Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping

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Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping - Exodus Travels
Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping - Exodus Travels
49 reviews
Cape Town
Victoria Falls


Start in Cape Town and end in Victoria Falls! With the adventure tour Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping, you have a 20 day tour package taking you from Cape Town to Victoria Falls and through Cape Town, South Africa and 14 other destinations in Africa. Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping is a small group tour that includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, meals, transport.
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16 to 99 year olds
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Overland Truck
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Adventure, Safari, Wildlife

49 Reviews

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  • NB
    Written on December 31, 2017
    4.5 - Excellent

    My first time in Africa. I liked the look of the trip but had not especially researched each area and country beforehand. So many unforgettable moments - from getting close to the big animals in places like Chobe, to the sheer expanse of the desert landscapes in Namibia, to the wonderful Canyon Roadhouse in Namib, and the fun with pelicans while ostensibly dolphin watching nr Wallvis Bay. And then some - the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town and 'sweetest' accommodation. The guides got us through some very testing moments - from bus failure nr Rundu, followed by a dash to Etosha, and other serious incidents, in addition to driving us over immense distance >5Kkm, over untarmacced roads, and providing varied meals, mostly after a long days drive and setting up camp.
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  • DH
    Written on September 7, 2017
    4.5 - Excellent

    It was an amazing experience. What a fantastic trip. I met so many wonderful people had such wonderful experiences.
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  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 3
    Written on November 8, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Fantastic holiday - made the more enjoyable by Emma and Alf - our guide and driver who looked after us so well all the time - in spite of some adversities when things went amiss.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Seeing the big 5 - elephants drinking, bathing and swimming, herds of zebra, giraffes drinking. hippos, rhinos - both black and white, lions, springbox leaping, oryx, kudus, elands, waterbuck, cape buffalo, Goliath herons, various vultures, hyenas, jackals, mongooses, ground and tree squirrels, fish eagles, and  leopards  - never expected to see so much wildlife.The Devils Pot at Victoria Falls and the helicopter ride along the Zambezi Canyon were also highlights as well as the sand-dunes and sunset cruises - so many different highlights.What did you think of your group leader?Emma was superb - she was so knowledgeable about the S African trees, flowers, birds, wildlife and the history of the countries we visited.  She and Alfred prepared wonderful meals - so much fillet steak!!!  They were both very attentive and took the time to talk to everyone at some point during the day. She made border crossings so easy for us and could not be faulted in any way - Emma and Alf made the holiday so much more interesting and enjoyable for all of us.  She had two big birthdays too amongst the 12 of us and both days/evenings were most enjoyable.  The group was great too as everyone got on so well in spite of being confined in the bus for long streches of time.  Emma should be nominated for Tour Leader of the Year.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Yes - buy all your SA rands commision free in UK  before leaving home.  They can be used in Namibia too so there is then no need to change money in SA or Namibia where the commission is 4-6% (quite outrageous when we are used to commision free exchange).  We changed a little money for Botswana but one could use all currencies - ie rands, and Botswana money, in Zambia so no need ot change anything ((US$ useful too) - easier to pay for trips in Livingstone by credit card as that was the only major expense.Is there anything else you would like to add?Accommodation was excellent on the whole - in a variety of lodges - some with pools and air/con and in wonderful locations and we only a problem with insects on our first night travelling in Citrusval where several people were bitten.  Namibia and Botswana were  fine, though one person was severely bitten on her legs in Livingstone in the evening while dining outside. A superb holiday - just wonderful - made even better by Emma and Alf.

