Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka

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Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka - Timetravels
Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka - Timetravels
William "The tour was amazing - it gave me the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the Finnish wilderness and the indigenousness people (Saami). I had the opportunity to feed reindeer, go on a huski safari, ride a snowmobile in the night and to learn skills if I were to be stuck in the Arctic! My tour leader, Victor, was great - he was full of energy and really made the tour more exciting. He was hig..."
15 reviews
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  • Meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
  • Try ice-fishing at the Lake Fox
  • Go on a night snowmobile safari
  • Feast on Norwegian cuisine
Age range
18 to 30 year olds
Berth / Cabin
Max Group Size
Coach / Bus
Start and end in Helsinki! With the ski, snowboard & snow tour Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka, you have a 7 day tour package taking you through Helsinki, Finland and 4 other destinations in Europe. Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, transport and more.

15 Reviews

Rather Poor
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  • Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka reviewer 1
    Written on January 4, 2018
    4.5 - Excellent

    It is more than I expected. It is the best tour I ever had, and even in future, I don't think so, any tour can outplay it.
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  • Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka reviewer 2
    Written on November 25, 2017
    4.0 - Good

    I was on the 27/12 - 2/1 trip to Vasatokka. Overall very good trip! I've done quite a few tours so I know a good one when I see one. The timing of all the activities were fine and I liked the fact that you can pick and choose which activity you want to do (I chose Reindeer Farm, Husky Safari & Snowmobile Safari - All I loved!). Yes the bus was long but as long as you have an eye mask or ear plugs (and you're not 6 feet tall) you'll be fine. I was in a 8 person cabin which had a kitchen (no oven), dining area, living room and a separate toilet and shower. There is a loft area that had 5 mats to sleep on, a separate bedroom (no door) that had a full bed and a twin bed and in the living room there were 2 pull out couches. Only complaint was that the mini-fridge wasn't big enough for 8 people to store their food. However, the cabinet space was a huge plus! Yes, no wifi in cabins but it really made you bond with your cabin-mates! The only thing that I was a little disappointed about was the fact that there wasn't a planned activity for New Years Eve. Luckily enough I was with great people in my cabin and on the 31st Victor (tour guide) said that we can join the snow shoe group on the lake after 12:30. But for being a New Years Trip, something should've been offered or planned for the whole group :/ I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone I know and my experience exceeds 5 stars but as a New Years tour, I expected something to be planned. One side note, on all of the other tours I've done (>25 people), the tour guide is really apart of the group. Since this tour has 100+ people, we rarely saw Victor and he was there more as someone to tell you where to go and what to do.
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    Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 1Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 2Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 3Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 4Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 5Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 6
  • Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka reviewer 3
    Written on March 26, 2017
    4.5 - Excellent

    Overall, I really enjoyed the trip! It was well-paced and planned out. The long bus ride will be worth it at the end of the trip. Bring the most comfortable stuff you have to sleep overnight. Our tour leader Eugene was very friendly and knowledgeable. The excursions were optional and given generous time to explore the place. The best moment was dipping in the icy Arctic Ocean after sauna and the irresistible fish soup for lunch after! Accommodation was excellent - good hygiene, working showers, decent kitchen utensils. The staffs were also friendly and helpful as well. I included the half board package which I must say surprised me! It was very delicious and generous, thanks to the old lady who cooked the meals.
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    Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 1Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 2Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 3Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 4
  • Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka reviewer 4
    Written on February 14, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    My experience was nothing less than amazing! My flatmate and I went in with open minds and were ready to embrace this tour! It was more than we could have even imagined! Yes, the bus ride was long, of course we didn't sleep that great but at the end of the trip we would do it 100 times over because the experience at every excursion was fun, cultural, well planned out and memorable! From the Sami reindeer farm with the powerful songs sung around a fire, to the snow globe that was the husky safari I couldn't hold back my emotions of joy! Back at Vasatokka the staff was amazingly kind and helpful! The tour guides were fun and informative! We played futbol in the gym and frisbee out in the snow field! I even had a huge blister on my foot (from my error of bad socks) but I couldn't sit on the sidelines just watching the fun! The trip north to Bugøynes was a highlight as well! It was an adrenaline fueled adventure that was soothed by the most delicious fish soup! The trip my flatmate and I experienced can never be explained, it can only be experienced! I would do it again and I look forward to finding another tour with this company in the future! We left a piece of our heart in Finland!
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    Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 1Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 2Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 3Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 4Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 5Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka customer review photo 6
  • EJ
    Written on January 5, 2017
    4.5 - Excellent

