Creative Ways to Track Your Travels

Want to create the ultimate memento and the best souvenir that money cannot buy? Then you need to start looking for creative ways to track your travels. We’re not just talking about collecting ticket stubs, foreign currency, or magnets, either. So whether you are on a safari in Africa or taking a polar cruise in the Arctic, check out all the unique ways you can start keeping all your favourite travel memories in one place!

Unique travel journal ideas

There’s more than one way to capture your memories. Not only have travel journals come along way, but so has travel journaling. If you journal regularly, there’s a good chance you are already doing this, but we suggest keeping a journal especially for your travels! These days the travel journal section offers more than just crisp ivory pages bound in leather.

If you like to collect tickets and other bits from your travel, look for one that has plenty of pockets. There are also other journals that will offer you writing prompts and places to write down local tips, itineraries and lists. Unleash your travel state of mind on the pages! Collect quotes, get locals you connect with to write in it, make sketches, anything you want to remember!

woman wearing black and gray top sitting during daytime scribbling in her book
Discover the world of travel journaling | © Doug Robichaud/Unsplash

Make a scrapbook

Somewhat in a similar vein to journaling, a scrapbook is a great place to collect all the travel paraphernalia you love to accumulate. If you’re not a big fan of journaling, this is a fun way to remember your trips. Look for a scrapbook kit that will enable you to put together something fabulous and keep track of places visited.

Get tech-savvy

Our smartphones have become essential to travel, from booking flights and checking in online to discovering the best restaurants and places to see. It makes sense, then, that there are plenty of apps that will give you creative ways to keep track of places visited online and keep all your globetrotting pictures in the same place.

Send yourself a postcard

The digital age will never replace the joy of sending and receiving postcards. So why not mail yourself a postcard? If you’re as much of a travel junkie as we are, you’ll end up with a hefty collection of stamped memoirs from all over the world full of the things you’ve seen, done and heard.

close-up of colourful postcards on a rack
Create an eclectic collection of postcards with your words from all over the world | © Markus Spiske/Unsplash

Create a personal travel hashtag

If getting that perfect Instagram shot is one of the things you love about travelling, why not create a personal travelling hashtag? Once again, if you travel as much as we do, you’ll accumulate a wealth of images and instead of having to scroll through your entire feed to see them, you can just reminisce over your trips at a touch.

Coffee table books

Before digital photography became a thing, one of the best things to do after a trip was to drop off your pictures at a print shop to be developed, collect them and look back at all the things you captured while travelling. Of course these days, not many people use film any more and while scrawling through your smartphone is convenient, it isn’t as charming. Another excellent way to compile all your holiday pictures and display them enigmatically is to get them printed in an album. Casually perusing holiday snaps while sipping on a cup of coffee made from beans you picked up on your travels? Definitely charming.

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Create a playlist 

With so many music apps, listening to songs while globetrotting has never been easier. We often end up discovering songs on our travels, or find ourselves listening to a handful of tunes over and over again! No matter where you are in the world, use Shazam when you hear a song that grabs you and start compiling a playlist that chronicles your travels!

woman walking on gray road
Get creative with your travel playlists | © Kevin Grieve/Unsplash

Start a travel blog

If you travel the world often, your globetrotting has probably taught you a thing or two. Why not share what you’ve learnt? Writing travel stories online is one of the best ways to share your memories with loved ones and even people you don’t know! Wouldn’t it be great if something you’ve written inspires another person’s travels? There are lots of easy to use publishing sites you can use, WordPress is a very popular choice and very easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Do you have any creative ways to track your travels? Share them with us in the comments!