My Next Trip

I am currently researching for destinations in Asia next year with a preference for "adventure" holiday's. I have already travelled through Indonesia, Malaysia & Borneo and am now interested in Japan, Thailand Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Nepal. I will be booking at least 2 tours and after finishing the first one I will jump on a plane, travel to another country for the next one. I am looking at tours & treks that are at least 12 days long each & I plan to be travelling through as many countries as possible. The type of things that I am looking at in Nepal include trekking to places like the Base Camp on Mt Everest & through the Annapurna Region although I am also looking at what volunteer / community tours are available. I am looking at the tours that will travel through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam and which ones are the most varied when it comes to destinations and highlights. I would welcome any Ideas and reviews for my trip.

By John
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