21 Tattoos That Celebrate Our Love of Travel

Getting inked may not be for everyone but we’re hard-pressed to think of a better way to commemorate the adventures that shape us than with a tattoo. Whether you’re thinking of getting a tattoo to honour a trip that changed your life or just because you feel like it, this list will have you looking up your nearest tattoo parlour asap.


Coordinates on the back of the arm.

Photo by: Renata Supertramp

Celebrating all of the nature.

Photo by: Jill Bailey


Map of the world with coordinates.

Photo By: Leb Tattoo


A detailed compass with watercolour accents.

Photo By: Giovanni Bevilacqua

Photo by @loiaconos

Photo by @mozhnoprostovika

For when you’re feeling some homegrown pride…

A colourful tattoo medley on the arm.

Photo By: Jason & Madison, creators of RoamingRunways and passionate travelers 

A simple maple leaf on the ankle.

Photo By: Jill Rogers

A celebration of Boston, Massachusetts.

Photo By: @luckysnoho, Lucky Tattoo’s and Piercing 

The London skyline on inside of the arm.

Photo By: @travel_tattoos

Stars and stripes

Photo by Georgia Grey

Or when something magical happened at a famous landmark…

View of Mt. Fuji on the shoulder.

Photo By: Christopher Noogin, tattoo artist at Seattle Ink & Oil

The Eiffel Tower in black ink.

Photo By: Annemette Katarina

The Statue of Liberty in watercolour.

Photo By: Kevin Jan, tattoo artist at Black Fish Tattoo

To celebrate your squad, friend group, battalion or special someone…

Wrist tattoos of planes.

Photo By: @traveltattoos

Matching American state tattoos, separated by two halves of a heart.

Photo By: Independent Tattoo

Two halves of a heart, filled with the Space Needle and Golden Gate Bridge.

Photo By: @travel_tattoos

Photo by Veera Bianca

If you’re the kind of traveller who likes to keep track of your adventures in a less conventional way…


Airport codes along the forearm.

Photo By: @travel_tattoos

Passport stamps along the inside of the wrist.

Photo By: Hailey Brummer, tattoo artist for The Painted Lady

Map of America with specific states filled in with colour.

Photo By: Tiago, owner of Lupo Ink

Mountain skyline at night, upper shoulder.

Photo By: Shirmy


A traditional Thai Sak Yant tattoo

Photo by Chanel Talbot

Or when you need a written reminder to…

Inspirational message on inside of arm.

Photo By: @quotetattoos

Travel encouragement on inside of arm.

Photos By: Casey Wu

Personal reminder to be present, on wrist.

Photo By: @justquotetattoos

And finally, when you need to be reminded that no matter how far you travel…

Reminder about what counts, inside of arm.

Photo By: @justquotetattoos

Jackie is a travel-addicted Canadian who currently resides in Vienna, Austria. When she’s not writing travel guides or reading her new favourite book, she’s planning her next weekend getaway somewhere in Europe.

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