London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour

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London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour - Madventure
London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour - Madventure
Anonymous "After saving for 2 years, June 2014 arrived and I would be setting off on a 6 month adventure! The trip was everything I imagined it to be, hard work and lots of fun. Exploring 27 countries in a truck with people who have now become like family is a crazy thought but it's something I wouldn't ever change! Madventure is a down to earth company who deserves a lot of respect, especially the drivers A..."
15 reviews


  • Visit 25 countries at once
  • Explore Dracula’s Castle
  • Visit home of the Dalai Lamas
  • Finish trip in the great city Sydney
Age range
18 to 80 year olds
Max Group Size
Start in London and end in Sydney! With the overland truck tour London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour, you have a 183 day tour package taking you through London, England and Sydney. London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour includes accommodation in a hotel, hostel and campsites as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

15 Reviews

Rather Poor
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  • A
    Written on January 9, 2018
    2.5 - Average

    I would not recommend this company to anyone, however with recent changes (new staff) it may have improved. This years trip seems to have been smoothe sailing with the new driver and guide.. too bad I didnt travel this year. I travelled in 2016 on part of London to Sydney. The driver and leader were rude to passengers and were just totally over their job. They made the experience terrible for some... many passengers had saved for years and this was a once in a life time experience being ruined by the staff of the company. Many occasions the driver yelled at passengers and refused to answer any questions or provide any information Then there was all the changes to itenerary (undrstanding some might need to happen on a long trip) but multile places and countries were missed altogether with no compensation made to those who had paid for a certain leg of the tour and it not been delivered (eg some paid for Tibet Nepal and India; all of which were missed and no refunds given). Those who threatened legal action seemed to have some luck. The proposed itenerary looks great but was not delivered on. I loved the places and experiences and made some life long friends, Will the owner was also super quick at responding to emails. However the company left me with a bad experience overall.
    Madventure commented on this review
    Hi. I am sorry to hear you did not enjoy your 2016 trip overall and I understand your frustration at missing certain countries. Unfortunately on your trip in 2016 we could not gain access into Tibet as they had introduced new laws and even though we had a permit they still refused to give us access. This had a knock-on effect which meant we could not then visit Nepal or India as the only way to get there was through Tibet. Subsequently we had to put the extra time into China, Myanmar and Southeast Asia. We do stress throughout our website that things can and will go wrong on a trip of this magnitude and unfortunately on your trip Tibet was the problem. Like you say, the 2017 trip were allowed access to Tibet so did not encounter these problems. I am sorry you had these problems in 2016, some things are simply out of our control and when a situation like that happens we have to re-route and make a viable alternative itinerary that suits the majority of the group. Regarding your crew, I am sorry to hear you did not get along with them and found them abrupt. The job of the crew can be stressful at times and they do have to deal with many issues on a daily basis as well as many different personalities aboard the truck. The crew you are referring to are actually no longer with us and the new crew are doing very well so the current trips are all running successfully. Besides the problems you encountered I am really glad to hear you made some life-long friends and loved the places and experiences along the way. I wish you happy travels in the future. Best regards, Will
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  • RF
    Written on January 22, 2017
    3.0 - Average

    Enough has been said by others about the different trips. However, one point I would like to make that I just found recently that would be important for future travelers. CHECK EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU BEFORE YOU LEAVE. I was told when I signed up for the UK to OZ trip that there were certain visas we had to get on our own. Fine, no problem. The instructions for the Iran visa were that as a group they would apply while in route. In our case in Turkey. When the day came we all went to the Iranian Embassy where my passport was rejected by the Iranians without review. I just checked a new trip with another group and decided it would be best to check all the visas myself and get what I could regardless of the trips statements. What I found was that as a US Citizen the Iranian Government never issues visas to people from the US. They have no formal relationship with the US and thus can not and will not issue anything. All US citizens must apply through the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC. I could easily done this before we left for the trip. I was thus unable to go to Iran and then also to Pakistan as it was overland. Either the UK to OZ owners were ignorant of the situation which would be shameful or they chose not to know and /or lied about it. Probably all of the above it seems. In any event I have learned not to take anyone's word on anything with these trips and to arrange every important thing on my own. As for Madventure who were UK to OZ, they should care more that the instructions they provide on important issues is as complete and accurate as possible. In the end I was on my own an extended period of time and lost two very important countries in my trip not to mention the added cost of being somewhere away from the group. Beware these folks. Appears they tell you what they would like to believe. Do not trust them.
    Madventure commented on this review
    In 2013 relations between Iran and USA were not good, so the Iranian government were not issuing Authority Numbers to USA citizens so no Americans could apply for an Iran visa. Whether you applied in USA, Turkey or anywhere else in the world did not matter, they were not issuing Iran visas to American tourists. So that year we advised all US citizens before departure that they would not be able to visit Iran with us, so the suggestion that you did not know about the Iran visa situation prior to departure is simply not true. I am not sure why you chose not to visit Pakistan with us because that was a possibility, but many people chose not to do Pakistan with us in 2013 as they were concerned about the political situation there at the time. Since 2014 relations between USA and Iran have improved and all our American clients have obtained the Iranian visa in Turkey. We always give clear and current visa information to all our clients prior to departure and all the visa information is clearly laid out on our website. Obviously things can change when we are actually on the road but prior to departure everyone is always informed as much as possible. I am sorry you could not visit Iran with us in 2013 but it was not due to any fault of ours. No Americans could have obtained the Iran visa anywhere that year. Best regards, William
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  • SH
    Written on January 16, 2017
    5.0 - Excellent

