Classical Rhine (Amsterdam - Basel)

Classical Rhine (Amsterdam - Basel) - Lueftner Cruises
Classical Rhine (Amsterdam - Basel) - Lueftner Cruises
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  • Enjoy a canal cruise in Amsterdam
  • Explore the old city of Cologne
  • Delight your taste buds with wine tasting in Cochem
  • Indulge in the Captain's Gala Dinner on board
Age range
12 to 99 year olds
Stateroom / Suite
Travel style
River Cruise
Start in Amsterdam and end in Basel ! With the river cruise tour Classical Rhine (Amsterdam - Basel), you have a 8 day tour package taking you from Amsterdam to Basel and through Amsterdam, Netherlands and 9 other destinations in Europe. Classical Rhine (Amsterdam - Basel) includes accommodation as well as meals and more.

2 Reviews

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  • JF
    Written on November 11, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    The ship was well appointed, clean and comfortable with amazing menus
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  • HK
    Written on July 20, 2017
    2.0 - Rather poor

    Unprofessional staff starting from check-in and lasting for the duration of the trip. Same goes for the amenities – they are certainly not up to the standards set by the prices charged by Luftner. Deceiving cruise description on the company web-site, stating that Amadeus is the fines way to travel. “First class service with a warm smile” promised on the web-site – these are just words on the company site, and they are nowhere close to the attitude from the crew • Gourmet dining – another fantasy described on the site - The dining experience is gas station/ neighborhood deli quality and assortment at best. And putting haute cuisine description on the menu does not make it fine dining. - Quality wines from Europe’s best wine regions – yet another false statement. We have been cruising through Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. And for the duration of the trip same cheap wines from Germany and Austria have been alternated. Even if you could not adhere to the promise of serving wines from the countries included on the cruise, there is abundant variety of good (even if inexpensive wines) in both Germany and Austria. Yet, no effort has been made by the company to do that. Both food and beverages assortment served on the ship was aimed towards cost saving – cheap food prepared in the same low quality tasteless manner every single day. - Dietary restrictions – were completely ignored. I did confirm beforehand with Luftner, as well as the reception and the restaurant on the ship, and the only response was a piece of paper stating the dietary requirement I stated. I was then advised to put it on the table during meals – pointless. I have organized multiple meetings and events in my career, and the least you can do of asking for dietary restrictions beforehand, is to actually read and be prepared for them. And Luftner did none of it. I was basically left stranded and advised to choose what I can eat from the menu. So, it was pointless providing the requirements, as not only no special meals were offered/ prepared, the cook/ staff did not even bother modifying offered options to accommodate my requests. And the statement “On request, our chefs will certainly provide special dishes suitable for people with conditions such as lactose or gluten intolerance.” From the web-site has nothing to do with actual service on the ship. I simply started skipping meal services after couple days. - Canned soups and pre-sliced cheddar cheese are presented as caprese, vichyssoise and other chef creations. - “Culinary seduction”, artfully described on the site had nothing in common with the “food” served on the ship. I mean really – the cook took hard cheese served for breakfast every single day (pre-sliced cheese I could see being received by the staff at the shipping dock) was cut using cookie cutters in round slices and presented as mozzarella in caprese salad. I obviously confirmed it was the same cheese by tasting and therefore, did not eat the dish. I was met with the attitude and comments from the staff that it was not to my taste. And when I noted it was not what was on the menu and it was certainly not fresh mozzarella, the waiter kept insisting it was. I mean, who do you really think your customers were? And you call this a gourmet experience? At least try to be honest and call it what it is – standard pre-cooked meals, same as what is being served on the planes, airports, but don’t pretend this is fine dining. I had a single small piece if avocado once in my salad – and even that was rotten. Marzipan stuffed apples were just baked apples dipped in sugar and cinnamon – no trace of marzipan. One day entire meal was pork and veal, no fish, no veggies. And I was advised to eat dumplings (pieces of dough served as side dish with meat) as a vegetarian option. And it was just getting worse every day – so called nicoise salad with no actual pieces of tuna, leftover green beans from lunch the day before and wilted greens, and peppers just to fill up the plate. Serving bullion from the cube and calling it tomato consommé is not high cuisines – this is delusional and highly misleading. Same goes for so called bouillabaisse, while serving fish scented tomato puree. This is a disgrace, especially with the abundance of affordable quality foods available along the route. I certainly did not expect having to purchase my own food outside of the ship after paying a hefty sum for the all-inclusive exclusive trip. If I were informed beforehand that the meals were really basic FB, rather than quality meals, I would not have chosen Luftner at the price that is being charged. - And when you do voice concerns about meals variety and quality, the staff get angry and defensive. And simply starts acting our like ill-behaved toddlers with no manners. They talk back, and start serving our table last after they served everyone else around. Really “exceptional” service – everything except serving your customers, just utter disrespect. • Drinking water No water is provided, not bottled water, not filtered water, any water was extra. And when I enquired Xiomara, I was advised to drink tap water – with