Croque-madame sandwich with a fried egg on top

Around the World in 60 Egg Dishes

Transport your taste buds and up your brunch game.

No matter how you slice ‘em, dice ‘em, poach ‘em, or fry ‘em, eggs are a powerhouse ingredient and an all-star MVP in hundreds of dishes across the world.

Be it New Zealand, Nigeria, or the Netherlands, you’ll find a variation of this humble and versatile ingredient dished up in a multitude of ways in every corner of the globe — and that’s what makes this much-loved food so universally appealing.

Ready to go on an eggsistential journey around the world in 60 dishes? Let’s get crackin’ then! These global egg-based dishes will help you explore different cultures through food, transport your taste buds, and give you the inspiration you need to take your brunch game to a completely new level.

Two pieces of bread topped with a fried egg and french fries in the background
Step out of your culinary comfort zone with egg recipes from around the world | © Mae Mu/Unsplash

Latin America

1. Arepa de huevo (Colombia) – You can find freshly made arepa de huevo (corn cakes filled with eggs) at street food stalls throughout Colombia’s Caribbean coast.  

2. Huevos rancheros (Mexico) – This Mexican favorite makes for the ultimate brunch meal: fried eggs served on hot corn tortillas and loaded with salsa, beans, and cheese.

3. Perico Venezolano (Venezuela) – A Venezuelan version of scrambled eggs, which includes onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and seasonings like coriander and black pepper.

4. Huevos ahogados (Mexico) – The name of this dish translates to “drowned eggs,” which refers to eggs that are poached (or drowned) in a sauce made with tomatoes, onions, chili peppers.

5. Revuelto de Gramajo (Argentina) – This deliciously greasy combination of scrambled eggs, golden-fried potatoes, and thinly sliced ham makes for a delicious breakfast dish or hangover cure.

6. Arroz con huevo (several Latin American countries) – For the ultimate lazy Latin-inspired brunch, try arroz con huevo. Start with rice topped with a fried egg, and add some fried plantains or sliced avocado for an extra pop of flavor and texture.

7. Huevos motuleños (Mexico) – Kick off your day with this incredibly flavorsome dish of a fried tortilla topped with sunny-side-up eggs, black beans, plantains, salsa, and crumbled queso fresco.

Four fried eggs in a skillet pan
There’s nothing quite like a perfectly cooked egg | © Sarah Boudreau/Unsplash


8. Oeufs en meurette (France) Originating in the region of Burgundy, this classic French dish consists of poached eggs that are smothered in a red wine sauce studded with mushrooms, onions, and bacon. 

9. Cacio e uova (Italy) – Hailing from the Abruzzo region, Cacio e uova (cheese and egg balls) is made with only three ingredients: eggs, cheese, and old bread. Just like meatballs, the mixture is then formed into balls, fried, and simmered in tomato sauce.

10. Scotch eggs (UK) – Consisting of soft-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat and coated with breadcrumbs, this savory British staple is oh-so-delicious. The classic version is relatively simple, but you can elevate this snack with dips like mango chutney and spicy aioli.

11. Tortilla de patatas (Spain) – Made with only a handful of ingredients — namely eggs and thinly sliced potatoes — this traditional Spanish dish can be served hot or cold at any time of the day. 

12. Avgolemono (Greece) – This creamy, lemony egg sauce can be used to dress up meat or vegetable dishes or made into a soup and enjoyed as a stand-alone meal.

13. Huevos con bechamel (Spain) – A popular tapas dish enjoyed across Spain, huevos con bechamel consists of boiled eggs coated in bechamel sauce, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried until crispy and golden brown.

14. Mish-mash (Bulgaria) – Mish-mash, also known as Bulgarian scrambled eggs, is a mixture of eggs with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and Bulgarian white cheese.

15. Anglesey eggs (UK) – This traditional Welsh dish is decadent and delicious, made with hard-boiled eggs and soft mashed potatoes smothered in a creamy leek and cheese sauce.

16. Huevos rotos (Spain) – This hearty Spanish dish varies from region to region, but it always starts with fried eggs served over fried potatoes or fries. Keep it vegetarian-friendly, or add chorizo, slices of Iberian ham, or seafood for an extra smattering of protein.

17. Frittata (Italy) – Super simple to make and insanely versatile, you could eat a different variation of this popular egg-based dish every day of the week.

18. Flaeskeaeggekage (Denmark) – Made with eggs, milk, and flour and topped with strips of crispy bacon and chopped chives, this Danish omelet is a must-try for anyone who wants to up their bacon and egg game.

19. Eggs in mustard sauce (Germany) – Get a taste of traditional German fare with eier in senfsoße, a homey recipe that calls for hard-boiled eggs doused in a velvety mustard sauce.

