Argentina Travel Guide

Argentina shares similarities to an open-air museum where every turn uncovers a new sight to behold, or a dose of history that calls for a closer look. Most importantly, it displays a well-preserved sense of identity and rich cultural traditions. From colossal glaciers to colourful cities and vibrant restaurants, there are many reasons why you should start thinking about Argentina.

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When to Visit

when to visit
  1. Peak Season

    November to February

    During the peak season, Argentina comes alive and will see a large influx of visitors across the country from late December and into January. January is known as the height of summer in Argentina and the weather will be warm with average highs of 25°C in some parts. For visitors planning to explore the many beaches in Argentina, this is the best time enjoy warm water and ideal swimming conditions, however, it is worth noting that the coastline will be busy. Join the locals in celebrating the Carnaval in February. It is recommended that visitors pre-book all activities and accommodation in advance.

  2. Low Season

    May to August

    The temperature will be much cooler over this time, and for skiers and snowboarders, this is one of the best times to explore Argentina and make the most of a range of winter activities. It is worth noting that some hiking trails may be closed due to heavy snow in some parts. Over the winter months, due to the drop in climate, including lows of 4°C in some parts, visitors will enjoy smaller crowds and more affordable prices however many businesses in Argentina along the coastal towns will close or operate with reduced hours.

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