the smirk on her face. With the price tag being in the same range as Viking and Uniword it is an embarrassment for Luftner to be charging for bottled water. And so-called water station had a filthy pitcher with tap water. • Medicines The site states that the board chemist has supplies for emergencies. Not only there was no chemist, but the only first aid kit there was had only band-aids. No fever medication, no alcohol or any other sanitizing/ disinfecting wipes. Nothing! I scratched my knee on the ship and asked for something to disinfect it with – nothing was available. I had a fever in the middle of the night and when calling reception, was advised to drink some tea! I have a fever – we are sailing, nothing is around and you have nothing on board. I understand when this is related to specific medications, but this is regulatory violation not to have you first aid kit staffed with anything, but band-aids. And when we did get to the port, it was Sunday and everything, and I mean everything was closed (including ALL pharmacies), so I could not get the medicine until Monday. Which led to me getting the complications and bronchitis, since I was unable to get the treatment on time and got complications. It has been weeks and I am still recovering – this is all because of Luftner and so call luxury cruise experience. • Relaxing Amadeus club – yet another deceit. A room with tables, filthy coffee machine with undrinkable coffee, and stale cookies do not provide either culinary delights or relaxing experience. Any gas station coffee is of higher standard and quality, than what has been served both at meal service and by the coffee machine in the Amadeus Club. If you are charging this much for the cruise, you could at least invest in a water cooler and decent coffee machine. • Each cabin has its own adjustable air-conditioning system and a comfortable bathroom provided with some luxury cosmetics including shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and body lotion. This is not true either - no hair conditioner provided in the Suite bathroom, and the amenities are certainly no luxury. • Staff service and attitude - Inconsistent service – every simple request is met as a challenge. It took the housekeeping over 4 hours to come back and clean the balcony after it was flooded after the rain. No reminders worked, they just told me, “well, it rained, so it’s now flooded”. A simple and timely action to clean the balcony would be way more helpful, that stating what I already said 4 hours ago. This is the service that I paid for – not unprofessional attitude and talking back when there is really nothing to discuss. - The only thing the staff is good at is watching guests’ every move – not to be proactive and foresee their needs. I had to ask for the same slice of lemon every morning and it never cross their mind for the staff to actually have it ready in the morning. They simply watch what you do, where you go. I was asked by the wine server, why I was riding a bike on the shore a certain way? You are working on the ship and this is your responsibility – to work, not watching where I go and what I do on-shore. This is an invasion of privacy. And after you know I called in the middle of the night with the fever, you are asking me in the morning how I slept? This would be funny if it were not true. Yet, when the coffee station is all flooded with coffee and the area around it is filthy and dusty, there are no paper napkins that bothers no one. None of the dishes or flatware are being cleaned properly, the cups have lipstick stains on them, and greasy dishes have pieces of food stuck to them. Entire ship is not being taken care of. The only cleaning is spraying of some disinfector (this is what is handwritten with the marker on the bottle). This is a beautiful vessel – you just need to maintain it. The furnishings in the rooms are not made for guests’ convenience – the stools might look nice in pictures, but impossible to sit on, neither indoors nor outdoors. - The only part of the crew who were diligent and professional, was the team who was helping getting the ship into the dock and from the dock, as well as cleaning the floors on the deck. They were focused on their assignments and demonstrated proper work ethic. I wish, the same applied to others. - There was no discipline or adherence to the departure schedule, as described in the daily program. One day, they decide to depart 15 minutes early and the other day 30 minutes late. With no prior notification or any announcements whatsoever. • The trip was clearly focused on 2 groups, who had an arranged group trip, regularly occupied public spaces with their arranged function meetings. I realize these might have been paid for under different conditions and might have different expectation in terms of service expected. However, I was saving for this trip for years and I paid a full price for it – so I expected full exceptional service, which was however never provided. I am indifferent whether this failure to provide any customer service was specific to this trip or whether this is Luftner always operates, but it was not worth even 50% of what I paid for it. • Non-existent entertainment. The best part was “live music”, when the female singer got so carried away with lip-syncing that she kept opening her mouth even when her partners part of the song has started and male voice singing was already coming out of the recorder. • The staff should be invisible, yet able to be there when needed. While being on Amadeus Silver, I felt like it was my duty to accommodate the staff, not the other way around. I did not feel relaxed, respected or appreciated, and it did not seem like my needs and comfort were the priority of the crew/ staff. And especially with paying for suite accommodations you do not expect the staff, including Xiomara more than anyone (who seems to show only condescending and demeaning attitude), to say that there is nothing different for suite accommodations, you still get the same standard amenities, and no special amenities. It’s just a bigger room. This is very informative, and timely note that would be more valuable prior to the trip.
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Questions & Answers

