Norway Travel Guide

In Norway, over 1,000 grand fjords grace the western coast. Idyllic towns out of a fairytale set against impressive valleys pepper the eastern side. And in the Arctic Circle, the epic northern lights illuminate the night sky for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As one of the most beautiful countries on earth, Norway most certainly deserves your time and attention.

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to August

    The months of June, July and August see Norway at its busiest. Summertime is the country’s warmest and most comfortable, the days are much longer and public transportation is more frequent, drawing in throngs of people from all over the world. The downside is most tourist attractions are overcrowded and everything is more expensive. Come from September to October when it’s less busy, the weather is cooler, the prices are cheaper and the Northern Lights start their stunning display. Keep in mind that business hours are shorter and public transportation runs less often.

  2. Low Season

    November to February

    Skip November as it can be cold and dreary. December, January and February are too, but if you’re looking for magical flurries and opportunities for cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and dog-sledding, they’re the best months to indulge. Be warned: the days are very short and the nights are excruciatingly long. March is just a little warmer and offers excellent chances for Northern Lights viewing. Come from April through early June when spring is in full swing, the landscape is bedecked with wildflowers, rates are low and festivals are aplenty (especially in May).

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