Wanderlands Australia

Wanderlands Australia - Wanderlands Travel
Wanderlands Australia - Wanderlands Travel
Adam "To start off met Liam our tour guide at the airport, who was very friendly. Once in the hostel, which was very clean and the staff were fantastic and helpful, Liam gave us some pointers on what to do and which busses to get to the beach, which was really helpful as we were keen on getting exploring around. The itinerary was great and really well suited to what I needed from this tour which is an i..."
56 reviews
+4 Destinations
Australia East Coast


  • Embark on a dolphin-watching cruise
  • Learn to surf in Sydney
  • Visit the famous Bondi Beach
  • Trek to the impressive Blue Mountains
Age range
18 to 35 year olds
Max Group Size
Travel style
Discovery, Adventure
Start and end in Sydney! With the discovery tour Wanderlands Australia, you have a 8 day tour package taking you through Sydney, Australia and 4 other destinations in Australia. Wanderlands Australia includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, meals, transport.

56 Reviews

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  • HS
    Written on October 16, 2018
    5.0 - Excellent

    It was a good tour, Bali is such a beautiful country with so much history and culture and fun activities. I had a good time here.
    Wanderlands Travel commented on this review
    Hi Huda. Awesome to hear!! Hope to see you again soon in Fiji and Philippines! :)
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  • C
    Written on October 16, 2018
    5.0 - Excellent

    It was a great tour, with many interesting sights. All in one, it was very organized, a great good leader and a great group. I met a lot of Bali. For me, it was an fantastic trip. I have experienced a lot. Live, love travel it was great, I will coming back
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    Wanderlands Australia customer review photo 1
  • JB
    Written on March 14, 2018
    2.0 - Rather poor

    Just don't do it! #falseadvertisement #notnike #koalasextra
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  • L
    Written on March 14, 2018
    1.5 - Rather poor

