Highlights of Britain Experience

Highlights of Britain Experience - Let's Travel Services
Highlights of Britain Experience - Let's Travel Services
ILIE "My 5 days trip was amazing thanks to Lets Travel. I had the chance to visit new places and find some interesting facts about them. The hotels where I stayed were very clean and modern and the coach was absolutely comfortable. Also, the tour leader was very kind and it was perfect because he explained us some things when we were at different tourists spots. All in all, I am very happy that I chose..."
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  • Tales of playwright Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Ancient city wall walks in York
  • Celebrate icons of music in Liverpool
  • See prehistoric Stonehenge
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18 to 65 year olds
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Coach / Bus
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In-depth Cultural, Coach / Bus
Start and end in London! With the in-depth cultural tour Highlights of Britain Experience, you have a 5 day tour package taking you through London, England and 10 other destinations in Europe. Highlights of Britain Experience includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals and more.

13 Reviews

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  • AF
    Written on September 9, 2018
    4.0 - Good

    The tour was great! I will recommend it. Our tour guide sky was very helpful.
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  • PE
    Written on August 27, 2018
    4.0 - Good

    The tour was good - I was disappointed with some of the 'wasted' time that was spent driving and not arriving to destinations on time to find them open and available for viewing. I feel that Wednesday during our tour was a completely wasted day and in future I would look into how to avoid this for future travelers. We did not have a guided tour as described in the outline but rather was just dropped off and told to go out on our own and be back to the meeting point by a certain time. I have been on guided tours with other companies in the past and this is definitely NOT a guided tour. You should remove Wales as a destination as we literally went there and slept and woke up and basically left - that was our visit to Wales. There are other destinations on the itinerary but as mentioned previously some of them we arrived too late to benefit from them and also as mention we were left to our own to try and find things. Overall, it was a good trip but I do not feel that I would use the services in the future as I feel there are better companies out there that do provide a better service for the price.
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  • Highlights of Britain Experience reviewer 3
    Written on August 24, 2018
    3.0 - Average

    If I could rate this tour less than one star, I would. First, the address given to me was incorrect and I never got any email or phone call with the correct address. So i showed up at the main office and they had to call the driver to come and pick me up. Then every single day of the tour was just us being dropped off for a few hours in super touristy shopping areas. Shopping. That's what this whole trip was. No castles, no museums, nothing really historical or interesting, no sightseeing. Just shopping. Just dropped us off every day with no guidance on what to do or what to look for. The only time we actually saw something worth seeing was in York and it was only for an hour and a half. It was supposed to be a walking guided tour but the only time the guide was with us was when we were driving. Can't believe I spent almost 1k to be so horribly disappointed. I will never book with 'Let's Travel' tour company ever again.
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  • JI
    Written on May 19, 2018
    1.5 - Rather poor

    I am so disappointed with this tour and definitely won’t book it again. Here are the complaints we got along the journey - The car is too old and way too small. Not cozy at all instead I have all aches whole over my body because the space was too small - The hotels are okay but several of them have no lift, so we have to bring the heavy luggage upstairs - The driver, which is our tour guide in the same time, is the worst main thing of this whole trip. He’s actually a kind and caring person, yet he’s really too much inexperienced. First, we got lost in out way several times. Second, he’s really not on time. Third, he’s basically only a driver who didn’t guide us at all whereas we had no idea what to do and expected more. Please teach him to guide and use google maps properly - The costumer service who informed me before the tour started was not that responsive - Itenary was fine, however as I experienced other tours, all the tickets was already bought through this tour so we didn’t have to waste time to buy tickets. There are many other tours with much better performance. I already experienced this kind of tour, one of which in UK too, but I never experienced tour that is really this bad. I would suggest anyone else to not ever book this tour. I expected to have relaxed journey but it turns out that it’s the opposite, we had issues in most days. We missed everything and got frustrated that we should have gotten because of the driver. Few of the hotels are trouble too. The price I paid for this tour worths utter zero compared to the convenience we had. One out of five star is the proper score to be given
    Let's Travel Services commented on this review
    Dear Junita, Thanks for your comments. Regarding to the car, it was a 5 years old 9 seater Mecedez Benz Vito and also all the hotels are properly UK standards 3* hotel. For tour guide, i will check with him to see what has happed and we do apologise for your experience.
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  • NV
    Written on October 9, 2017
    4.0 - Good

    Tour guide and the driver are nice, they really helpful and kind. Love the whole journey.
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  • CS
    Written on August 31, 2017
    2.0 - Rather poor