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 4
    Written on November 8, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A very full trip, lots of travelling but worth every minute. We passed through some stunning scenery, the wildlife encounters were both frequent and memorable and the guide, driver and cook were a credit to your company. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?A night drive in the Etosha NP, parked next to a waterhole and seeing a leopard come down to drink. We were so close and it was so quiet you could hear him lapping up the water!Watching the sun come up from the top of the sand dune in Sossusvlei.Watching two young male lions drinking and resting in the shade.What did you think of your group leader?Johannes was a good leader, everything was planned well but flexible so that if we saw any wildlife it was no trouble to stop and watch. Dealt with the one of our fellow travellers who lost his passport with efficiency and genuine concern.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?As the trip notes say, be prepared for some early starts and long days on the bus.However there are always plenty of stops and the scenery is varied and quite stunning in places. We started in Cape Town and so got the least interesting part of the journey over with first. Once we hit the Orange River things just got better and better.Take the helicopter flight over Victoria Falls, it's the only way to see just how big they are and to get a good view of the falls.Do the night drive in Etosha, there are no other vehicles allowed in the park after dark, so it is just your truck and the animals.Is there anything else you would like to add?I really did not expect to be so excited by the sight of all these wild animals. To have elephant so close you can hear them tearing up the grass, hear leopard lapping up water, have hippo trying to take a chunk out of the boat, watching a group of young elephants rolling about in a mud pool. Absolutely magical! Our driver, cook and guide were all very good at spotting animals and it was never any trouble to stop and stare for a while. Food was very good we had some very enjoyable evenings with a bottle of wine or a beer around the campfire with our fellow travellers.The scenery was varied and quite spectacular. The quantity and variety of animals and birds seen at close quarters on this trip surpassed anything I had been expecting.  Lots of wonderful memories. 

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 5
    Written on October 22, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Wonderful trip, starting gently in Cape Town and building to a climax in Chobe and Victoria Falls. Really glad we chose to do the trip this way round.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Stopping for lunch in no-mans land whilst crossing the border between Namibia and Botswana with elephants and antelope grazing in the valley below. Occupying the only table where there was a bit of shade was a teenager/young man from Zambia, trying to make his way to Namibia where he hoped to find work. Without papers, food or water, he was tired, hungry and dehydrated. The care and compassion given to him by the crew, especially our driver, was exemplary and a salutary lesson to us pampered British.What did you think of your group leader?A very funny man, keen to make the whole group have a good time. Stayed calm (just about) when one of of the group lost their passport, money and other documents and made sure they got sorted out in time to return home on the group flight.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Take some string for a washing line and less clothes than you think you need. We travelled at the end of September and only felt cold(ish) on one night, so rarely got into our 2/3 season sleeping bags. But it was exceptionally warm according to the locals. Good binoculars will enhance your trip, as well as a good bird book.Is there anything else you would like to add?This was our first trip to this part of Africa and it gave an overview of the region that was exceptional. Excellent if you can stay awake on long journeys through spectacular landscapes.

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 6
    Written on October 8, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A great trip and intro to AfricaWhat was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Desert scenery and animalsWhat did you think of your group leader?Ken, Lyn and Ivan were all excellent. Ken and Lyn made it feel that you were travelling with old friends. Ivan's cooking was superb Cannot fault them at all Do you have any advice for potential travellers?This trip is relatively hard - we had no allusions but suspect it may not be to everyone's liking Early mornings, long drives and some basic campsite facilities Make sure you know what to expectIs there anything else you would like to add?A great trip that is not expensive Good way to see this part of Africa