    I was on the 2015 mad venture overland from London to Australia. Yes there were problems, yes there were difficult times but these are far outweighed by what the trip gave me. I have come back a wiser and I hope a better person still gobsmacked by the Amazing value for money. I had looked at other companies offering similar trips but none came close to the madventure trip. One comment I read from someone else on the same trip comments on the lack of charge for phones and internet. We were out of touch for short periods of time but surely the idea of this kind of trip is experience life in some of these countries. Perhaps in future they would be happier doing their travelling by by VR and leave the real travel for those who can cope a couple of days without the internet. So five stars to madventure and I am looking into my next trip with you soon
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  • M
    Written on March 5, 2016
    5.0 - Excellent

    This adventure and it truly is an adventure is great value for money. You will get to see some of the most amazing places and sights. We got to camp in places with some of the best scenery you will ever get to see. This adventure will bring you back to the basics, living a very simple lifestyle and enjoying the most simply of things all the while what life is really about. Yes, there are many challenges along the way as you cross from one side of the world to the other overland only they can be dealt with if you give of your best, stay positive and remember you really are getting a chance of a lifetime. On this adventure you can get to live the dream if you allow yourself to.
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  • London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour reviewer 5
    Written on January 28, 2016
    5.0 - Excellent

    Couldn't find where to review the Alaska to Brazil trip so I've just put it here. I did the Alaska to Brazil overland expedition with Madventure and this is my personal review of the trip. It was, without a doubt the best trip of my life! Although hard work at times (the odd long drive day and having to put up with the the trip twat that never stops complaining!) it really was an amazing experience! The good far outweighed the bad by a long shot, the camp food was awesome - really great variety, the accommodation was so much better than we expected or could have hoped for considering it was a budget trip, the truck was the best on the road and the itinerary was incredibly extensive but with a great mix of free time and drive days. I have been fortunate enough to do a lot of long overland trips in my life with most of the other overland companies out there and my trip with Madventure was the best of the lot. After saving up for the last few years I'm now booked on their next London to Sydney Expedition and am literally counting down the days! I see they are doing the Alaska to Brazil trip in 2017 for the last time so my advice would be to DO IT! Nothing compares to that trip. So cheers Madventure, can't wait to hit the road with you again next year!
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  • London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour reviewer 6
    Written on January 12, 2016
    4.5 - Excellent

    What an exciting exploratory expedition I had. This was my second overland experience with this company (my first trip was from Alaska to Brazil). It is definitely not for the overly faint hearted but a very memorable part of my life story. Not only did I meet my ‘now’ husband on this trip but I got to see and experience some amazing places and cultures that I otherwise would not have done staying in 'western' style hotels. Not forgetting to mention making some amazing friends that we still see on a regular basis even though the trip was 6 years ago and that we are scattered all over the world. I highly recommend this company for a truly unique travel experience.
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  • A
    Written on December 28, 2015
    1.5 - Rather poor