    The trip was not what I expected in the slightest, and not in a good way. First of all: The guide was possessed of very limited knowledge, all of which she imparted whenever she felt like it, at random times, and in no particular order or with any particular organization. My favorite part was when she was telling me (an American) that the architect behind St. Paul's Cathedral (dead in 1723) also designed Washington D.C. (commissioned as a city in 1790), and again when she pointed at a passing corn field with the hilarious anecdote "The wheat fields we are passing have inspired songs." I very quickly lost confidence in anything she told us, because she was clearly willing to make up what she didn't know. What she did tell us that was remotely accurate was clearly read off the internet, as she was telling us. Which I could have done by using my phone. Why did I need to pay for her to do that? Furthermore, she was incredibly patronizing to us, and oftentimes insulting, as when she would talk loudly to the driver within easy earshot of a minimum of 4 of us. The best part of that is the subject matter they would often talk about: past tour groups. They were frankly nasty about some of them, so how is that to make us feel about how she'll speak about us in a few weeks? But the absolute best part was when it was the second to last day and she wanted to hand out the tip envelopes (of which we only got one, so that we had no choice about whether we gave more to the driver and more to her). She first stood up and quite nastily and loudly berated us about the necessity of tipping her, though I clearly remember the tour materials saying that it was not mandatory. Now, as I said earlier I am American, and tipping is in our culture. I also understand that this is not the case in many cultures, and there were many nationalities present on the tour. However, her tone and the demanding nature of her lecture was simply unacceptable. If the driver wasn't excellent (which he was, no denying it), I wouldn't have given anything at all. Second: Added on top of the issues with the guide, the person making the itinerary and calculating the travel times must be an idiot. Contrary to what the schedule promised, we had a maximum of 2 hours EACH in each location, and often spent twice as much time total on the road as we did in the tour locations combined each day. Frankly, the whole advertisement was incredibly misleading. For example, the itinerary claims that we would have from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM in York, for a total of 3.5 hours. We had MAYBE 2, most likely only 1.5. And this is pretty indicative of the entire 5 days. We were promised by the itinerary that we would have from 11:30 AM to 4:30 PM in Edinburgh, for a total of 5 hours. We fought with the tour guide and the driver to give us until 3:00 PM, and we didn't even get there until after 11:30. And we were promised 6 walking tours, and one city sightseeing tour. We might have gotten what the guide considered to be a walking tour...twice (Stratford on Avon and Bath, where she speed walked pointing down different streets) and I have no clue what part of our time in Edinburgh was supposed to be a city sightseeing tour, maybe it was in the 1.5 lost hours we had? Third: The simply poor planning of the trip can be shown simply by looking at one item on the itinerary: The fact that the trip from Chester to Cardiff was scheduled to last from 1:45 PM to 2:00 PM...a mere 15 minutes. Meanwhile, now that I know better, a very basic Google maps search tells me that the trip from Chester to Cardiff takes a minimum of 3 hours and 15 minutes. I guess the lost 3 hours might explain the lack of a walking tour in Cardiff *shrug*. In summation, the people on the tour with me were superb and fun people, the locations themselves that were chosen were excellent, the driver was excellent, and the hotels chosen were top notch, but it was simply too much crammed into too little time with obviously very poor or absolutely no planning at all. Maybe I should have spotted these scheduling problems before buying, but I think that as someone who has never been to the country before, I think that I can be excused for relying on the representations of the company who purports to be an expert in the field and is promising to give me a good experience. I also can understand that some of the discrepancies are due to traffic and road conditions, but this can by no means account for all of the lost time we were promised. All in all, I will absolutely not be recommending this company or this tour to anyone, TourRadar should certainly not recommend the tour to anyone, and the reviews that showed online were misleading and not indicative of my experience. If I thought that it would get me anywhere, I would seek a partial refund of my payment. I feel cheated and exploited.
    Let's Travel Services commented on this review
    Dear Christina, Thanks for your view. We will do a deep investigation for what you have mentioned to improve our tour better for the future. Regards. Lets Travel Services Customer Service Team
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  • DW
    Written on August 21, 2017
    4.0 - Good

    Good. But need more time to look at sights. Hotels where great. Bus driver was wondrefull and keep us moving the group was a great mix of people tour guide did a good job of keeping us moving .. Glad I did the tour would like more information when passing towns and the country.. Price list for sites would be helpful so we can plan what we want to see..
    Let's Travel Services commented on this review
    Dianne, Thanks for your kind review. We're delighted you enjoyed your trip with Lets Travel. We look forward to seeing you again on a Lets Travel tour in the near future.
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    Highlights of Britain Experience customer review photo 1
  • IG
    Written on June 20, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    My 5 days trip was amazing thanks to Lets Travel. I had the chance to visit new places and find some interesting facts about them. The hotels where I stayed were very clean and modern and the coach was absolutely comfortable. Also, the tour leader was very kind and it was perfect because he explained us some things when we were at different tourists spots. All in all, I am very happy that I chose Lets Travel for planning my holiday and I am sure that I will contact them for the next holidays!
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  • AB
    Written on June 20, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    That experience was awesome! I didn't thought that I will enjoy a 5 days trip so much. The hotel was good and for that price I will go again and again and again. I will always use Let's Travel UK & Irland for my next journey. Thank you so much, guys!
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  • N
    Written on June 1, 2017
    4.5 - Excellent

    I was very pleased with my tour arranged by Lets Travel. I spent a week in the UK and feel like I saw all I needed to. I was very satisfied with the trip and would like to thank Lets Travel for making the experience a special one to remember.
    Let's Travel Services commented on this review
    Thank you Nina for your kind review. We're delighted you enjoyed your trip with Lets Travel. We look forward to seeing you again on a Lets Travel tour in the near future.
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  1. Introduction
  1. Day 1: Stratford-Upon-Avon - York - Darlington
  2. Day 2: Edinburgh - Glasgow
  3. Day 3: Windermere and Lake District - Liverpool
  4. Day 4: Liverpool - Cardiff
  5. Day 5: Bath - Stonehenge

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  • Edith, 72 years old29th September 2018
    Communication has been excellent. All queries have been answered promptly. Further information about the proposed tour has been readily available. I feel confident booking through TourRadar.



Highlights of Britain Experience


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Start and end in London.
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Covering a total distance of approx 1,389 km.
  • London (England)
  • 133 km
  • Stratford-upon-Avon (England)
  • 201 km
  • York (England)
  • 70 km
  • Darlington (England)
  • 189 km
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • 67 km
  • Glasgow (Scotland)
  • 170 km
  • Lake District National Park (England)
  • 120 km
  • Liverpool (England)
  • 215 km
  • Cardiff (Wales)
  • 58 km
  • Bath (England)
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