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Explore the World Through Food: 4 Delightful Destinations

Spice things up with these scrumptious culinary adventures.

Ready to go on a foodtastic trip? We’ve served up some juicy adventures that’ll transport your taste buds to a whole new world of flavor, help you experience different cultures through their cuisines, and inspire your foodie bucket list. So, grab a glass of your favorite wine and join us as we explore the world through food. Enjoy!

Indulge your taste buds in Italy

Family celebrating with red wine and delicious food at an outdoor dining table in Italy.
Sip a glass of velvety Chianti in Tuscany with friends and family | © Tijana Moraca/Shutterstock

Buongiorno! Welcome to the land of pizza, pasta, gelato, and more. From its hole-in-the-wall trattorias to its Michelin-starred restaurants, Italy’s world-class cuisine offers something spectacular for everyone.

Feast your eyes on the medieval hilltop villages and gorgeous green vineyards of Tuscany while you enjoy culinary delights beyond your wildest dreams. Relax on a beautiful beach along the Amalfi Coast and eat platefuls of fresh seafood. And don’t forget to explore the rich cuisine and colorful coastlines of Sicily on the adventure of a lifetime.

No matter where in Italy you decide to visit, you’ll be sure to find la dolce vita.

The ultimate foodcation in Italy

Feast on fantastic French fare

Woman bites into a tasty crepe as she stands with her back to the beautiful Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Bite into a scrumptious savory or sweet crepe in Paris, France | © Ariwasabi/Shutterstock

Is there anything more divine than the croquembouche and croissants in Paris or the charcuterie boards and creamy fondue savoyarde from the French Alps? Although this country’s cuisine is out of this world, it does have one rival: French wine. So, do yourself a favor and indulge in both.

Choose from amazing food ventures like cooking classes with Michelin-starred chefs, foraging for mushrooms in picturesque Provence, and wine tastings in Bordeaux. In short, explore the beauty of France and discover the famous fare that enchanted Julia Child.

Whether it’s the fantastic food and fine wine that sing to your soul or the romantic towns and iconic landmarks, France will forever hold a special place in your heart.

The ultimate foodcation in France

Spice up your life in Spain

Explore the world through food like this woman who is eating paella, a traditional Spanish dish, while sitting in a seaside restaurant in Spain.
Savor sensational seafood paella in a Spanish restaurant by the sea | © Ross Helen/Shutterstock

Dreaming of paella, sangria, and stunning seaside escapes? Look no further than Spain!

This land of kings and queens is home to culinary wonders, vast mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and charming cities full of history. That is to say, there is something special for everyone.

Culinary connoisseurs will relish the opportunity of tasting mouth-watering gazpacho in Andalusia. Culture vultures will appreciate seeing the visionary works of Picasso (like his masterpiece La Guernica) and watching Flamenco dancing in Seville. And the adventure enthusiasts will enjoy hiking in the legendary Picos de Europa National Park and swimming in San Sebastian.

From tasty tapas to charming cities and amazing adventures, Spain will tick all your boxes and leave you spellbound.

The ultimate foodcation in Spain

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Taste Thailand’s traditional treats

Explore the world through food by trying a traditional cooking class in Chiang Mai.
Learn the art of Thai cooking with a hands-on class | © Anna Ewa Bieniek/Shutterstock

Stunning tropical beaches. Ornate temples. Famous floating markets. And one of the most popular cuisines in the world. In other words, Thailand has it all! 

Expand your horizons and let your taste buds soar by learning how to make culinary masterpieces such as rich green curry, sweet pad thai, and heavenly peanut sauce. What’s more, once you begin dabbling in the art of Thai cooking, you’ll start spicing things up in the kitchen and impress friends and family alike! 

Discover Thailand with Joan and Jessica from TourRadar’s Tour the World

But don’t stop there. Let all your senses come alive as you wander through the fascinating streets of Bangkok and sample the tasty street food along Khaosan Road. Then, head to the soft sandy shores of Phuket to sip fresh coconut milk and nibble on mangosteens.

From the mainland to the islands, Thailand is a treasure trove of delicious dishes and wonderful sights just waiting to be explored!

The ultimate foodcation in Thailand

Treat yourself to a foodcation

A couple holds up their delicious, colorful gelato for a picture and uses the lovely square in Rome, Italy as the background.
‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and indulge in heavenly gelato | © Natalia_maroz/Shutterstock

Ready to spice things up and explore the world through food? Choose from delightful culinary adventures like making fresh pasta in Italy, sampling Thailand’s sensational street food, or sipping fine wine in the French countryside. In fact, take a look at our incredible Deals of the Week: Taste the Adventure and save big on the ultimate foodcation.

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