4000 guaranteed departures across a variety of tours.

Group Travel

Tucan Travel has a huge range of group tours meaning you can see the world with other like-minded people. Over 60% of bookings are solo passengers, and they do not offer a compulsory single supplement on the majority of these group tours. Many trips include excursions to the region's highlights, however there is also some free time built in for people who want their own flexibility when exploring destinations.

Custom Trucks on Overland Tours

On overland tours in Africa and in some parts of South America, Tucan Travel’s range of overland trucks have been custom-built to get passengers from A to B comfortably. They cover vast distances and are ideal for passengers wanting to see regions where public transport cannot access. All trucks include plenty of storage, power sockets, front-facing seats and even a games and book library.

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No Booking Fees

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Best Price Guarantee

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Tucan Travel Story & History

Established in 1987 as one of the first ever South America adventure tour companies, Tucan Travel are experts in adventure travel. They now operate group tours in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Antarctica with over 400 itineraries online. Passengers who book with Tucan Travel can be confident that the itinerary has been designed with adventure travel in mind. Whether they are travelling on public transport or onboard their custom overland trucks, each tour is committed in offering passengers a genuine travel experience.

Questions & Answers

Here we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions.

  • What transport will be used?

    Tucan Travel’s tours use a variety of transport. On most of their tours you will be using a combination of different public transport styles. This includes public buses, trains, overnight transport, tuk-tuks and taxis. Please be aware that as you will be taking public transport, then the baggage you bring must be easily able to carry whilst travelling.

    On Africa tours and some South America tours you will be travelling on their custom-built overland trucks. They feature forward facing coach seats, safety belts, and plenty of leg room. The trucks are equipped with powerful engines and long range fuel tanks as well as ample storage and power sockets .

  • What is the best way to carry money while on the tour?

    In most destinations (except for Europe and Cuba), all currency should be in US dollars. ATMs are the easiest way to withdraw money BUT you should never rely solely on them and always have a back-up of cash. Tucan Travel recommend travellers to bring as much US dollars cash (in small denomination bills with no rips, writing or other damage) or euro cash (depending on the destination) as you feel comfortable carrying.

  • Are meals included on the tour?

    Meals vary from itinerary to itinerary. In many cases breakfasts are included, as well as meals whilst camping, such as on the Inca Trek. On tours that do not have meals included, Tucan Travel’s tour leaders will be able to recommend local restaurants for clients who want to try the region’s cuisine on their adventure.

  • How about the crime rate in each destinations?

    Please read the travel safety notices issued by your government, purchase comprehensive travel insurance and take heed of your tour leader's advice when you arrive.

  • When will the travellers meet the tour leader?

    On most group tours the tour leader will be at the joining hotel and will hold a pre-departure meeting in the late afternoon/early evening of day 1. On some shorter trips, you will not meet your tour leader until day 2, as these trips are parts of longer adventure travel tours.

  • Does Tucan Travel offer airport transfers?

    In most cities, Tucan Travel offer arrival transfer services which can be booked for an additional charge. It is also easy to take a taxi to the joining hotel. Most airports have reliable pre-paid fixed priced taxi booths in the arrivals terminal. Please enquire if you would like to know if the tour you are interested in has a transfer included.

  • What things do I need to bring?

    It depends entirely on each destination, the season and the activites you'll participate in. Some tours require sleeping bags, comfortable, hardy, waterproof shoes and waterproof clothing for outdoor activities, e.g. trekking. Bring long, light clothing for hot destinations and countries where you'll encounter conservative attitudes to dress.

  • What kind of luggage is recommended?

    Tucan Travel recommends that travellers bring a soft frameless backpack or sports type bag. Wheeled luggage and suitcases are not recommended on Tucan Travel’s tours as these are not suitable for storage on the trucks or public transport. Travellers will need to carry their own luggage and should make sure to bring a comfortable bag that is light enough to carry. For tours travelling on our expedition or if you are travelling on a tour with internal flights, the luggage should not exceed 20 kilograms.

  • When is the arrival and departure on the tour?

    Day 1 of all our group tours is simply a joining day and the last day is the official departure day so travellers can arrive/depart at any time on these days. In general the tour departs early on day 2 and returns in the afternoon/evening of the second to last day. Day 1 of our Expedition Cruises is often the departure day, unless it is packaged with pre cruise accommodation.

  • Why is a local payment required?

    For travellers on the Adventures for 20s and 30s Tour, a local payment to the tour leader on day 1 in US dollars is required. In the rare event that there is a short fall in the local payment, travellers will be required to make an extra contribution.