    WANDERLANDS AUSTRALIA AKA WALKING TOUR!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly don't know where to start and apologise in advance as this could get extensive! Unfortunately my list of positives are smaller than the negatives. There were highlights on the tour like Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Bondi Beach..the typical tourist stuff you would do in Sydney. These things do not cost anything! I would strongly advise making your own arrangements and creating an itinerary as you'll do a better job & save a lot of money! It all started after I received short notice that there was just 1 other girl; Jess that would be on the tour alongside Liam (the tour rep). But this was not the issue as both of us were very keen to still go, after having made the necessary arrangements (flights, transfers, visa etc), despite the hidden hints that the operator wanted to cancel the tour. It also appeared online that they had no availability, why not try to get more people on tour from a business perspective?! From then on, we got settled and it seemed that everything was going well but this was not the case... The problems that occurred are: - WANDERLANDS AUSTRALIA = A WALKING TOUR!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY INJURIES/BACK PROBLEMS/ACHES/PAINS/ISSUES IT'S NOT IDEAL AT ALL. I have a torn ACL on my knee, Jess never had back problems but now she does. NONE OF THIS KEY INFORMATION WAS TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION ON TOUR. THERE WAS NO FLEXIBILITY ON TOUR THAT WE TOOK MATTERS INTO OUR OWN HANDS AS WE WAS NOT GOING TO LET THIS RUIN OUR TRIP!!!!!!!!! - We received 1 meal (the BBQ), but nothing else was offered which is wrong when you look at the itinerary - Under "Highlights of our trip" on the operators website for Australia, a woman is holding a f****** Koala Bear! At no point on this trip was there an option for this to be done, apparently to do this you have to go to Queensland or another area far from Sydney. This is false advertisement as it states "highlights of our trip" not highlights of a travellers trip! - Looks like surfing is done at Bondi Beach (by the pics), but this was not the case. We had to wait until we got to Port Stevens where we went to some tiny beach, where there were no waves or even a company where we got a surf lesson! Yes we knew it would not be the same as there was just 2 of us, however alternatives should have been offered at least, instead we paid for the tour and didn't receive half of it! - I travelled to Port Stevens seperately to the group, as in the end I carried out a sky dive that was the best thing I ever done! It took over 5 hours to get there using Liam's instructions & I still couldn't find the place. I was fuming, as I was lost & the instructions given were not clear. I had little battery on my phone, was being told different things and no one was really helping me, in the end Liam & a girl (forgotten her name) came to pick me up, which I was grateful for despite being stressed. The next day or two, it was mentioned that she had crashed into someone and she actually done it again. WHERE IS THE HEALTH AND SAFETY HERE????!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU PUT US IN A CAR WHERE THE DRIVER IS NOT IN A GOOD POSITION!!!!!!!!!!! TO SAVE MONEY? IT'S A JOKE. - Later that evening, I addressed my concerns to both Liam & Sharon about the itinerary, how it can be improved from a travellers perspective etc. I addressed this with Sharon prior and she happily accepted my comments, however when I addressed this with Liam it was like I was attacking him! Every comment I made he was quick to jump in and explain how he didn't agree. To improve you need to accept the weaknesses, otherwise how else would you? It was constructive feedback and even Jess was surprised and said how I shouldn't have wasted my time (goes in 1 ear, out the other). I just saw the opportunities & wanted to help the organisation as I can see it going far in future! - To put the Blue Mountains Trek (all day walking basically) on the itinerary, leaving at 07:30, the morning after the tour's "big night out" is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, think about these things. - Surfing was the only activity on the itinerary and we never even got to do that! So pointless and it would make more sense to do more activities in Sydney. We had nothing else arranged and it was such a waste of a day, so disappointing!!!!!!!!!! Late afternoon, we saw some places to shop and eat as we were hungry, but was told we needed to leave despite nothing else being arranged, we thought it was strange and really wanted to stay, but we didn't cause a fuss and left. We asked if we would pass the place we were at but was told no. 10 mins later, we past the place in the car. Like where is the customer service here?! It was our trip and was told lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 40 mins later, we arrived to some beach, there were no food places (despite being told we was hungry) and was left there whilst Liam & Sharon (who joined us at some points on tour) went on a hike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE TRAVELLED ALL THAT WAY TO PORT STEVENS TO GET LEFT AT SOME BEACH, WITH NO FOOD & COULDN'T EVEN DO SURFING AS MENTIONED ON THE ITINERARY!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SORRY BUT WHO'S FUCKING TRIP WAS THIS????!!!!!!!! CLEARLY THEY WAS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WASN'T A WEEKEND EITHER!!! I DID NOT PAY FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!! At no point were we asked what we wanted to do (as in myself & Jess) - I noticed there was not much on the itinerary and at least 4 times, I mentioned that I wanted to Sky Dive & find out more. The 1st time I asked, Liam said sure I have a contact we will get that arranged for you. He said I can do it on the day I fly home. DO NOT SAY SOMETHING IF YOU'RE UNSURE!!!!!!!!!! ANYONE THAT SKY DIVES CANNOT FLY WITHIN 24 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A STANDARD FOR ANY COMPANY OPERATING THIS. I kept asking about the Sky Dive, yet nothing was being done (note, there was very little activities planned). So I took things into my own hands and made the arrangements myself. Later that day, Liam says ahhhh you should have booked that with me as you would have saved on commission. I was shocked by his response as I mentioned this SEVERAL TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At no point on tour, was any additional activities/cross selling done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did not care to be honest and it showed throughout. He noticed that I was not happy and did nothing to address it. It wasn't until the last day that he said I had been giving him attitude. Never have I felt stressed on my travels, it defeats the purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was very upset by the lack of service provided & we was asking for recommendations, more activities etc but nothing was done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - There was a lot of sarcastic comments dropped here & there, which I did not appreciate. I'm British & understand when sarcasm is used inappropriately!!!!!!! If you do not like someone on tour, you should be professional about it as you're representing your company at the end of the day and try to keep your opinions at bay. For instance, there was a plate of food on the table & Jess asked Sharon what that is, her reply was food. Like are you fucking kidding me! Who says that?! I don't appreciate people talking down to me, have some respect!!!!! To be honest my list goes on.... If your not happy about something, but the person addresses it correctly and does everything to rectify it, it reduces the issue. However, if your not happy and nothing is done to rectify it, it makes the situation worse. I'm very disappointed by the service provided and the lack of care. I don't usually write reviews but felt the need to for this. I addressed my issues via message with Liam, yet I was ignored. #nofucksgiven clearly!!!!!!! Regards, Layla
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  • AC
    Written on January 6, 2018
    5.0 - Excellent

