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Senegal Tours & Trips

Senegal is a country on the Atlantic coast whose vibrancy is infectious. Tour the Sahelian regionand wander through Saint Louis to witness the influences of French architecture and eat Capitaine fish, then go to the south to Casamance region for an eco adventure and pirogue from Ziguinchor.

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  • Go for a swim in the salty, mineral laden waters of the unusually rose-hued Pink Lake.
  • Explore the strong music scene, interesting museums and lively markets in the bustling capital city, Dakar.
  • Remember the poignant history of the slave trade at the House of Slaves in Goree Island, from where slaves were shipped off to the New World.
  • Discover the colonial heritage of St. Louis, the erstwhile capital of French West Asia.
  • Look skywards for glimpses of bird life including egrets, gulls, herons, pelicans and bright pink flamingos in the bird watcher’s paradise of the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary.
  • Cruise in a traditional pirogue as you take in the natural beauty of wetlands and forests in Fathala Game Reserve. Enjoy a safari in Bandai Natural Reserve, home to some of Africa’s most exotic wildlife.
  • Soak up the sun at the beach town of Cap Skirring where you can also indulge in quad biking, fishing and swimming.
  • Get a fascinating insight into the traditional lifestyle of villagers at Joal-Fadiouth.


  • You can enjoy some fabulous seafood cuisine at restaurants in St. Louis.
  • The St. Louis Jazz Festival held in the month of May is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy excellent live performances.
  • The best time for bird watching in the Djoudj National bird Sanctuary is from November to April.
  • The Pink Lake is at its vivid best during sunrise and sunset on sunny days.
  • If the weather is too hot, head to the beach only after 5pm and stay well hydrated.
  • National parks are normally closed during the rainy season from June to October.
  • Euro is the preferred foreign currency in Senegal.
  • Shopkeepers expect you to haggle in the market so prices may seem exorbitantly high.

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