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The Best Souvenirs From Toronto

What can we say about a visit to Toronto? We may be biased, but we think this Canadian city is the perfect adventure for travellers looking to explore an urban jungle. Not only is it one of the most culturally-diverse cities in the world, Toronto is home to countless museums, fun oddities, and exciting events that make it a welcoming and fun city for travellers from near and far. Everyone knows one of the best ways to remember a trip is to bring a little piece of your destination home with you, but in a city as unique and diverse as Toronto, how do you decide on the perfect souvenir? We’ve assembled a list of some of the best Canadian souvenirs from Toronto so you can focus on enjoying your time in this vibrant city.

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We couldn’t talk about a visit to the Great White North without talking about one of our most famous exports! You’ll find maple-flavoured everything in Toronto, from famous maple sugar cookies, to maple butter, to maple-flavoured candy and, of course, the classic bottles of maple syrup! Visit a souvenir shop and you’re sure to be met with all kinds of maple goodies, but if you’re looking for a new experience, visit in the spring and travel to a sugar shack a little outside of the city for a demonstration of how maple syrup is made. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to find a maple souvenir or two, as well as the chance to sample fresh maple candy!

A traditional sugar shack in the wye marsh, Ontario
A traditional sugar shack outside of Toronto | © Perry Quan/Flickr

Unique art

One of the best parts of Toronto is the city’s many varied neighbourhoods. Not only do these unique spots allow travellers to have vastly different experiences (often in one day!), they also provide space for local artists to set up shop. Visit Kensington Market for everything from clothing to silver jewelry to unique snacks, or explore galleries and gift shops in West Queen West or the Distillery District to find that perfect piece. Toronto’s many museums also have awesome gift shops, selling pieces beyond the traditional museum shop!

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Beautiful views – and a stellar gift shop – in the Art Gallery of Ontario | © Donna Lay/Unsplash

A blanket with history

Do you know what the oldest company in the world is? Ask a Canadian and they’ll be sure to tell you! The Hudson’s Bay Company (also known as The Bay) was established as a fur trading operation in 1670, and the company is still going strong today as a department store. Find The Bay’s flagship store on Yonge street in downtown Toronto and splurge on one of the company’s iconic striped goodies. From umbrellas to blankets to coats, teddy bears, mugs, and kitchen supplies, the green, red, yellow, and navy blue stripes are a symbol of this historic company’s impact on Canada. Since they feature on so many objects, and come in such a range of prices, a Hudson’s Bay stripe just might be your perfect souvenir!

A large brown building in Toronto, Ontario
The Bay’s flagship location in Toronto | © Jeff Hitchcock/Flickr

Fun Toronto merch

Toronto loves poking fun at some of it’s famous residents – no matter their species! In quirky gift shops all around the city, you’ll find merch featuring everyone from Drake and Justin Bieber to the infamous ‘Ikea Monkey.’ Wear their faces on enamel pins, carry them around on tote bags, or even find specialty books and calendars dedicated to their image. Less of a celebrity fan? There are plenty of companies dedicated to packaging Toronto’s plethora of inside jokes, and plenty of locals willing to explain them to visitors! For a classic t-shirt souvenir, check out The Peace Collective; this Toronto-based company sells shirts with the now-iconic ‘Toronto vs. Everybody’ saying, as well as ‘Toronto vs. Raccoons’ as a nod to the city’s unofficial mascot. The best part? Every purchase leads to a donation directly to a Canadian in need.

One for the road

Everyone loves a little duty-free alcohol, right? Toronto is home to dozens of craft breweries – the city even enjoys a Craft Beer Festival in the summer! – and, beyond ensuring you stop off at a few of them during your trip to the city, why not bring some back home with you? While they certainly won’t last forever, kicking back with your favourite Toronto beer is a great way to reminisce about your trip.

Toronto is also located near the Niagara wine region, and for Canadians, that means one thing: ice wine! Created when grapes on the vine freeze before they’re harvested, this sweet dessert wine is a local favourite, and often sold at airports for that perfect last-minute gift.

Mill Street Brewery, Toronto
Mill Street Brewery: one of many Toronto-based breweries! | © Mack Male/Flickr

As with any vacation, every trip to Toronto is going to be different – which means the perfect souvenir will change, too! Whether you’re choosing to spend your time in Toronto brunching the day away, exploring the local beaches, or spending icy nights sipping mulled wine in a Christmas market, you’re sure to find a perfect adventure here. Remember to always check the regulations in place to see what you’re allowed to bring home, and to make sure you have room in your luggage to bring home all your new treasures!

What does your dream trip in Toronto look like?

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