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Brazil is nothing short of incredible, and we challenge you to name a more vibrant or colourful country in the world. Here, the world’s greatest celebration – Carnival – is celebrated just a stone's throw away from the mighty Amazon with beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed along the way. There are also the spirited locals who are proud to share their culture with you. Need we say more? 

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    December to March

    Through the months of December to March, this is when the temperatures are their hottest with an average of 33°C in Rio De Janeiro and shares a similar seasonal climate as the southern hemisphere (the opposite to the northern hemisphere winter). As you might expect, prices will be much higher and accommodation is likely to be booked well in advance, so best to be as prepared as possible. While the beaches will also be crowded along with other popular points of interest, this is also when Carnival celebrations will be happening and festivities will be in full swing. You can also expect a party over New Year’s Eve. 

  2. Low Season

    May to September

    Trying to plan for the best time to visit Brazil depends entirely where you want to go, and what you want to see. But, if you happen to find yourself travelling during May to September, you’ll be happy to hear this is deemed as the low season and is when prices for accommodation and transport prices drop across the country. Winter in Brazil lasts from May to September, yet it is unlikely that it will drop below freezing and the temperatures will be mild in the south. This is an ideal time to visit the Amazon and also a great time to go hiking thanks to the cooler temperatures. 

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