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Is Myanmar’s appeal in its temple-laden skyline, glittering against the late afternoon sky from a lofty vantage point? Or is it the busy streets where smiling locals go about their daily duties? Though the country only recently opened its gates to tourism, it’s no question that it’s always been destined for surreal, elevating explorations. This is beguiling Burma, and it’s waiting for you.

The Highlights

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    November to February

    Myanmar is at its busiest during the winter season, which is essentially the country’s driest season. This starts around November and lasts through February when the temperatures in the daytime are bearable and the nighttime temperatures are pleasant. The great thing about Myanmar is that everything is low cost so even in the high season, budget travel is possible. Plus, November is that start of the hot air balloon festivals as well as pagoda festivals so your list of options for covetable experiences is longer. That is if you can bear the heavy foot traffic. If you’d prefer to avoid that, consider the rainy season.

  2. Low Season

    March to May

    March and April might be the worst months to visit Myanmar as the temperatures rise to well above 40°C. However, if you can forgive the heat, mid-April might be fun as you can take part in the annual water fight to celebrate the Buddhist New Year. To really avoid the crowds, come in May when the wet season is only just starting. In fact, if you’re looking to mainly visit Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay, May through August might just be ideal for you as the crowds are thinner and these three dry regions are more bearable. Even consider September or October when it’s cooler, less wet and the leg-rowers at Lake Inle hold their boat festival.

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