    I really enjoyed my trip to Vasatokka! Communication from the guides was good, as was using Facebook to connect with other travellers, however, as someone travelling solo it would have been great if the group had been created maybe a few days earlier to help connect people! I booked all extra activities and almost all of them dramatically exceeded by expectations, especially the trip to Norway, Sami day and husky safari. Also seeing the northern lights was a bonus!
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  • K
    Written on December 30, 2016
    3.0 - Average

    This trip was average, if that. I am an experienced traveller and have done multiple tours with other tour companies. I doubt I will be doing another tour with time travels or through tour radar based on this experience. The itinerary seems clear, but many facts are missing once you begin the trip. First, you are stuck on a 12 hour overnight bus ride TO Lapland, then BACK. That's why there are MANY bus station stops listed on the itinerary. I don't mind one long bus journey, but two is a stretch. The trip advertises many stops visited on the trip. They are just that - stops. There's not much to do in any of the places. The final destination in Lapland, Vasatokka, is okay. It is a "holiday and youth recreation center" as written on the sign. Expect to stay either in a dorm or cottage (no wifi in cottages) on a remote patch of land. The activities offered were fun for the most part. I enjoyed the cross country skiing, snowmobile ride, ice fishing, and snowshoe aurora hunting. These were the major activities completed at the recreation location. However, each was very short and basic for the money paid. The only one that lasted more than 45 minutes was the snowshoe aurora hunting. Arctic skills is not worth your money. You sit in a room and listen while someone reads off a powerpoint presentation about proper clothes to wear. That's about it from that activity. Aurora snowshoe hunting is a new activity they are doing. You complete a scavenger hunt using a GPS device while wearing showshoes. It ends with a campfire and looking at the sky for the Northern lights. It turned out to be a fun night :). As I said, most of the activities are too simple for the money paid. The cross country skiing is MAYBE a 4k loop. The snowmobile "safari" is another small loop done on a frozen lake at night time. Not much to see, and it's not too entertaining just going out and back. MAYBE a 5k loop? Meeting reindeer was okay. This was not an activity at the top of my list as I live near "normal" deer. It was fun going on a sleigh ride with the reindeer, but again, the loop they take you on isn't worth the money. MAYBE a 2k loop? Since the group is too big, while you're waiting your turn, they have you playing silly games off to the side to keep you busy. The husky safari was a really good time. It was neat to meet the dogs and see how to drive a dog sled. Same thing with this "safari" though - the "safari" loop is short and out and back. 5k? There really wasn't much need for a tour guide since you are basically at the recreation center the whole time. The tour guide was nice, but again, I'm used to other tour guides on other tours. This one didn't really compare. It was a really nice experience seeing the Northern lights. I would travel to see them again. Other than that, I'd wait to go to Finland during the summer. Going in the winter was okay, but there's not much daylight. I will give the other group members lots of credit; I was one of the older members of this trip, everyone else mainly being college students who completed study abroad programs in Helsinki. The other members were actually pretty chill on this trip. They didn't complain too much and were excited about all of the activities. Halfboard is something that is not explained well on the tour description. Halfboard = meals. The recreation center will provide meals for you if you pay. I chose this option so I didn't have to cook for myself. I am grateful for the cooks, but the food is very basic. You do have the option to buy food at a grocery store before arriving at the recreation center, and kitchens are available. Everyone has to provide their own lunch, regardless of halfboard. Finally, there was EXTREMELY poor communication before the tour. Upon meeting some of the group