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As one of the few countries on Earth where the two hemispheres meet, Ecuador is a country of curiosities. It’s home to Chimborazo which boasts a summit that is the farthest point you can get from Earth's inner core. Then, there’s Quito, the highest capital in the world and the infamous islands that inspired the Theory of Evolution. Safe to say, there's plenty waiting to astound you in Ecuador.

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    June to September

    Ecuador’s peak season is mostly dictated by the vacation months of tourists, rather than its weather. This is why the country’s busiest months are from June to September when US and European travellers are on their summer vacation, as well as from late December to early January. Prices soar during this time, and the chance of securing hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins last minute is slim. While June to September is the driest months, the weather is often cold, the sky is overcast and the sea, especially in the Galapagos is rough.

  2. Low Season

    January to May

    Ecuador’s rainy season, funny enough, is its warmest and clearest, despite the afternoon showers. It’s also the best time to travel if you’d like to avoid the crowds – though it never really feels crowded even in the high season and you can experience calmer conditions in the Galapagos and score great deals on hotel rooms and tours. Great discounts may be had from February through April as long as you can tolerate the humidity as well as heavy rain in the Oriente region. If you’re planning on trekking the mountains, be warned that the days are wetter and the nights are cooler. Pack warm layers and waterproof clothing. 

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