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3 Weeks Travel Itineraries in Europe

Looking for the perfect way to spend three weeks in Europe? Whether you want to visit iconic destinations like Paris, London, and Rome, travel by train through the continent’s scenic rural regions, or explore the very best of Eastern Europe, we’ve got a travel itinerary here to suit your unique preferences and tastes.

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Travel itineraries for 3 weeks in Europe

Does your ideal Europe itinerary include a visit to the Eiffel Tower, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, and the Colosseum in Rome? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of travelling across Great Britain and Ireland? If you said “yes” to either of these scenarios, the itineraries below are for you!


  • Beaune (3 days) - Nestled amongst the vineyards of Burgundy, this medieval town is renowned for its classic French cuisine and for producing some of the best wine in the country.
  • Pont du Garde(3 days) - Travel through the idyllic French countryside and stop in Pont du Gard to see one of the region’s most famous relics from the Roman Empire: a 2000-year-old Roman aqueduct.
  • Barcelona (4 days) - Barcelona is an incredibly rewarding city to explore on foot, filled with hidden cantinas, architectural wonders, and winding walkways – particularly in the old town. 
  • Arles (4 days) - Situated in the Provence region of southern France, this town is best known for inspiring the works of Van Gogh.
  • Rome (4 days) - Immerse yourself in the incredible history of this ancient city, which reigned supreme as the focal point of the Roman Empire.

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  • Stonehenge (3 days)- Lay your eyes on the ancient monoliths of Stonehenge, one of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world. 
  • Cardiff (3 days)- The capital of Wales may be compact, but this vibrant city is full of surprises. 
  • Dublin (4 days) - From Trinity College to St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse, there’s plenty to see, do, and drink in Ireland’s capital city. 
  • Stratford-upon-Avon (3 days) - Explore the birthplace of Shakespeare and see where the 'Avon Bard' was born and raised.
  • Oxford (3 days)- The oldest university city in the British Isles, Oxford offers a fabulous mix of ancient and modern, including historic buildings, cosmopolitan restaurants, and more.

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Travel itinerary for 3 weeks in Eastern Europe

Want to explore the best of Eastern Europe? These two itineraries will take you through some of the region’s must-visit countries — including the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary — along with fairytale towns like Cesky Krumlov and historic sites such as Schonbrunn Palace.


  • Berlin (4 days) - With its museums, iconic landmarks, phenomenal food scene, and astonishing history, Berlin is unlike any other city in the world. 
  • Warsaw (3 days) - A colourful Old Town, a 16th-century castle, and a treasure trove of cultural attractions — there are so many reasons this city should be on your Eastern Europe itinerary.
  • Czestochowa (2 days) - Millions of visitors flock to this city in southern Poland every year to see the Monastery of Jasna Góra, which houses the Black Madonna painting.
  • Krakow (4 days) - From the city's medieval walls and buildings to the cathedral on Wawel Hill, there are plenty of beautiful sights to explore and admire in Krakow.
  • Prague (4 days)- Many of Prague’s most impressive historical attractions remain intact today, making it one of the best-preserved cities in Europe.

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  • Vienna (4 days) - The best way to explore Vienna is to simply go for a wander and get lost amongst its grand boulevards and sprawling squares. 
  • Cesky Krumlov (2 days) - This picturesque medieval town dates back to the 13th-century and is straight out of a fairytale.
  • Prague (4 days) - There’s so much to see and do in Prague: you can walk around the postcard-perfect Old Town Square, stroll across the Charles Bridge, or visit Prague Castle. 
  • Krakow (3 days) - Formerly a residence of Polish kings from the 11th to the 17th centuries, Krakow is now a hub of culture, history, and food.
  • Budapest (4 days)- Take a boat trip along the Danube or catch a funicular up to the castle for spectacular views of the Parliament Building — Budapest is incredible from every angle.

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Fairytale villages are common place in Eastern Europe
Fairytale villages are common place in Eastern Europe

Europe in 3 weeks on a budget

Sticking to a budget in Europe can be challenging, but it’s definitely possible — even if you choose to visit popular destinations like London and Amsterdam. Check out these itineraries below for budget-friendly adventures that span some of the continent’s most famous sights and cities.


  • Paris (4 days)- Home to Coco Chanel, the Eiffel Tower, and the Mona Lisa, Paris more than deserves its reputation as the European capital for all things culture, fashion, and food.
  • Florence (4 days) - In Florence, you’re never far away from extraordinary architectural masterpieces, world-renowned art, or exquisite food and wine.
  • Vatican City (4 days) - The seat of the Catholic Church, a tour of Vatican City’s revered artworks, churches, and museums is a must.
  • Venice (4 days)- Enchanting, romantic, and utterly irresistible, you’ll learn exactly why so many people fall in love with Venice as soon as you arrive.
  • Amsterdam (4 days) - Do as the locals do in Amsterdam and explore the city’s iconic canals, bridges, and parks by bike. 