20. Quiche (France) – Savoury, flaky, and always tasty, this crowd-pleaser is a brunch staple that never gets old. Eggs beaten together with cheese and cream baked in flaky pastry until perfectly golden.

21. Polish stuffed eggs (Poland) – This dish is similar to deviled eggs but with a mouthwatering twist: stuffed, seasoned, hard-boiled eggs are topped with breadcrumbs and then fried in butter until golden brown.

22. Balbuljata (Malta) – Balbuljata is the Maltese version of scrambled eggs, made with sauteed tomatoes and onions and served alongside a slice of crusty sourdough bread.

23. Oeufs cocotte (France) – Featuring eggs cooked in ramequins with crème fraîche, this French staple is a remarkably simple yet incredibly indulgent brunch dish.

24. Fritaja (Croatia and Slovenia) – Similar to an omelet, this Istrian specialty is prepared with a variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients, from wild asparagus and spring onions to mushrooms, prosciutto ham, and aromatic herbs like fennel and mint.

25. Menemen (Turkey) – A Turkish staple, Menemen is a simple dish of scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, onions, and peppers. It’s served piping hot with a side of crusty bread for dipping.

26. Smørrebrød (Denmark) – Whether it’s a combination of shrimp, egg, and dill, or soft-boiled egg and radish, there are so many different ways to get your egg fix with a Scandi-inspired open-faced sandwich. 

27. Pickled eggs (UK) – Made from hard-boiled eggs preserved in vinegar and brine, these easy-to-make snacks are incredibly versatile and can be served in any number of ways.

28. Uitsmijter (Netherlands) – An open-faced sandwich topped with fried eggs, gouda, and ham, Uitsmijter is the type of dish you can eat at 2 am after a night on the town or for Sunday brunch. 

29. Salviata (Italy) – Prepared with a handful of simple ingredients and passed down for centuries, this oven-baked omelet can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. To make this Tuscan favorite, you’ll need eggs, fresh sage leaves, grated Parmigiano, milk, flour, and butter.

30. Croque-madame (France) – What do you get when you take an ultra-decadent croque-monsieur (a ham, gruyere, and béchamel sandwich) and layer a fried egg on top? A sinfully divine croque-madame, of course.

Croque-madame sandwich with a fried egg on top
Croque-madame is an ultra-decadent sandwich | © Jonathan Pielmayer/Unsplash

Middle East

31. Kuku (Iran) – This dish is like a Persian frittata, and it’s packed to the brim with nutrients and outstanding flavors thanks to ingredients like spinach, dill, parsley, coriander, fenugreek, and turmeric. 

32. Sabich (Israel) – Filled with hard-boiled eggs, slices of fried eggplant, Israeli salad, tahini sauce, and amba (a tangy pickled mango sauce), and wrapped in fresh pita bread, this humble sandwich will blow you away with its astounding mix of flavors and textures.

33. Baid mutajjan (Egypt) – If you want to instantly transport yourself to the labyrinthine markets of Cairo, baid mutajjan—a recipe that features fried hard-boiled eggs rolled in a sumac and sesame seed spice blend—will help you do just that.

34. Shakshuka (North Africa and Israel) – There’s a reason this one-skillet wonder has taken brunch menus around the world by storm: it’s nourishing, it’s filling, and it’s downright delicious. To make it yourself, simply poach eggs in a hearty spiced tomato and pepper sauce.

Shakshuka in a skillet topped with feta cheese
Shakshuka is an easy and delicious brunch staple | © Delaney Van/Unsplash


35. Chipsi mayai (Tanzania) – If a French fry omelet sounds like your version of a perfect breakfast, you’ll love chipsi mayai, a popular Tanzanian street food favorite made with chips (AKA fries) and eggs.

36. Doro wat (Ethiopia) – Chicken is the main ingredient in this robust and comforting stew, but it’s not complete until you’ve added whole hard-boiled eggs to top off the recipe.

37. Nigerian scrambled eggs (Nigeria) – This dish brings together a colorful and fiery medley of eggs, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and chili peppers.

38. Rolex (Uganda) – Rolex is a ubiquitous Ugandan street food made with a cabbage-onion-tomato omelet wrapped in chapati.

Woman holding a blue plate with an omelette
There are so many ways to spice up an omelette | © Igor Miske/Unsplash

North America

39. Eggs Benedict (USA) – The impeccably balanced combination of soft poached eggs, decadent hollandaise sauce, and crispy bacon make this timeless recipe a brunch classic.