    To start off met Liam our tour guide at the airport, who was very friendly. Once in the hostel, which was very clean and the staff were fantastic and helpful, Liam gave us some pointers on what to do and which busses to get to the beach, which was really helpful as we were keen on getting exploring around. The itinerary was great and really well suited to what I needed from this tour which is an introduction to people coming to Australia on a working holiday visa. Liam helped me with all my set up needs such as tax number, bank account etc. And even gave me the use of the Wanderlands office at any point to help with job searching, and I still have the use now past the end of my tour, and Liam is still really helpful with all my questions regarding working and travelling around Australia and has even put me onto some employment agencies for work. The best part of the trip was the surf camp by far and I really enjoyed the hostel there and swimming with the dolphins. All in all this was a great trip and was really helpful in setting me up on my onwards journey in Australia. Thanks to Liam and the Wanderlands guys!
    Wanderlands Travel commented on this review
    Hey Adam! Sydney must have been an amazing place to see in the New Year! Glad everything was so well organised for you, and Liam helped you out with everything you needed!
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  • S
    Written on January 4, 2018
    1.5 - Rather poor

    Trip was as to be expected per itinerary and activites listed. However very disappointed. Accommodation was not what any of us on the tour were expecting, hostel was not the nicest. Tour was not adapted to suit people on the tour, nights out were mostly not even discussed with group. When plans changed there are no decent back up plans and no proper communication from guide to discuss with the group about these changes. Resulting in a 6 hour journey back from Port stephens which made it a pointless trip. Yes the activites there were fun, but similar could of been arranged nearer to sydney! Sydney has a lot of history, to which tour guide would of benefited from google’s help during the city guide. Mostly unsure why i had to pay the extra $200 for NYE when the tour guide/ company did nothing special for NYE. The guide was no help in regards to helping to arrange further travel post the trip or even travel for the group during the tour. The list go’s on.... this trip needs to be improved or cancelled!
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  • V
    Written on July 25, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    5 stars! The group and activities were awesome, I would definitely travel with Wanderlands again. It's a great introduction to Sydney!
    Wanderlands Travel commented on this review
    Hi Valerie! Thank you for the 5 stars review :) We hope to see you in another tour with us!
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    Wanderlands Australia customer review photo 1Wanderlands Australia customer review photo 2
  • G
    Written on July 24, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    5 stars! The group and activities were awesome, I would definitely travel with Wanderlands again. It's a great introduction to Sydney!
    Wanderlands Travel commented on this review
    Hi Grace! We're happy you had an awesome tour :) Thank you for recommending us!
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  • G
    Written on July 24, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    Wanderlands Australia is a great way to see Sydney for the first time.
    Wanderlands Travel commented on this review
    Hi Grace! We're happy you had a great time! Thank you for your review :)
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  • M
    Written on July 24, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    James was an awesome group leader and very knowledgeable, didn't even feel like a tour at all! All of the excursions were amazing, we got the full Australian experience!
    Wanderlands Travel commented on this review
    Hi Megan! Happy days in Australia :) Thank you for your review!
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Wanderlands Australia

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    • Is accommodation included on this tour? What should I need to know about it?

      Accommodation is included! It is worth noting though, that it is a dorm accommodation in a hostel with shared facilities that is provided as a part of this tour. In addition to this, some meals are included but breakfast is not included each day.

    • What is the age range of this tour?

      The age range for this tour is 18 - 35 years old

    • Are flights to Australia included in the price?

      Flights to Australia aren't included in the price - this gives you the flexibility to book your own flights and arrive when you want.

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      Website was very straight forward and easy to use, I was able to tick exactly where I wanted to go which I was unable to do with other websites. very reasonably priced trips.



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    Covering a total distance of approx 462 km.
    • Sydney (Australia)
    • 6 km
    • Bondi/Coogee (Australia)
    • 81 km
    • Blue Mountains (Australia)
    • 79 km
    • Manly (Australia)
    • 143 km
    • Port Stephens (Australia)
    • 154 km
    • Sydney (Australia)

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