members (by chance) before finding the bus, they asked me what bus I was on. Through talking with them, I discovered e-mails had been sent out to group members days before the tour explaining where exactly to meet, the tour leader, his contact info, and the bus number. I didn't receive any of these e-mails. My account on did not allow me to sign up for the additional tours, such as the husky safari, so I emailed and had a customer rep manually sign me up for those items. When our leader, Victor, came around to confirm all our chosen activities, I had not been listed for any. It was a quick fix, but frustrating all the same! In all, it was an okay time but I would NOT recommend this tour for adults beyond the college age that have done (and enjoyed) tours with such companies as gadventures, intrepid, or contiki.
    Timetravels commented on this review
    Hi Karen Thank you for traveling with and thank you for your detailed feedback. It will help us to improve our services. Even though we provide low-cost tours to our destinations we still believe, that it is possible to gain high customer satisfaction rates. The budget of the tour of course sets some limitations. During the winter season just one overnight in hotel, e.g. in Rovaniemi, Tromso, Saariselkä, Levi etc. costs 200-300 €/night. So just about the cost of our entire tour, which includes 4 nights of accommodation, bus transportation and even a tour to the Arctic Ocean (1200 km). Our mission is to provide a Lapland experience for young people - aged 20-35 y.o. and actually - in Vasatokka they have better chances of seeing Northern lights than in ski resort glass igloos, where one overnight costs 800 €. One downside of this package is the bus transportation, which we have tried to do as comfortable as possible by having a warm, safe, winter equipped bus with wifi. For groups like this using plane or train would add the cost by several hundreds of euros - and we must keep the costs down for this customer segment. For sure in future we can offer options to start the tour from Rovaniemi or Ivalo - some people are already taking flights directly to Lapland. When it comes for reindeer safaris and husky activities - in Lapland it is possible to book also longer VIP safaris, but then the prices are several times higher and group sizes way smaller. When it comes for the half board food (breakfast +dinner) we charge 60 euros for 8 meals. Here again the budget sets some limitations - on a normal ski resort, with 60 euros you can barely afford a dinner for 1-2 persons. Vasatokka can achieve this budget because it is a non-profit youth-recreational center. Regarding the communication before the trip - we send 3 transactional e-mails before the trip - a welcome email and invitation to book extra activities, invitation to the FB group and to choose roommates and then the final e-mail with latest details and news. All the information is duplicated on the trip-specific FB group. Unfortunately, the transactional e-mail system we are using has sometimes deliverability problems with some e-mail clients. As our messages contains attachments, pictures and links, some mail systems mark them as spam. We are currently figuring out ways with our IT partners to avoid these problems by either using different solutions or backing up the e-mails with SMS messages, like Airbnb and some other companies are doing. We deeply regret the situation that you did not receive them. We thank you again for the feedback - and we will certainly stress out more clearly that this tour suits the best students and young people. What this tour may lack in accommodation and transportation quality, it compensates in team spirit, genuine nature experience and one of highest possibilities in Finland to see Northern lights. Our mission is to arrange affordable but amazing Lapland adventures and constantly improve our services. Seeing Northern lights belong to everyone!
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  • CP
    Written on December 30, 2016
    3.0 - Average

    Great tour!!! So much fun and the activities were once in a life time. Must have some videos for the bus though. That was pretty poor.
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  • Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka reviewer 8
    Written on December 22, 2016
    4.0 - Good

