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How to Spend 2 Weeks in Egypt

Anyone who ever burnt the edges of a school report or used the Papyrus font has probably dreamed of one day visiting Egypt. Between the country’s incredible ancient history, stunning landmarks that have withstood the test of time, and great food, it can sometimes feel like you’ll never have enough time to explore Egypt. If you only have two weeks to check all your boxes, don’t fret: there’s so much that can be done in Egypt in that time! One of the best ways to get the most out of your travels is to join a group tour: your expert guides will know all the best spots, and make sure you have exactly the experience you’ve been dreaming of! This is our definitive guide to spending two weeks in Egypt, courtesy of On The Go Tours. 

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Hit the major cities

Much of what Egypt has to offer lies in its gorgeous cities. Here’s where you’ll find traditional markets, ancient temples, and friendly locals keen to share their country with respectful travellers. If you have a limited time in Egypt, these cities are where most of your trip should be spent. 


Egypt’s bustling capital city, Cairo is where a lot of the action is in terms of museums and ancient Egyptian landmarks, so many travellers choose to start and end their journey here. Cairo is home to the Egyptian Museum, so fans of ancient Egypt should make this their first port of call; take in ancient artifacts, including mummies, and learn more about the city as it was thousands of years ago. Be sure to visit Khan al-Khalili, a major bazaar where you’ll find everything from tasty snacks to the perfect souvenir from your trip: trust us, you’re going to want to remember this one!

A man walking through a market in Cairo, Egypt
Exploring Cairo’s markets | © Alejandro García/Unsplash


History buffs, this is your lucky day: Luxor has been called “the world’s biggest open-air museum,” because everywhere you look there’s a new ancient wonder to behold. Home to the Valley of the Kings – the site of 63 ancient royal burial tombs, each more incredible and opulent than the last – Luxor is the type of place ancient Egypt aficionados and lovers of amazing architecture and culture alike can make their perfect day. Visit Karnak, the massive complex of temples that was once the most important place of worship in Egypt, or the iconic Luxor Temple, where massive statues of the gods loom over everyone who passes by. 

A man taking a photo of a temple in Luxor, Egypt
Luxor’s ancient temples are perfect for history buffs and architecture fans alike | © Julia Barbosa/Unsplash

Visit the Pyramids of Giza

It wouldn’t be a trip to Egypt without this, right? The Pyramids of Giza, three ancient structures outside of Cairo, are the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain mostly intact. If that isn’t impressive enough, the pyramids are possibly one of the most iconic structures in the world, can be seen from space, and were constructed from 2580-2560 BCE. From the years of 2560 BCE to 1311 ACE, the Great Pyramid of Giza was the tallest structure in the world! Try to get to the pyramids in the morning, because, like any other incredible bucket-list destination, the area surrounding them gets very busy throughout the day. 

The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Egypt’s iconic pyramids are not to be missed! | © Dario Morandotti/Unsplash

Cultural experiences in Egypt

From street food to local experiences and everything in between, Egypt is chock-full of culture that travellers will love exploring in-depth. A great way to make the most out of a limited time in one destination is to focus on experiences rather than checking off a list of sights or places. Here are a few of our favourite cultural experiences in Egypt!

  • Watch a belly-dancing show. Many bars and restaurants have belly-dancers performing nightly. While they’re all amazing, some of the best performers in Egypt can be found in Cairo.
  • Take in some art. While tourists may not visit Egypt for its modern art, a visit to the upscale neighbourhood of Zamalek in western Cairo will find travellers within steps of the Cairo Opera House and SafarKhan Art Gallery, both of which provide incredible cultural experiences that can only be found in Egypt.
  • Feast on Egyptian food. What better way to explore a country than by sampling the best of its food? Some stand-outs include taamaya, Egypt’s take on falafel made from fava beans instead of chickpeas, and feteer, a cheesy pastry travellers can customize with their favourite fillings. 

Egyptian Cruises

Egypt without the Nile? We would never! That’s why On The Go Tours offers cruise options for some of their most popular tours. Enjoy all the benefits of touring Egypt with the added benefit of rest and relaxation onboard your vessel. Cruising the Nile Valley is a fantastic way to see the best of Egypt: there are so many temples, landmarks, and other points of interest in the area that unwinding on a Nile cruiser allows you to see more of the country without exhausting yourself. Check out this 13-day tour with cruise option from On The Go Tours!

Boats on the Nile River, Aswan Dam, Egypt
The best way to explore Egypt? By boat, of course! | © Hamed Taha/Unsplash

Whether you’re visiting Egypt for its long and storied history, its modern cities, or just a healthy dose of sunshine and cultural experiences, there’s always much to see and do in this gorgeous country! Spending two weeks here may not seem like enough, but with On The Go Tours, you can be sure that you’ll tick everything off on your Egyptian bucket list. 

What are you dreaming of seeing or doing in Egypt? 

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