Discover the full itinerary here: Best of Europe

  • Paris (4 days) - With its legendary skyline, world-class museums, and glorious food, there’s a reason this elegant city sits at the top of so many travellers’ bucket lists. 
  • Florence (4 days) - No matter what you choose to do here — whether it’s a stroll along the Arno River, indulge in freshly-made gelato, or feast on traditional Tuscan cuisine — you’ll get a taste of la dolce vita in Florence.
  • Venice (4 days) - Once you’ve seen the Grand Canal, St Mark’s Square, and Accademia Bridge don’t be afraid to get lost amongst Venice’s winding alleys and side streets.
  • Austrian Alps (3 days) - Whether you’re travelling by train, coach, or car, get ready to see some of the most amazing scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on in the Austrian Alps.
  • Amsterdam (4 days) - A picturesque canal network, fascinating history, and a vibrant cultural scene make Amsterdam one of the most unique destinations in the world.

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Get closer to nature in Europe
Get closer to nature in Europe

Europe in 3 weeks for families

Travelling with the kids in tow? Europe is a fantastic family-friendly destination, and the itineraries below will take you to a range of incredible countries the whole crew will love — from France to Italy and Switzerland. 


  • Lucerne (3 days) - Get your bearings in Lucerne’s Old Town, where you’ll find must-see attractions like Chapel Bridge and St. Peter’s Chapel.
  • Rome (4 days) - From Lucerne, you can admire splendid scenery as you drive through the rolling Tuscan countryside before arriving in Rome, Italy’s enthralling capital.
  • Florence (4 days) - Packed full of amazing architecture and revered art museums, this is a great place to dive into Italian history and culture. 
  • Pisa (3 days) - Beyond its famous Leaning Tower, you’ll find a range of beautiful monuments and cathedrals to explore in Pisa.
  • Versailles (4 days) - Set aside a full day to explore the magnificent Palace of Versailles, a stunning 17th-century estate that spans over 800 hectares.

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  • Engelberg (2 days) - Retreat to the mountain town of Engelberg before continuing your journey through Switzerland's gorgeous countryside to Lucerne. 
  • Lucerne (3 days) - Spend a day exploring Lucerne and pay tribute to the Swiss Guards who lost their lives during the French Revolution at the city’s famous Lion Monument. 
  • Venice (4 days) - In Italy’s most romantic city, you can take a cruise around the lagoon, go shopping in the Le Mercerie area, or simply admire the city's stunning Renaissance architecture.
  • Rome (4 days) - Cross the Tiber into Ancient Rome to see one of the most iconic landmarks on the planet: the mighty Colosseum, where brave gladiators once fought to the applause of exhilarated spectators. 
  • Pompeii (4 days) - Relive the hauntingly powerful history of Pompeii, one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world.

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Taking your family on holiday to Europe is guaranteed to be unforgettable
Taking your family on holiday to Europe is guaranteed to be unforgettable

Backpacking itineraries for 3 weeks in Europe

Covering must-see capital cities and legendary landmarks, you’ll tick off some major bucket list items on a backpacking adventure around Europe. From Amsterdam to Berlin, Switzerland to Italy, start planning your dream holiday across the continent with these travel itineraries below.


  • Amsterdam (4 days) - Instantly recognisable and incredibly picturesque, Amsterdam is sure to win your heart with its wide canals, unique and obscure museums, and a vibrant café culture that’s unlike anywhere else on the planet.
  • Berlin (4 days) - Immerse yourself in history and explore the city’s notorious party scene by night — there’s something for everyone in this urban playground.
  • Dresden (3 days) - Dresden makes for a great spot to explore after Berlin; this city was destroyed during World War II, but the rebuilt town now stands a symbol of resilience.
  • Munich (3 days) - Munich is a fantastic destination to visit any time of the year — especially when the city welcomes thousands of revellers during Oktoberfest. 
  • Venice (4 days) - Hit the canals, explore the historical heart of the city, or sit back and while away the hours from a cafe in St Mark’s Square — no matter what you do here, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with Venice.