    Do NOT go with this company. I am writing this review anonymously as to avoid any issues with the owner Will. For the amount you pay, you'd best hope nothing goes wrong on the trip because Will almost never forks out money (your money that is) in order to get things done. For example, the battery that keeps the charging points in the back of the bus working, died about 2 weeks into the 5 month trip. That left people unable to charge phones or laptops when we traveled. Sometimes we'd bush camp for days in a row with no access to any power. There were many places that had the exact battery we needed but we were told that Will said they couldn't find any. This was completely untrue as we found some ourselves, Will just didn't want to pay the £300 to have it replaced so we went without. The driver Adam and tour guide Brenda are the only reason the tour even works. For the amount you are paying I would highly suggest avoiding this company. Once Will has your money it's all about retaining as much of it as possible and all the responsibility is left the the drive and tour leader to deal with the fallout. Not to mention that most people don't even make it to the end because of the poor conditions and the treatment from Will, but by this point they have already paid for the trip in full. If you did it yourself you could potentially save thousands and stop off at all the places you want because there are many times you will drive for days and days be in the middle of nowhere the entire time, passing some of the most exciting cities in each country because it's not and effective driving route. Like I said before, do not go with this company.
    Madventure commented on this review
    Your review seems more of a personal attack on myself, Will, rather than a review of the tour itself, so your baseless accusations and your choice to remain anonymous can only lead me to assume you are one of the people asked to leave the tour due to unacceptable violent behaviour. The auxillary batteries did die unexpectedly and Adam could not find replacement deep-cycle leisure batteries on your route so I apologise for any inconvenience this caused. You can not use a standard car battery for this purpose. I do try and make it perfectly clear on our website that things can and will go wrong on such a long overland expedition. Unfortunately this was one of them. If we could have fixed it we would have. Every year Adam, Brenda and I strive to improve the tour in every possible way and this is reflected in the route and the good standard of food & accommodation we provide. The fact that you don't even mention the sights, food & accommodation on the tour is once again a clear indication that your problem is not with the tour but rather with me personally, and most likely because I had to ask you to leave the tour. Our itinerary is clearly advertised on our website so if you wanted to go elsewhere you should not have booked this tour. Please stick to the facts when you write a review. Your slanderous accusations are misleading and are not a true representation of the tour. William
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  • London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour reviewer 8
    Written on March 4, 2015
    5.0 - Excellent

    When I think back to the best things of my 2009 trip, it must be the way it changes and challenges you. Iran was such a welcoming country, India is total madness on the streets and Tibet with Everest base camp, monasteries and the hugeness of it. The best nights were bush camps campfires and beers. Everyday a new experience. You do get dirty and in the middle of nowhere soap, toilet paper and a good head torch are your prized possessions. I loved it. I should have joined Madventure at Kathmandu for another trip through Asia in Sep 2014, became very unwell on route and forced to return to UK before starting. Will, has kindly transferred me to this year 2015 and I cant wait. Madventure is a brilliant and decent company and I thoroughly recommend them.
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  • London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour reviewer 9
    Written on March 1, 2015
    4.5 - Excellent

    This experience is really hard to put into words. Over the 6 months I travelled with the company I saw and did so much, an opportunity that I never I thought I would be able to afford. The trip is amazingly good value, the drivers & leaders are very professional and I always felt I was in their safe expert hands. Its true some days { and nights} are tough but being in a group its a shared experience and those times are the ones we reminisced about the most. I would totally recommend this company for anyone thinking of doing something very special , as an adventure it was a Madventure for me a most memorable time in my life.
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  • London to Sydney Overland Adventure Tour reviewer 10
    Written on January 27, 2015
    5.0 - Excellent

    After saving for 2 years, June 2014 arrived and I would be setting off on a 6 month adventure! The trip was everything I imagined it to be, hard work and lots of fun. Exploring 27 countries in a truck with people who have now become like family is a crazy thought but it's something I wouldn't ever change! Madventure is a down to earth company who deserves a lot of respect, especially the drivers Alan & Will who suffer long drive days while we sit in the back! And tour leader Brenda who has to deal with all the in's and out's. I would most definitely recommend Madventure tours for anyone wanting to explore and isn't afraid of getting dirty! I would definitely go on another MADventure!
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  1. Proposed Itinerary
  2. + DAY 1 - 12, EUROPE
  3. + DAY 13 – 25, TURKEY
  4. + DAY 26 – 39, GEORGIA & ARMENIA
  5. + DAY 40 – 44, AZERBAIJAN
  6. + DAY 45 – 50, TURKMENISTAN
  7. + DAY 51 – 59, UZBEKISTAN
  8. + DAY 60 – 69, TAJIKISTAN
  9. + DAY 70 – 79, KYRGYZSTAN
  10. + DAY 80 – 83, KAZAKHSTAN
  11. + DAY 84 – 116, CHINA
  12. + DAY 117 – 127, LAOS
  13. + DAY 128 – 140, VIETNAM
  14. DAY 141 – 146, CAMBODIA
  15. + DAY 147 – 155, THAILAND
  16. + DAY 156 – 163, MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE
  17. + DAY 164 – 169, INDONESIA
  18. + DAY 170 – 183, AUSTRALIA

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  • London to Sydney 2011
  • Madventure - The Truck
London to Sydney 2011

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  • London (England)
  • 16,999 km
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