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The Best Facebook Groups for Solo Female Travellers

If you’re a woman that travels, join in the conversation!

If you’re a solo female traveller, Facebook is your greatest ally. Did you know there are hundreds of groups for solo female travellers – and pretty much every subject you could possibly imagine? They offer community, sisterhood and a network that spans across the length of the world.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to crash, a travel buddy, need a place to vent, pick up globetrotting tips or keep on top of the latest solo female travel news, you’ll find the best Facebook groups for solo female travellers here.

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Things to keeping mind about solo female traveller groups on Facebook

Many of these Facebook groups began as a few travellers coming together. While they may now have thousands of female members, they still try to provide the same feeling of a tight-knit community. If you’re planning to join these Facebook groups, you should be mindful of the following.

  • In order to create a safe space where women feel comfortable, many of these groups are closed and will require you to fill in a request when joining them.
  • Make sure you read the rules for each group and adhere to them.
  • Don’t be afraid of reaching out in these groups, and members are incredibly supportive of one another.
  • It’s not just about looking for travel tips, the reason why these groups are so successful among female solo travellers is they provide them with a network, companionship on the road and a sisterhood.
  • If you’ve been feeling nervous about going on a solo adventure or looking to learn from other female experiences, these groups are a great resource. You’ll find that members frequently share stories and provide each other with valuable insight from their own trips around the world.
  • Be an active participant.
  • If you want to find a solo female group that fits your interests, have a look on Facebook. For example, you’ll find groups for people of colour, age-based, etc. etc.
Facebook groups are solo female traveller’s greatest ally | © Omar Lopez/Unsplash

1. The Solo Female Traveller Network

Amanda Black loved travelling solo but found that wanted a community to lean on while she was on the road where she could turn to for inspiration, sisterhood and support. To fill that void, she and some women she had met while travelling created a private Facebook group – the Solo Female Traveller Network back in 2016.

Today, this group has over 300,000 followers and six sub-groups. Black created this space not just for solo female travellers looking to get travel advice, but a place to share stories, experiences and make connections with other women on the road. This vibrant group is a must-join for female travellers!

2. Digital Nomads – The Solo Female Traveller Network

A sub-group of the Solo Female Traveller Network with 13K+ members, this group is catered towards solo working women on the road who want to trade links, share social circles, seek advice, share job postings, and experiences. If you need advice relating to SEO and social media marketing, they even have a special hashtag you can use – #AskAmanda – and the group’s very own marketing guru will get back to you.

3. Girls LOVE Travel

This global community of over one million members offers active and aspiring female travellers valuable insight and resources through safety, socialising and support. If you’ve been needing that a little encouragement to take the plunge and pursue your first solo adventure, the chances are you’ll find it here.

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If you’re feeling unsure about taking a solo adventure, you can learn about other women’s experiences in these Facebook groups | © Michael Barón/Unsplash

4. Conde Naste’s: Women Who Travel

With over 1.7 million followers, Conde Naste’s Facebook group, Women Who Travel, is a space where all self-identifying female globetrotters can join in the conversation about what it means to travel as a woman in this day and age. This Facebook group is an extension of their online Women Who Travel space, which shares travel stories written exclusively by female travellers.

Along with their online presence, they also host meetups, and you can sign-up to their newsletter to stay in the loop. Don’t worry if you can get to one of their offline events, they also have a weekly podcast that covers topics from things like saving and budgeting for a trip to how all-female trips bring out the best parts of travel! For more information check out this link.

5. Curvy Girls Travel Guide

Given the need for more representation and diversity across the board, the good thing to know about the Facebook groups for solo female travellers is you’ll easily be able to find your people. This body-positive group for curvy and plus-sized female travellers provides a space for them to connect and collaborate. The Curvy Girls Travel Facebook group is just one example of how these communities create inclusive conversations for women from all walks of life.

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Discover the world of travel through online female communities | © Jyotirmony Gupta/Unsplash

6. Girls Who Travel

Founded in 2011, Girls Who Travel is one of the OG online female travel communities. Along with a Facebook group with 10,000 followers, they also have a website, Instagram and newsletter as well as additional groups that offer job connections and a book club.

In their own words, Girls Who Travel is an education and empowerment network for any traveller that identifies as non-masculine/non-male. Their mission is to empower women to explore beyond their boundaries while building a more connected and inclusive world through responsible global citizenship.

7. Solo Women Travellers

This Facebook group is dedicated to women that love to by plane, RV, boat, bicycle, on foot, motorcycle or car. The best thing about this group is that while it’s you’ll find an active community of female globetrotters, the conversation is simply limited to posts about travel.

They encourage their community to talk about everything from leaving behind old lifestyles to embracing new one, travel wardrobes, playlist, gadgets, tips and tricks, families, fears and accomplishments. If you’re looking for a space to meet like-minded women online this is it!

Based in Toronto, Sahar is a full-time content editor for Days to Come and part-time travel junkie.

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