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Bosnia Tours and Trips 2018/2019

Bosnia Tours and Trips 2018/2019

Bosnia is a region located in the north of Bosnia Herzegovina. A main part of the Balkans along with Serbia and Croatia, Bosnia offers astounding views of its mountains and cities. Warm and friendly people will introduce you to new cultures and show you an amazing part of the world that you need to see for yourself.

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  • Stroll through the colorful bazaars of Sarajevo’s Turkish Quarter. Marvel at the resilience and cultural diversity of this now rejuvenated capital city.
  • Step back in time at the Tunnel Museum of Sarajevo and get glimpse of life during the time of war.
  • Brave the fury of foam-covered rivers such as Foca, Tara and Drina on a scintillating white river rafting adventure.
  • Take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the Neretva River as it snakes its way through the countryside.
  • Drive through Bosnia’s gorgeous mountainous landscape and enjoy breathtaking views of Tjentiste and the surrounding areas.
  • Savor the untouched beauty of the Satjeska National Park, home to the primeval Perucica wilderness, the mighty Maglic Mountain and the picturesque Skakavac waterfall.
  • Walk across the elegant Ottoman bridge at Mostar and wander through the city’s cobblestoned streets, past medieval buildings and mosques.
  • Take a leisurely cruise along the backwaters of charming Piva Lake and swim and fish in its refreshing waters.


  • Bosnia is beautiful between the months of May to September.
  • Be sensitive while referring to war and ethnic rivalries as emotional scars are still fresh among the locals.
  • Sarajevo’s Turkish Quarter is a great place to shop for wood carvings, ceramics, brass coffee pots and folk art tapestries.
  • Try some of the Turkish-inspired grilled meat dishes which are popular here or sip on some Turkish coffee at one of the cafes in the Turkish Quarter.
  • Explore Sarajevo’s night time entertainment options including live music performances, theater, cinemas and nightclubs.
  • Do try rakija which is a fruit-based brandy normally made with plums.
  • You may have to cover your head with a cloth or a scarf when you enter certain Orthodox monasteries.
  • If you’re in the city center, watch the locals play a game of street chess.

Bosnia Tours and Trips Reviews

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