Discover the full itinerary here: European Whirl

  • Paris (4 days) - Explore the city’s delectable culinary scene, spot famous paintings at the Louvre, and admire the view of the Eiffel tower from various angles across the city — Paris has something for travellers of all sorts.
  • Swiss Alps (3 days) - When you travel through the Swiss Alps, get ready to witness breathtaking valleys and peaks in every direction.
  • Prague (4 days) - There’s so much to see and do in Prague: snap a selfie at Prague's own Eiffel Tower, visit the Museum of Miniatures, and eat roast pork from one of the street vendors lining Old Town Square.
  • Venice (4 days) - The easiest way to discover the best of Venice is to get wonderfully lost amongst its canals and narrow, winding backstreets.
  • Berlin (4 days) - Head to the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag building before knuckling down with some pork at one of the city’s many beer gardens.

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Some of the best hiking locations are hidden in Europe
Some of the best hiking locations are hidden in Europe

Central Europe itinerary 3 weeks

From Vienna to Venice, Krakow and Budapest, Central Europe is jam-packed with diverse cities, fairytale architecture, and riveting historical sites. Even better? Many destinations in this region are incredibly affordable, making the perfect area to explore if you’re on a budget.


  • Budapest (3 days) - This city has enough baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau architecture to keep you entertained and engaged for hours. 
  • Vienna (4 days) - Vienna is famous for three things: musicians, grand coffee houses and, of course, apple strudel. 
  • Krakow (3 days) - Some of Krakow’s top highlights include Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Basilica, and the gorgeous, rainbow-hued Old Town.
  • Prague (4 days) - Head to Staromestske Square, which dates back to the 12th century and is surrounded by historic buildings, beautiful churches, and the Astronomical Clock on the Old Town Hall tower. 
  • Copenhagen (3 days) - Discover for yourself why this city keeps popping up among the top five most liveable cities in the world.

Discover the full itinerary here: East Meets West

  • Berlin (4 days)- A few Berlin’s unmissable sights include Brandenburg Gate, Berliner Dom, and, of course, the iconic Berlin Wall. 
  • Prague (3 days)- There’s plenty to see and do in Prague, but the city’s spectacular Old Town Square is one attraction you simply cannot miss. 
  • Vienna (4 days)- Once you’ve explored the city’s coffee house and ornate architecture, check what Vienna State Opera House has on offer and immerse yourself in the city’s immense musical pedigree.
  • Budapest (3 days) - Known as the 'Pearl of the Danube', Budapest's grand architecture and boulevards evoke a bygone era. 
  • Venice (4 days) - Once you step foot in Venice, you’ll discover exactly why it’s one of the most highly sought-after cities on the continent. 

Discover the full itinerary here: Berlin to Venice.

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Be sure to explore Prague's historical alleys on foot
Be sure to explore Prague's historical alleys on foot

Travel itineraries for 3 weeks in Northern Europe

If you’re heading on an adventure around Europe, the continent’s northernmost region should be at the top of your list; this is where you’ll find jaw-dropping scenery, vast expanses of remote wilderness, charming cities, and an endless amount of epic adventures to be had.


  • Akureyri (1 day) - Sitting at the base of Eyjafjörður Fjord, this small city acts as the gateway to the immense beauty of Iceland’s northern region.
  • Lake Myvatn (1 day) - Lake Mývatn is primarily known for two things: its geological wonders and an abundance of active bird life during summer.
  • Dimuborgir (1 day) - Dimmuborgir, or the Black Fortress, is an ethereal area peppered with otherworldly land formations, ranging from lava pillars to rugged crags and towering rocks. 
  • Skogar (1 day) - This tiny village is home to one of Iceland’s most impressive attractions: Skógafoss, a 60-metre high waterfall and one of the most famous landmarks in the country.

Discover the full itinerary here: Guided Iceland Circle

  • Copenhagen (3 days) - Denmark’s vibrant capital charms with its royal palaces, pristine waterways, and colourful harbourfront area. 
  • Oslo (3 days) - Surrounded by the sea and boasting loads of parks and green spaces, this city is perfectly suited to those who love nature and the outdoors. 
  • Stockholm (3 days) - Set on a series of islands, you can explore all of Stockholm’s main sights — from Galma Stan to Skansen — by footbridge, ferry, or metro.
  • Tallinn (3 days)- Medieval yet modern, this alluring city is brimming with wonderful attractions, from ancient churches to quirky museums and contemporary cafes.
  • Riga (2 days)- With a skyline that blends gothic spires, art nouveau architecture, and ornate facades, this beautiful city is a fantastic introduction to the Baltic region. 

Discover the full itinerary here: Ultimate Scandi Baltic

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Scandinavia is full of natural wonders that will leave you in awe
Scandinavia is full of natural wonders that will leave you in awe
Experience the beauty and historical significance of Florence on tour
Experience the beauty and historical significance of Florence on tour

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