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 7
    Written on June 17, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Having planned this trip for 10 years, I had high expectations of what Southern Africa had to offer; this trip blew those expectations out of the water. Any concerns about camping & amenities were soon forgotten and the 3 weeks were filled with comfortable travelling, beautiful vibrant colours and tranquillity.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There are so many highlights to this trip - but getting up before dawn to climb dune 45 was something I'd dreamed of doing and will remember always - witnessing the changing colours as the sun rises and the sudden increase in temperature was phenomenal, but my favourite memory is the few stolen moments when I was the last one on the dune rim and it was so quiet. A truly fantastic morning.What did you think of your group leader?Emma and Alfred were great. They spent time getting to know us and going above and beyond to ensure we were happy and comfortable. Alfred is a great cook & provided a varied and tasty menu for the vegetarian member of our group. Both were informative and insightful about the places we visited and the animals and plants we saw.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?When they say pack and then take half out, do it! I travelled with 18kg and brought half of it home unworn.While you need a relatively small amount of money while on the trip, consider extra trips and don't scrimp. For me this was the trip of a lifetime & the added extras - sand boarding, Vic falls by helicopter & sunset cruise at end really made this an unforgettable experience.Is there anything else you would like to add?I can't think of any criticism - our guides were fantastic and we were lucky to have a nice group of travellers who all got along. We were well fed and saw/did everything covered in the trip notes and more. I take memories from this trip that aren't advertised in the brochure - elephants at night along the dry river bed next to camp, giraffes (my favourite) as soon as we entered Etosha, building a human pyramid with new friends and watching Alfred learn to pole dance.  This was the first time I had travelled with Exodus. I chose an arranged trip like this as I am not very confident to 'go with the flow' whilst abroad. Booking couldn't have been easier and flights were well timed. Hotel accommodation was basic but adequate and camping was a great experience. The tour bus was spacious and comfortable (important as some days spend 8 hrs on it). Compared to other similar operators good value for money as very little additional spending money was needed.

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 8
    Written on June 16, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    This was the first group holiday I'd been on and I was a little apprehensive but I have only had good things to say about it since I've been back. The activities are well organised and there is a good variety, so should be something for everyone. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?I've been asked this a number of times since I came home and found it hard to answer - you have so many varied experiences during the 3 weeks but I do always come back to Victoria Falls, particularly flying over them and through the gorge in a helicopter - you really can't get a feel for the sheer size of the falls when you are walking around them.What did you think of your group leader?Couldn't have asked for better guides than Emma and Alfred. They were full of knowledge about the countries we visited and did everything they could to make sure we were all looked after. They were also great cooks - making sure we had a good variety of food.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Be prepared for some long days driving but searching for animals during those days will keep you busy and distracted! Is there anything else you would like to add?Just go for it! :-)

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 9
    Written on February 3, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Absolutely amazing 3 weeks - saw so much wildlife, (birds and animals), amazing scenery. Our guides (Shane and Gekko) looked after us brilliantly! Also fitted in some great adventures whilst there - sand boarding & surfing in Swakopmund and microlight over Victoria Falls. Loved our trip! What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?We saw a rhino seeing off some lions... we saw a rainbow round the sun... we were the only ones at the Deadvlei, which is an amazing place. Then the sand surfing down dunes at about 45mph - not for everyone but we loved it! The steam train in Livingstone - pure luxury!What did you think of your group leader?Shane our group leader was brilliant - and Gekko our driver and cook! Lovely meals! Shane was our lucky mascot and we saw a Steenbok which I'm sure many people would not have spotted and a leopard sitting under a tree.If you have a reward programme, then we highly reccomend that both Shane & Gekko are put forward for their service, attitude, knowledge & sheer entertaiment. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?We took RAND for the whole trip - you can use these everywhere. Depending on what you want to do you may need more than you bargain for as there is so much to do - especially at the Victoria Falls - if you can, book the trip to walk across Livingstone Island and jump into the Devil's pool right on the edge of the falls! Is there anything else you would like to add?This trip does have long days travelling but there is such contrasting scenery to look at and a stop for lunch...etc it wasn't a problem at all. Some of the roads are bumpy and opening shutting the windows when a car goes past to stop the dust coming in didn't spoil it - it added to our fun! Go for this trip - it's amazing!! 

  • Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping reviewer 10
    Written on January 3, 2013
    4.0 - Good

    I'm a Swiss and this was the first time I went to Southern Afrika countries. I particularly enjoyed the beauty of seeing wild animals, the sceneries with those amazing colours at sunset. We had definetely long drives during this tour but it was worth it ! What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?The best moment I've ever had was in Chobe national park in Botswana ! The Game drive we had was magic ! We saw a leopard eating on a tree, lions, hippos, elephants. When we came back where the leopard was earlier in the morning the leopard was sleeping on another tree, then went down, crossed the road in front of us like 1-2 meters away from us, and climbed back to another tree closed to us. This was awesome. in the evening we went to see the hippos on a boat there were around 25 elephants and huge hippos !I did the tour from Cape Town to Victoria falls the best days were : - When we did the Canoeing and then we went to Fish River Canyon at Sunset. If you're not afraid of water, Canoeing was great because it was the first time we had enough time to enjoy the moment. Fish River Canyon we didn't spend a long time there but the view was incredible !- The dunes were nice but exhausting. I didn't manage to get on the top of the dune 45 !- the Game drives at Etosha - Victoria Falls ! I did the Microlight : seeing the falls and the gorges from the top it was greatWhat did you think of your group leader?Ronnie was really nice and he really did his best to make us happy. He was caring a lot about what we were thinking. Jonas was the cook and the food was delicious. There was another guide Shane he was funny but he had to leave earlier due to an unexpected incident with the bus. Then Sam replaced him and I have to say with me he was nice but with other people he might have been sometimes rough even a bit rude.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?- Be aware of the long drives during the first 2 weeks (from Cape Town to Livingstone). - I think it's better to start from Cape Town to Livingston. To start with the long drives and finish with Etosha, Chobe parks and Victoria Falls.- I would suggest you spend extra days in Cape Town. I would have definetely spent there more days if I had knew we wouldn't stay that long.- In Swakopmund it was quite boring so you should probably choose an extra activity. I did sky diving that was awesome ! - in Livingston. I would recommend you to do Microlight or helicoptere, something you can see the whole falls from the top + the gorges. I was hesitating between the helicoptere and Microlight and I decided to do Microlight. It was fantastic to see the gorges, the falls, the hippos (if you can), feeling the wind. if you are not afraid it's a great experience.Is there anything else you would like to add?A lot of activities were included, the food, everything was nice ! Afrika is a beautiful continent and this tour is a great opportunity to feel the wilderness. If you choose to go there it will be without any doubt a great experience


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  1. Introduction
  2. Expand all
  1. Day 1: Start Cape Town.
  2. Day 2: Visit Table Mountain; afternoon wine tour.
  3. Day 3: Drive to the Olifants River Valley
  4. Day 4: To Orange River; afternoon optional canoeing.
  5. Day 5: To Fish River Canyon, the 2nd largest in the world; afternoon walk.
  6. Day 6: To Sesriem in the Namib Desert.
  7. Day 7: Full day exploring the highest sand dunes in the world at Sossusvlei.
  8. Day 8: To the Germanic town of Swakopmund.
  9. Day 9: Free day to enjoy optional activities.
  10. Day 10: To Twyfelfontein; visit Bushman paintings.
  11. Day 11: To Etosha N.P.
  12. Day 12-13: Two days game viewing in Etosha and enjoyeing the floodlit watering holes.
  13. Day 14: To the Okavango Delta Panhandle.
  14. Day 15: Mokoro (dugout canoe) ride on the Okavango River.
  15. Day 16: To Chobe N.P.
  16. Day 17: Game drive and boat ride in Chobe N.P.
  17. Day 18: To Victoria Falls.
  18. Day 19: Free day to enjoy optional activities and visit the falls.
  19. Day 20: End Victoria Falls.

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Cape Town to Victoria Falls - Camping

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Cape Town is the starting point and Victoria Falls is the endpoint.
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Covering a total distance of approx 3,172 km.
  • Cape Town (South Africa)
  • 4 km
  • Table Mountain (South Africa)
  • 4 km
  • Cape Town (South Africa)
  • 690 km
  • Fish River Canyon National Park (Namibia)
  • 20 km
  • Hobas (Namibia)
  • 398 km
  • Sesriem (Namibia)
  • 57 km
  • Sossusvlei (Namibia)
  • 216 km
  • Walvis Bay (Namibia)
  • 31 km
  • Swakopmund (Namibia)
  • 232 km
  • Twyfelfontein (Namibia)
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