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This is the United States, an immense land that boasts diversity in its people, its wildlife and its landscapes. Make your way from the glistening beaches and wind-battered coasts to cities that eventually give way to wide open spaces where mountains, impressive monoliths, endless plains, beautiful lakes and charming towns await. A coast to coast exploration is absolutely necessary.

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to August

    The busiest months for the US are the summer months (June to August) as well as the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) when children are off from school. Local traffic mixes with tourist traffic and descends upon the country’s top destinations in massive numbers. However, due to its size, the best season to visit really depends on the region you’re visiting. Some parts are incredibly humid in the summer and best avoided. Others, like Wyoming and the Pacific Northwest, are beautiful in the summertime or there are places like California that are incredible year round.

  2. Low Season

    January to March

    The low seasons are also dictated by each region or area. However, it can be said that factors that make the low season more appealing to the discerning set include lower rates, fewer crowds, still pleasant weather and are typically more accessible when children in the US are back in school. Generally, mid-January through March is great if you like cooler weather, May is best for spring blooms, and September is perfect for summer. But again, each region boasts its own low season so meticulous research is highly recommended especially if you’re touring the whole country.

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