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The Best Beaches in Vietnam in May

Famous for its exciting cultural experiences and incredible food, Vietnam is a traveler’s dream for many reasons—including its affordability. On top of all that, Vietnam’s coasts are lined with nearly-infinite stretches of white sand beaches and clear waters just waiting to be explored. But you’ve been warned: days may turn into months when you’re too busy laying out in the sun.

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The best time to visit Vietnam

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam for a bit of beach bumming, May is a great month to visit. Because of its size, weather in Vietnam varies from region to region. May is probably the perfect temperature—not too hot, but hot enough. In the North, temperatures start to rise, along with the chance of occasional rain. In Central Vietnam, the weather could not be more ideal, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. In the South, the chances of rain are higher. But if you’re worried about rainy weather, keep in mind that rainfall periods are usually pretty short and really help to temper the heat.

May is also a great time to visit because of the slower foot traffic. Summer is easily the busiest busy travel season anywhere in Southeast Asia, especially in popular countries like Vietnam. May is the perfect transition time between spring and summer where you’ll have a bit more space to enjoy yourself—without sun tanning shoulder to shoulder with others.

As for the top beaches in Vietnam, there are plenty of options. To help narrow things down, here is a list of our top five beaches to visit in Vietnam in May.

The Best Beaches in Vietnam in May

1. Nha Trang Beach, Nha Trang

Also known as “City Beach”, Nha Trang Beach is probably the most famous of Vietnam’s beaches, offering a unique combination of city and nature. Here, you’ll find four miles of sand and sea, all open to the public—with no shortage of fun water activities and accommodations for every budget. The beach itself is more than just your average bit of white sand; it’s also surrounded by creative sculpture gardens and beautiful greenery.

And if you get tired of lying out in the sun (an unlikely scenario), the bustling and modern city of Nha Trang is just around the corner. Plus, there’s an amusement park on a nearby island that’s connected to Nha Trang Beach by cable car. Whether you’re looking to escape to city or sand, Nha Trang Beach offers it all.

rocks and the sea at Nha Trang beach, Vietnam
Nha Trang offers something for everyone! | © Stanislav Baranov/Flickr

2. Mui Ne Beach, Mui Ne

Didn’t think you could find sand dunes in Vietnam? Think again. Located roughly 210 kilometres (130 miles) of Ho Chi Minh City and just a quick 4.5 hour bus ride away, Mui Ne offers long stretches of sand and plenty of adventurous activities such as kite surfing, paddle boarding, and sand surfing. Plus, the original fishing village that raised Mui Ne to popularity is still there. Catch locals in action during their daily fishing outings.

There’s an abundance of ultra-affordable accommodation, a popular one being camping on the beach by the water. While it may not be glamorous, stargazing and listening to ocean waves crashing at night will definitely be memorable.

Traditional round boats floating in the sea at Mui Ne beach
The fishing culture of Mui Ne is alive and well! | © Everjean/Flickr

3. Danang Beach, Da Nang

Just one hour south of Hanoi is Da Nang. While many visitors head to Da Nang—a central area during the Vietnam War—for its history, Danang Beach has become an increasingly popular destination for sun-seekers around the world. A true retreat to nature, Danang Beach is technically made of three different sections—northern, eastern, and southern parts—with a coastline of roughly 92 kilometers.

Think white sand, crystal clear waters, and lush jungle landscapes all in one. Your day-to-day will probably look something like this: sunbathing, surfing, scuba diving, and catching a spectacular sunset. No complaints there.

Danang beach, Vietnam
Beautiful scenery in Danang | © Ross Anderson/Flickr

4. Con Dao Islands

Separate from the mainland, the Con Dao Islands were long the territory of political prisoners. Now, they are a star attraction for many travelers due to their unspoilt scenic views and stunning, sparkling waters. Just an hour’s flight from Ho Chi Minh City, the Con Dao Islands consist of 15 different islands and islets, making island-hopping, hiking, and diving some of the islands’ most popular activities.

If you’re a fan of wildlife spotting, you’ll love the Con Dao Islands. Look for stingrays, eels, and a variety of exotic fish. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to watch turtles lay their eggs at the renowned turtle breeding grounds.

Con Son bay in Con Dao, Vietnam
The Con Dao Islands are a perfect spot for island hopping! | © Paul Arps/Flickr

5. Long Beach, Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a popular getaway for many reasons – one being it’s Vietnam’s biggest island. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Long Beach—also referred to as Bai Trong—is a yellow-sand beach stretching almost 12 miles along the island’s west coast surrounded by diverse forest landscapes and pepper plantations. Lay back, relax, and grab a cold one at a beachside bar or snack on some fresh tropical fruits from a nearby stand.

It’s important to note that recently, a trash problem has found itself reaching Long Beach and many, many other beaches in Southeast Asia. However, the beach itself is so incredibly beautiful and significant to Vietnam that it seems impossible to exclude. Whether it’s trash washing up on shore or sheer carelessness, we’re all capable of doing our due diligence to clean up after ourselves!

Long Beach, Vietnam
Long Beach is one of Vietnam’s most famous beach destinations | © Florian Hahn/Unsplash

No matter which beach you choose to visit during your time in Vietnam, we can guarantee one thing: you’re going to have an amazing time exploring, relaxing, and enjoying all Vietnam’s coast has to offer!

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Which beach would you choose to visit?

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