    Overall this tour was a great experience! You get to tick a lot off the bucket list which is worthwhile. We experienced lack of communication between 'TourRadar' and the tour company 'time travels' however I.e didn't get sent crucial emails leavin us confused and misinformed in Lapland when we started the tour! This wasn't a great start and didn't seem professional but by the end of the tour we were happy we did it! Tour guides were great and the length of the tour was good however it is technically a 4 day tour not a 6 day tour (leave late night on departure and arrive early morning on arrival) so keep that in mind. Overall was pretty good value, the only activity that we did not enjoy was the ski mobile safari you pay 75 euro for a 45 min slow ride in the dark around a frozen lake it's not worth the money! The husky safari was definetley the best activity! This tour was the cheapest we could find online even with all the extra activities included but without half board which works out waaay cheaper. Reccomended!
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  • W
    Written on December 3, 2015
    4.0 - Good

    The tour was amazing - it gave me the opportunity to see the natural beauty of the Finnish wilderness and the indigenousness people (Saami). I had the opportunity to feed reindeer, go on a huski safari, ride a snowmobile in the night and to learn skills if I were to be stuck in the Arctic! My tour leader, Victor, was great - he was full of energy and really made the tour more exciting. He was highly approachable and dealt with any unexpected problems. The tour overall was great value for money - I spent quite some time looking for tours in Finland and nothing came close to this. The ability to pick and choose your own activities, means you don't pay for anything you don't want to do! This includes meals, which you can either pay for or to buy your own groceries and cook yourself. As Vasatokka is in the northernmost region of Finland, please note that the total bus drive time is 13 hours, excluding toilet/food breaks every 3 or so hours. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the tour and would definitely recommend it to others! Tips for those who are planning to go on the tour: - Bring a neck pillow, sleep mask and any other things that help you sleep, as there is a 13 hour drive time (excluding toilet/food stops) - Bring a proper camera if you want to take photos of the northern lights (smartphones can't capture it) - You are able to rent snow equipment (clothes, shoes, gloves, etc) at Vasatokka but note that you will be spending ~1.5 days not at the resort and will need some form of warm clothes and shoes - Have fun!
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  • JP
    Written on August 5, 2015
    4.5 - Excellent

    Great Trip! We saw Northern Lights twice :)
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  • Trip to Lapland, Vasatokka
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Trip to Lapland, Vasatokka

Questions & Answers

Here we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about this tour.

    • March 1, 2017

      In which months does this tour run?

      Lapland trips only run in winter: November-December and February-March.

      In summer we do not have Lapland trips because of temperature above +15 and 24 hours daylight.

    • February 1, 2017

      Could you give me an overview of how this tour looks like?

      These trips are low-budget trips, aimed for students.
      The departure is from Helsinki in the evening on the departure day and there is an overnight ride to the destination in Lapland. The arrival journey back to Helsinki is also by bus. The accommodation is in a dormitory or cottage, shared with other people.

      The main package includes:

      - Round Trip to Lapland by Bus from chosen departure place
      - Accommodation 4 nights in chosen category (Dorm or Cabin)
      - A Bus Trip to the Arctic Ocean in Norway
      - Visit of the world famous Kemi Snow castle
      - Visit of the Santa Claus Village
      - Visit of the Saariselkä ski resort
      - Tourleader services in Vasatokka

    • December 1, 2016

      What is the age range of most of the passengers on this tour?

      The age of passengers on the tour you mentioned is mostly between 20-25 years old.

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    • Hamish13th March 2018
      Super easy website to use. The filters are awesome & allowed me to find exactly what I was after. Specific features like filtering by exact date (+/- 3 days), desired price per day and type of experience. Will use Tour Radar again for booking a tour.



    Adventure to Finnish Lapland, Vasatokka

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    Covering a total distance of approx 2,268 km.
    • Helsinki (Finland)
    • 705 km
    • Rovaniemi (Finland)
    • 225 km
    • Saariselka (Finland)
    • 57 km
    • Inari (Finland)
    • 156 km
    • Bugoynes (Norway)
    • 194 km
    • Saariselka (Finland)
    • 225 km
    • Rovaniemi (Finland)
    • 705 km
    • Helsinki (Finland)

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