Rhone VS Rhine River Cruises: Which one is right for you?

The Rhone and the Rhine are two very popular destinations for river cruises in Europe. The Rhone is located mainly in France, while the Rhine begins in Switzerland and passes through Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and ends in the Netherlands. Cruising the Rhone will allow you impressive views of the Swiss Alps while cruising the Rhine is a great way to discover some of the most fascinating European countries out there. Both should be considered can’t miss experiences!

Length813 km1,230 km
Main AttractionProvenceCologne Cathedral
Weather3-21 °C0-25 °C

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Rhone VS Rhine River Cruises: Pros and Cons

Pros Rhone Cruise

  • Provence is one of the most fascinating regions in France (and in Europe!)
  • Camargue has plenty to offer wildlife enthusiasts
  • In summer, you’ll enjoy the Mediterranean temperatures
  • You’ll travel through only one country, which is much easier in terms of border controls, currency exchange, etc.
  • The French cuisine is world-class
  • You’ll discover some sites off the beaten path as well (Sion, Lyon, Vienne, Avignon and Arles among them)

Cons Rhone Cruise

  • In summer, the Mediterranean warmth can be TOO warm (don’t forget your sunscreen)
  • You don’t have the chance to discover other European countries
Pfalzgrafenstein Castle (Rhine)

Pros Rhine Cruise

  • You’ll visit some typically European landmarks
  • You’ll be touring the Alps, some of the most impressive mountains in the world
  • The temperatures are pleasantly mild during summer
  • You’ll be touring the very heart of Europe and cities as Zurich, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Luxemburg
  • You will discover multiple European countries in one trip
  • You’ll discover sites different from the “classic” Eiffel Tower and Arc di Triomphe

Cons Rhone Cruise

  • During the winter time the Rhine area can be frustratingly cold
  • If you’re looking for a wildlife focused river cruise, this isn’t your best choice

Companies and Tours

Companies and Tours for a Rhone Cruise

The companies providing river cruises in Rhone river are: Avalon, CroisiEurope, Lueftner, Scenic, Uniworld .
Generally speaking the river cruises last one or two weeks.
Here some of the most popular tours in Rhone river: Grand France – Cruise Only Northbound, Burgundy & Provence – Cruise Only Northbound, Treasures of Burgundy and Provence, The Magic of the Provençal Rhône and the Camargue, Burgundy & Provence – Avignon to Lyon.

Companies and Tours for a Rhine Cruise

The companies providing river cruises in Rhine river are: Avalon, CroisiEurope, Lueftner, Scenic, Uniworld .
Generally speaking the river cruises last 10 days.
Here some of the most popular tours in Rhine river: Romantic Rhine – Southbound, Romantic Rhine – Northbound, Jewels of Europe (from Budapest to Amsterdam), From Amsterdam to Basel: The Treasures of the Celebrated Rhine River, Jewels of Europe (from Amsterdam to Budapest).

Rhone VS Rhine River Cruises: Attractions

Attractions on a Rhone Cruise

the more colorful and romantic region in France
the wild side of France
the second biggest French city, charming and culturally rich
a city that every Middle Age aficionado can’t miss

Attractions on a Rhine Cruise

and his alpine atmosphere
the economic center of Germany
and its world famous cathedral
and its canals, one of the main European attractions


So which is best?

  1. A Rhine river cruise gives you the chance to get under the skin of not only one country but Europe as a whole.  Cruising down the Rhine is a trip that’s better to take during warmer seasons, in order to enjoy the region at its best.

  2. The Rhone, however, runs through the South of France, an enchanting area full of history and natural attractions. As a rule of thumb, if you want to discover Central Europe and its landmarks, go for a Rhine cruise. If you are more fascinated by a typically Mediterranean region, choose the Rhone.

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