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For the adventurers, thrill-seekers and waterfall chasers, Iceland is a breathtaking departure from your normal life. Around every magnificent corner, awaits a new discovery that will captivate even the most seasoned travellers. So whether it's your first visit or your fifteenth, make sure you cross these highlights off your bucket list during your Icelandic adventure.

The Highlights

The Basics

When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to August

    The warmer months in Iceland welcome visitors with the appeal of the magnificent midnight sun and extended hours of sunlight, however, this is when Iceland experiences a sharp influx of visitors – especially in Reykjavik and the south of the country. It is recommended that visitors pre-book all activities and accommodation in advance. Highland roads will re-open, and visitors can enjoy less extreme weather conditions for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Temperatures will average between 18-20°C and in some parts of Iceland will drop to a low of 7°C.

  2. Low Season

    October to April

    Low season in Iceland (over the months of October to April) is characterized by a significant drop in temperature, and some roads will be closed. This means parts of Iceland are not accessible and outdoor activities may be limited. Visitors will need to be aware of reduced daylight hours over the winter months, however, the possibility of viewing the northern lights is much greater. Over the low season, visitors will benefit from lower flight or hotel prices and will enjoy fewer crowds at the main sights or attractions such as the Blue Lagoon.

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