Finland Travel Guide

Tucked away in northern Europe, you will find a land filled with verdant forests, reindeer and bears, picturesque lakeside cabins and stunning natural beauty. Of course, we’re talking about Finland. Home to celebrated landscapes and vibrant cities, the Baltic Sea and highlights like Archipelago National Park, it’s time to create everlasting memories. 

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to August

    During the summer months of June through August is when Finland is at its busiest. This is also when the country truly sparkles and offers long, sunshine-filled days with surprisingly warm temperatures for a country located so far north in Europe. Visitors should keep in mind that August is when locals are most likely to take their vacation and it is worth noting that accommodation and transport arrangements should be booked well in advance. 

  2. Low Season

    October to March

    Across the months of October through March is when the days are dark and cold, however, this is also when winter-based activities and sports are in full swing and aurora-spotting chances are at their highest. Technically these months might be seen to be the ‘low season’ however do not be deterred by a drop in temperature as there are plenty of attractions and experiences to fulfil the interests of all travellers. 

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