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Greenland will enthrall the ardent adventure enthusiast – either sailing aboard an expedition vessel through glacier filled waters or taking a tour tundra hiking, exploring geothermal hotsprings and camping beside picturesque fjords. North East Greenland National Park has ana amazing wildlife.

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  • Shop for handcrafted sculptures made from bone and exquisite semi-precious stone jewelry in the charming town of Qaqortoq.
  • Spend some time char fishing with expert fishermen from the tiny remote village of Aappilattoq.
  • Cruise by the UNESCO protected Sermeq Kujalleq glacier, the fastest moving glacier outside of the Antarctic.
  • Learn more about traditional kayaking at the ice-free port of Sisimiut in Western Greenland.
  • Hike through the beautiful Blomsterbugten or ‘bay of flowers’ and soak in the mesmerizing beauty of the purple and gold rocks in the distance.
  • Challenge yourself to a climb to the top of Ella Oya Island surrounded by icy waters, blue icebergs and rugged cliffs.
  • Spot some rare birds at the Sirmilik National Park and visit the breeding site for coastal birds such as the Black Guillemot and the Thick-Billed Murre.
  • Explore the bustling capital of Nuuk, where you can stroll through the National Museum and the old quarters or peep into the Country Food Market.


  • Use the word ‘Inuit’ instead of ‘Eskimo’ as it is considered pejorative.
  • Carry an ice pick or a small hammer and a thermos with you to save a piece of pure glacial ice.
  • Try some Greenlandic coffee. It’s laced with whisky, Grand Marnier and kahlua.
  • Refrain from comparing the locals to the Danish; Greenlanders are very particular about their own identity.
  • Remember that the days are very long in summer. Ensure that you get the right amount of sleep.
  • Keep in mind that the northern lights are dependent on factors such as solar activity and cloud cover so you may not always be able to view them.
  • Bring rainproof and windproof outwear, heavy-duty footwear and durable clothing that will last you the entire trip.
  • Avoid negative remarks about whale and seal hunting activities. Greenland has a self-sustaining eco system.

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