Tours You Should Take in Your 50

5 Tours You Should Take in Your 50s

Travel is for all ages, and that’s a fact. But, over time our preferences for different experiences change depending on where we are at different times of our life. As we mature, some might find they prefer a more comfortable pace while on holiday and perhaps a greater focus on opportunities to explore local culinary specialities or traditions. Or, some travellers might want to simply get off the beaten track – particularly if you’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout your life so far.

Travel to: Europe

Touring for mature travellers often conjures images of large tour groups and busy itineraries and while some tours that fit this description, there is a wide choice for travellers covering a range of life-changing experiences. Travellers in their 50s often travel with a partner or friend, but many travel solo too while enjoying the benefits of travelling in a group and meeting like-minded individuals.

A multi-day group tour also offers endless opportunities to really connect with locals at your chosen destination and really immerse yourself in the culture. Most importantly, the stress of arranging your travel plans is almost non-existent! Why not let someone else do all the hard work while you simply enjoy your getaway?

Here are some of the many travel styles touring can offer for travellers in their 50s. The range of experiences are endless, but this is just the start of your touring bucket list.

1. River cruise tour

There is nothing more relaxing than being on the water, and what better way to explore your next destination, than on a river cruise? There are many desirable benefits to cruising, but one of the major advantages is being able to unpack your bags upon boarding the ship and packing again only when it’s time to disembark at the end of your unforgettable journey. 

As you float past some of the most scenic parts of the world, you can enjoy world-class cuisine on board and make the most of the professional service of an established and experienced crew throughout your trip.

A river cruise in France, Burgundy

Cruising offers an enjoyable vacation pace with plenty of time to prepare for your next excursion or if you prefer, disembark independently and explore on your own. Couples can enjoy the privacy of their own stateroom while friends travelling together may opt to share a stateroom or pay a little bit extra for single occupancy. Whatever your preference is, a river cruise is definitely a great choice for your next trip to Europe, Asia or perhaps South America.

river cruise
River cruise

2. Family tours

Whether your kids are just starting school or already about to venture from the nest, a family tour is guaranteed to offer experiences you can all enjoy together, and create memories that you’ll never forget. Many family tours require that you’re travelling with at least one passenger under 18, so there are often other children in the group for your family to meet.

Activities on family tours include excursions that engage everyone from the younger travellers to big kids alike. Choose from adventure tours anywhere from Costa Rica to Zanzibar, Sri Lanka to Italy and beyond. Wherever you’d like to explore next, there is a tour perfect for the whole family.

family tours

3. Polar or Antarctic tours

Adventure is not just for the young amongst us. In fact, polar and Antarctic expeditions are extremely popular, particularly amongst experienced travellers. These trips do not come cheap though, which is usually another reason they are a choice for mature travellers.

Take in stunning, serene landscapes and observe polar wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether a polar expedition has been on your bucket list for awhile now, or you’ve simply started looking for a truly unique experience, a trip like this is something you’ll keep with you forever.

Antarctica tours

4. Hiking and trekking tours

If you’re fit and active, hiking and trekking tours are another great way to get out into the wilderness and enjoy a different pace of life and an alternative travel style. Usually offered in small groups, hiking and trekking tours do not always mean you need to pitch a tent every night, but almost always guarantee a solid feeling of camaraderie and togetherness with your fellow travellers – even in the absence of a campfire.

Choose a tour which has the right level of difficulty for you. Although it is always recommended you train in the lead up to any active tour to make sure you’re well prepared and in good health, hiking and trekking tours range from easy, or light 3– 5-day tours to extended, expert expeditions like Everest Base Camp Treks and hiking Kilimanjaro.

If you’re not sure if you’re up to the difficulty of a tour, always ask your booking agent for more clarification about the required fitness levels. 

5. Food and wine tours

Often exploring just a particular culinary region, food and wine tours will offer a relaxed pace, but always guarantee top quality foodie experiences. You’ll usually travel in the comfort of a small group, stopping at small farms and local wine producers where you can sample authentic local specialities, just as they’ve been produced for centuries.

Although these tours are popular amongst adults of all ages, it’s a mature and experienced palate which will appreciate these experiences most.

Treat yourself to a week or two of ultimate indulgence, while learning about the origins of some of the world’s most prized delicacies, from Champagne and Truffles in Europe to teas and spices in India, you might even have an opportunity to get your hands dirty and cook up a masterpiece yourself!

wine tour
Wine tour

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