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Solar Eclipse Tours

Since the dawn of time, we have looked to the skies in search of answers and awe. For mere mortals that have no way to travel lightyears, solar eclipses are one way to experience our mysterious galaxy from afar. On rare occasions where the sun, moon, and earth align – they engulf one another and leave a gold ring in the sky. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion on a solar eclipse tour.

How to find the perfect solar eclipse tour on TourRadar

The nature of a solar eclipse is such that when they do occur, they are only visible from certain parts of the world. And for that reason, they are a cause for much celebration. In 2022, there will be two opportunities to behold this spectacle for yourself, so we're here to help you find and book a solar eclipse trip based on your unique preferences.

  • When does the next solar eclipse occur?

    The next solar eclipses will take place on April 30th 2022, and will be visible in the sky over parts of South America and Antarctica and on October 25th which will be visible in Europe and to some extent in Asia and Africa.
  • What is the best place to see the solar eclipses of 2022?

    The best destinations to see the solar eclipses of 2022 will be Antarctica and Europe. Take a look at our Polar tours and Europe tours.
  • How can I save money?

    To experience this phenomenon and save money, become a TourRadar member (it's quick, easy and free) and be the first to book when prices drop. 
  • How can I get a premium solar eclipse experience?

    If you want to experience the solar eclipse and get the best views, book one of the dedicated and specialised tours highlighted on this page. 
  • What makes a solar eclipse tour special?

    Solar eclipse tours are conducted by experienced operators who know exactly how to get into the perfect position at the precise time of the predicted eclipse.  
  • What equipment do I need for a solar eclipse tour?

    You will need to make sure you have protective glasses to view a solar eclipse. You should also bring some cool and warm layers, as you'll be outside for several hours in a remote destination where it could be a little cold. 

Tours We Recommend for 2022

Browse through some of our best tours to Antarctica and the Arctic in 2022 and get yourself in a prime location for this year's solar eclipse. 

Most Remote Places to See in 2022

On your quest to catch sight of the solar eclipse, consider visiting one of the following destinations. They are as peacefully remote as they are spellbinding and offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences aplenty. Choose the destination that speaks to you from our list below. 

Compare Solar Eclipse Tour Companies

We've handpicked two travel companies that offer solar eclipse tours. Exodus is a prominent operator with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.