best travel article award iceland

The Winners of 2017’s Best Travel Articles Awards (Iceland Edition) Have Been Announced!

BTA (Best Travel Articles) is a series of awards that the staff of Days To Come assigns to travel bloggers and writers.

The awards are divided by category and look to honor the articles (and their authors) that provide useful, interesting and inspiring content about a travel destination to their readers. Below you can find the best travel articles about Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice that fascinates all of us. Happy reading!

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best travel article award iceland
Aurora Borealis

Best “Hidden Treasure” Travel Article

“Dynjandi Waterfall – Treasure of the Westfjords”
Bite of Iceland

The article “Dynjandi Waterfall – Treasure of the Westfjords” of Adam and Marta’s travel blog Bite of Iceland wins the award for Best “Hidden Treasure” Travel Article by successfully providing readers with unique insight into a fascinating and “off the beaten track” spot in Iceland. Furthermore, the blog post features truly impressive photography. After reading the article, we definitely want to reach that waterfall!

Seeing it [Dynjandi] from a distance, we knew immediately that it was going to be something. And with each mile it hypnotised us even stronger. When we reached our destination, we just fell silent because of the impression.

Best “Inspirational Short Video” Travel Article

“Golden Circle – Two Weeks in Iceland Travel Vlog”

The article “Golden Circle – Two Weeks in Iceland Travel Vlog” of Justin and Lauren’s travel blog Justin+Lauren wins the award for the Best “Inspirational Short Video” Travel Article because it has been able to provide a short and exciting overview of a typical Icelandic adventure. They manage to create content that looks real and inspiring at the same time. This is a video that lasts less than two minutes and is definitely worth your time!

Best “Blue Lagoon Guide” Travel Article

“Alternative to the Blue Lagoon – Is Laugarvatn Fontana Better?”
Travelling Weasels

The article “Did We Find an Alternative to the Blue Lagoon? Is Laugarvatn Fontana Better?” of Laura’s travel blog Travelling Weasels wins the award for the Best “Blue Lagoon Guide” Travel Article because it not only reviews one of the most famous attractions in Iceland but also compares it to a great alternative. Within Laura’s guide, you will find all the information you’re looking for about Blue Lagoon..including info you didn’t know you needed!

Yes there were lots of people there, but it’s so LARGE that it wasn’t crowded, it was very easy to find empty-ish spots for insta-good photos. The temperature of the water was about 36 degrees which was the perfect match for the 10 degrees air temperature.

Best “Unique Experiences” Travel Article

“The Churches of Iceland in Pictures”
Breathe With Us

The article “The Churches of Iceland in Picturesof Hugo and Cristina’s travel blog Breathe With Us wins the award for the Best “Unique Experiences” Travel Article because it focuses on a topic that almost nobody has covered before but remains incredibly interesting. With a destination as popular with the public as Iceland, Hugo and Cristina have managed to write a really compelling and useful list for any architecture lovers out there.

Before you start thinking this is an article about religion, let us assure you it is not. This a collection of pictures we put together about the churches of Iceland, which are, in our opinion, one of the best things to see and photograph throughout the country due to their picturesque architecture and beautiful locations.

Iceland landscape

Best “Incredible Photography” Travel Article

“A Visual Tour of Iceland’s Westfjords”

The article “A Visual Tour of Iceland’s Westfjords” of Alex’s travel blog VirtualWayfarer wins the award for the Best “Incredible Photography” Travel Article because…well, just look at the picture below. It’s an amazing photography tour of Iceland, featuring wildlife, impressive landscapes and the unique beauty of this country. Check out the article and get inspired for your future trip to the Land of Fire and Ice.

Iceland Best Travel Articles
by Alex Berger

Best “Packing Guide” Travel Article

“What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland”
Little Grey Box

The article “What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland” of Phoebe’s travel blog Little Grey Box wins the award for the Best “Packing Guide” Travel Article because it provides tips about what to pack for travelling in Iceland in a simple and useful way. Considering Iceland’s weather is constantly changing, it can be challenging to not overpack but Phoebe makes planning easy! The layout of the website is also stylish and cool – a great travel blog and a great article to read before visiting this stunning destination.

If you forget something – there are several outdoor apparel stores and second-hand clothing shops that can be found in downtown Reykjavík … Another good option for toiletries, clothing and other general items is Hagkaup, a large grocery and department store located at Kringlan shopping mall and in the Skeifan area of Reykjavík.

Best “Once in a Lifetime Experience” Travel Article

“An Iceland Adventure – Swimming Between Two Continents”
Global Grasshopper

The article “An Iceland Adventure – Swimming Between Two Continents” of Becky’s travel blog Global Grasshopper wins the award for the Best “Once in a Lifetime Experience” Travel Article because it’s about the most crazy and exciting experience you can have while in Iceland. The article is short and insightful, providing the right amount of information for getting excited about this unique experience without overwhelming readers.

And what it does have going for it though, is the opportunity for a unique snorkeling experience like no other I know of. Think of the clearest, cleanest water you’ve ever seen. The water at Silfra will make it seem like pond water – it is so astonishingly clear that visibility for divers is around 120 metres.

Iceland sunset
Iceland sunset

Best “First Timer’s Bucket List” Travel Article

“Top 5 Winter Experiences in Iceland”
Full Suitcase

The “Top 5 Winter Experiences in Iceland” is a must read for anyone looking to explore the magic of Iceland for the first time during winter. Jurga managed to provide her readers with precious information and enticing activities that any adventure enthusiast will say yes to.  Full Suitcase wins the Best “First Timer’s Bucket List” Travel Article award; we look forward to uncovering all her future travels!

How amazing would it be to walk inside a glacier?! This is one of the winter-only experiences in Iceland, so don’t miss it. Every cave is different and you never really know what you’ll get to see before you go in, but they are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature and definitely a bucket list experience.

Best “Iceland for Beginners” Travel Article

“A Guide to The Regions of Iceland” 

Unlocking Kiki

The article “A Guide to the Regions of Iceland” of Kaelene’s travel blog Unlocking Kiki wins the award for the Best “Iceland for Beginners” Travel Article because it features a general overview of the country, as well as insight into its main attractions. The amount of comments at the end of the article is a clear sign of how much the audience has found this article useful. If you’re planning an Iceland trip, this is definitely a must read.

For a country as small as Iceland you would think that I would quickly run out of things to do and see. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My Icelandic bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer!


Best “Iceland for Couples” Travel Article

“Travel Guide to Westfjords of Iceland”
From Ice To Spice

The article “Travel Guide to Westfjords of Iceland” of Ása and Andri’s travel blog From Ice To Spice wins the award for the Best “Iceland for Couples” Travel Article because it clearly highlights important experiences and landmarks that can be enjoyed alongside that special someone. Ása and Andri mix the stunning beauty of Iceland and the excitement of a road trip into one awesome article.

When cruising the many fjords of the West you will find few white, sandy beaches. Although the sea might be colder for bathing than most people prefer, the sand is soft and the views are wonderful.

These are the winners of the Best Travel Articles Awards 2017 for Iceland. Watch out for our BTA winners for Italy, Japan and many other of our favourite destinations.

Did you write a travel article about a specific destination in your blog? Send us an email (agostino [at] with the name of the blog and the url of the article…it could win a BTA!

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