40. Breakfast poutine (Canada) – Poutine isn’t just a late-night snack — swap the cheese curds and gravy for hollandaise sauce, bacon, and a fried egg, and you have yourself a seriously mouthwatering breakfast. 

41. Breakfast burrito (USA) – From bacon and eggs to hash browns, avocado, and salsa, you can customize the filling of this go-to breakfast dish to your heart’s content.

42. Loco moco (USA) – Take a bed of sticky rice, top it with a hamburger patty, rich gravy, and a sunny-side-up egg, and you have loco moco — AKA Hawaiian comfort food at its finest.

43. Eggs Beauregard (USA) – Consisting of a biscuit layered with a sausage patty, a fried egg, and sausage gravy, this dish is similar to eggs benedict but with a southern twist.

Eggs Benedict with salmon
Eggs benedict is an iconic brunch favorite for good reason | © John Baker/Unsplash


44. Bacon and egg pie (New Zealand) This savory breakfast pie encases hearty whole eggs and salty chunks of bacon in layers of buttery, flakey puff pastry.

45. Pavlova (Australia and New Zealand) – Pavlova is made from a mixture of egg whites, sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, and vanilla extract that’s baked until it takes on an irresistibly chewy, soft and crispy texture. Dress it up with fresh whipped cream and a generous helping of fresh fruit for the ultimate summertime dessert.

Pavlova topped with whipped cream and raspberries
Pavlova is an easy-to-make meringue-based dessert | © Toa Heftiba/Unsplash


46. Eggs bhurji (India) – Made with tomatoes, onions, curry, and fragrant, flavorsome spices, these Indian-style scrambled eggs will spice up your breakfast routine. 

47. Yam khai dao (Thailand) – Translating to fried egg salad, this simple dish will rock your taste buds with its combination of crunchy onions, fiery chili peppers, tangy lime, and crispy fried eggs.

48. Hong Kong egg tart (Hong Kong/China) – Creamy, custardy, buttery, and flaky — don’t be surprised if you find yourself hooked after one bite of this delightfully sweet treat.

49. Torta (Philippines) – Torta is a Filipino omelet filled with ground beef, potatoes, and vegetables and paired with rice and banana ketchup.

50. Tamagoyaki (Japan) – Commonly found in bento boxes or served as part of a Japanese breakfast, tamagoyaki is made from thin layers of eggs cooked and rolled into a rectangular shape, which is then sliced into bite-sized pieces.  

51. Egg drop soup (China) – The beauty of this soup is its simplicity: it’s made with only a few basic ingredients — chicken broth, eggs, and cornstarch — all whisked together and often topped with tofu or scallions to make a savory and comforting meal.

52. Desi omelet (Pakistan) – This omelet packs a powerful punch in the flavor department. Though there are variations of this staple dish throughout India and Pakistan, the most iconic rendition is eggs beaten with green chilies, finely diced onions, and red chili powder and served with flaky parathas.

53. Khai luk koei (Thailand) – Khai luk koei — or son-in-law eggs — consists of hard-boiled, deep-fried eggs drizzled with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce and topped with chopped shallots and cilantro sprigs for garnish.

54. Gyeran-ppang (South Korea) – Characterised by its oblong shape and muffin-like texture, gyeran-ppang is a sweet and savory bread filled with whole eggs. It’s a popular snack and can be found at street food vendors throughout South Korea. 

55. Tea eggs (China) – Hard-boiled eggs are simmered in a savory liquid flavored with black tea, soy sauce, and spices to yield a flavor-packed and perfectly cooked snack. Variations of this recipe can include everything from cinnamon sticks to star anise and Sichuan peppercorns.

56. Khagina (Pakistan) – Eggs are scrambled in a gravy of onions, tomatoes, garlic, ground cumin, turmeric, and other spices and topped off with fresh green chilies and coriander for a fragrant finish.

57. Adjaruli khachapuri (Georgia) – Take a savory, boat-shaped pastry, stuff it with melted cheese, top it with a freshly cracked egg, and you’ve got the ultimate Georgian comfort food.

58. Kwek kwek (Philippines) – This beloved Filipino street food is made with hard-boiled quail eggs coated in a savory orange batter and deep-fried to crispy, golden perfection.

59. Chawanmushi (Japan) – Packed with umami flavor and filled with ingredients like prawn, soy sauce, and mushrooms, chawanmushi is a silky smooth and savory egg custard.

60. Telur balado (Indonesia) – In this recipe, hard-boiled eggs are pan-fried until a slightly crispy skin appears and then doused in a spicy tomato and chili sauce.

A plate with rice topped with a fried eggs and sauce on the side
A fried egg can elevate even the simplest of dishes | © Meilin Zhou/Unsplash

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