Here we have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about this tour.

    • Is there a dress code on board?

      There is no strict dress code on board as Lueftner like their guests to feel comfortable, however, they do recommend elegant clothing for dinner and for special occasions.

In regards to what clothing to pack here are some recommendations: 

Comfortable, casual clothing is appropriate both onshore and onboard and we suggest lightweight clothing that can be layered. Shorts are appropriate for most tours, however long pants may be required for inside visits on some excursions. Your cruise manager will advise when and if this is required. Mix-and-match color schemes work best to help keep baggage light. You will find a significant amount of walking over uneven terrain during your time ashore. We recommend comfortable walking shoes with good ankle support. Sturdy sandals are another good option.

Don’t forget to pack a lightweight, waterproof jacket (preferably hooded) or even a heavier-weight wind-breaker for cooler temperatures. Also, keep in mind that the ship, motor coaches and other venues visited on our itinerary are air-conditioned and may be quite cool. We recommend you that you pack a lightweight sweater or long sleeve shirts and carry them with you on excursions.

    • How much luggage can you take on board?

      On Lueftner cruises there are no restrictions with luggage in regards to the number of bags each guest may bring on board the ships, however, please bear in mind storage space is limited, and it is recommended that each passenger brings only one checked bag and one piece of hand luggage.

    • Do you have laundry services available?

      Lueftner have an onboard laundry service which would be happy to take over the washing and ironing of your personal clothes for an additional fee. Please note that there are no dry-cleaning facilities on board.

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    • Randall, 60 years old4th October 2018
      TourRadar had great prices and their staff were very helpful. No need to look anywhere else when booking a trip.



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    Netherlands , Germany and France

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    Netherlands, Germany and FranceSwitzerland


    Here is an indication for which countries you might need a visa. Please contact the local embassy for help applying for visas to these places.


    These are only indications, so please visit your doctor before you travel to be 100% sure.
    Tick-borne encephalitis
    Recommended for Germany and Switzerland. Ideally 6 months before travel.


    Amsterdam is the starting point and Basel is the endpoint.
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    Covering a total distance of approx 735 km.
    • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    • 32 km
    • Hoorn (Netherlands)
    • 231 km
    • Cologne (Germany)
    • 89 km
    • Cochem (Germany)
    • 38 km
    • Koblenz (Germany)
    • 49 km
    • Rudesheim (Germany)
    • 67 km
    • Mannheim (Germany)
    • 19 km
    • Speyer (Germany)
    • 96 km
    • Strasbourg (France)
    • 115 km
    • Basel (Switzerland)

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