12 Travel Resolutions You Need to Make for 2019

As the new year approaches, we’ve come up with a list of energising resolutions that you’ll actually be able to keep. If you want to impact your life in more ways than one come January, why not resolve to enhance the next twelve months with enriching goals and meaningful experiences? Get inspired to change the way you see the world or spark the adventurer in you, check out the travel resolutions you need to make for 2019!

1. Enjoy a new travel style

To experience a new way of travelling is to embrace a different way of doing it! Have you ever tried sailing around a country? Or what about cruising through a country along one of its rivers? You could even hike or cycle. When you opt for an immersive way of exploring a country, you get to see it from a completely different perspective. It’s one of the best ways to discover a country, imagine sailing down a river past picturesque towns or cycling along vineyard trails? Embrace a travel style easily by booking a multi-day tour that lets you immerse yourself in it.

aerial view photo of boat on body of water and a view of mountain

When you embrace new travel styles, the world gets a lot bigger | © Dave Shaw/Unsplash

2. Go on at least one solo trip 

We say it often, but 2019 is the best year to emphasise that travelling by yourself does not mean you will be lonely. Everyone that can, should experience solo travel at least once in their lifetime. Apart from being able to do as you please, in just one trip you’ll learn how to become self-reliant and trust your instincts, all while getting invaluable experience. The freedom you find while travelling solo is hard to replicate in group trips and back at home our daily lives.

3. Explore your city or country as well 

Travelling to a new place is rewarding and exciting, but what about the days when you can’t fly halfway across the world? The same way you dream of flying to far-flung destinations, chances are a person is hoping to visit your country someday too. TourRadar’s public relations manager says there is something special about experiencing different cultures, eating different food and meeting new people in your own backyard. It gives you a better understanding and appreciation of your country’s culture and history, which we sometimes take for granted. Why not take a local multi-day tour and experience where you live in a new light?

4. Spend locally 

When it comes to booking tours, hiring guides, eating out, and even buying souvenirs, go local. While the local goods aren’t as cheap, by purchasing them you can make sure your money has a direct impact on the country you are visiting. It takes a few minutes to find out if an attraction, restaurant, or business is owned locally. Eating locally and staying locally means your contribution to the economy is much more valuable.

Likewise, research your tour operators. Are they promoting positive tourism? Do they employ local guides? (Who incidentally, will make places you visit come to life with their insight.) Go with companies that are doing their best to support the environment, wildlife, and cultural heritage. Intrepid, for example, is the largest certified B Corporation in the travel industry. This certification is given when a company meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Another company striving for responsible and ethical travel is G Adventures.

a market alleyway laden with leather goods

Buy locally and make more of an impact | © PxHere

5. Go sightseeing at night

Seeing sights during the day has its benefits, but experiencing them at night is magical. From hiking at night to dark sky preserves, exploring at countries night is going to become a major trend in 2019. As long as you are smart and do it safely, you’ll get to experience a completely different side of the world!

6. Re-think where you want to travel 

2018 was a massive year for travel, and it’s not about to slow down anytime soon! Some countries are dealing with over tourism, but if battling crowds in your dream destinations like France and Italy doesn’t sound like your idea of a holiday, why not look into some underrated places instead? In light of over-tourism, Days to Come shared an article earlier this year featuring up-and-coming locations that will deliver on a unique travel experience and memorable trip and make you re-think where you want to travel in 2019! Palomino, Samarkand, Toronto, and the Faroe Islands are just a handful of countries you can jet off to instead of the usual places!

7. Carry a reusable water bottle 

Plastic is taking a toll on our beautiful planet. Save your money and take care of the environment by travelling with a reusable water bottle. Even in countries where the tap water isn’t safe to drink, you’ll be able to find coolers and drinking fountains with clean options. If you have to buy water in plastic, buy a large bottle, and do your best to recycle.

8. Know your rights as a traveller 

Has your flight been cancelled? Did you suitcase not show up on the other side? Knowing your rights and understanding what to do when things aren’t going according to the plan are only in your interest. Swot up on flight cancellation and insurance policies before you travel so even when there is a hiccup, it will be smooth sailing!

A man in an airport looking at flight information

Know your rights as a traveller | © Anete Lūsiņa/Unsplash

9. Strive to be a kind and respectful traveller 

Being a kind and respectful traveller has never been more important. Yes, those long lines in the airport are annoying, but tutting and sighing your way through will only unsettle you and your fellow passengers. Remember you are on your way to exploring a beautiful country; being kind to them will only make things easier for you. Likewise, striving to be a respectful traveller and responsible tourist is as important. Being mindful of local customs, traditions, wildlife, and culture will make your globetrotting footprint a positive one.

10. Enjoy more mini-adventures 

Use those long weekends in 2019 for micro-adventures. Cheaper flight routes and more accommodation options are making it easier for people to get away over bank holidays. We recommend taking an extra day off, and because time is precious, maximise your time in a country by booking a three- or four-day tour. Let the operator take care of everything while you unwind on your short and sweet escape.

11. Learn more about the local languages and culture before departing

Brushing up on a few phrases and some of the local customs before visiting a country will only make your trip better, especially if you thrive on travelling and immersing yourself in different cultures. It doesn’t take long to read up on the essentials. A quick Google will yield fascinating information about everywhere on the planet.

12. Start saving for that dream trip 

It’s possible to travel on a budget, but 2019 is as good a year as any to start saving for the dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Whether it’s taking a luxury arctic cruise, visiting Africa for a safari or going on a food tour in Sri Lanka, saving a little something every month will eventually add up to the trip of a lifetime! If you’re serious about making it happen, keep track of your expenses and put a percentage of each paycheck into your travel piggy bank!

Two zebras walking across a plain near a body of water in Kenya

Start saving up to see majestic beasts in the wild | ⓒ Franco Pecchio/Flickr

What travel resolutions are you making for 2019? Share them with us in the comment!