Discover Myanmar (Burma)

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Discover Myanmar (Burma) - Exodus Travels
Discover Myanmar (Burma) - Exodus Travels
62 reviews


  • Explore ancient temples and pagodas in Bagan
  • Take a guided walking tour of Mandalay
  • Trek the surrounding countryside of Kalaw
  • Admire the beautiful views of Inle Lake
Age range
16 to 80 year olds
Max Group Size
Coach / Bus
Travel style
Discovery, Adventure
Start and end in Yangon! With the discovery tour Discover Myanmar (Burma), you have a 14 day tour package taking you through Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and 10 other destinations in Myanmar (Burma). Discover Myanmar (Burma) is a small group tour that includes accommodation in a hotel as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

62 Reviews

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  • AM
    Written on March 22, 2017
    4.0 - Good

    I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip "Discover Myanmar"; it was much better than I had anticipated. The accommodation was great, and the food was delicious. And the best part: everything from transport, laundry, shopping etc was so much cheaper than anticipated. And the local people are so friendly and helpful, and the country cleaner and more 'organised' than expected. Altogether an enjoyable experience.
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  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 2
    Written on August 15, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

     A fantastic trip that gave an insight into a amazing country.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There were so many but sunrise over the U bien bridge was lovely, visiting the minirity villages on the cycle ride was also memorable. Standing on the sunset pagoda in Bagan and being able to see nothing but temples in any direction!What did you think of your group leader?Our group leader was Min.He had an incredible amount  of knowledge about the sites / places we visited and nothing was too much trouble for him.  He looked after us all very well. Min was  an absolute gentleman. His kind and gentle manner relected the manner of the Burmese people in general.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Take a torch.Cycle helmets are now provided for the bike ride.Is there anything else you would like to add?Even though we went in August there was hardly any rain, so don't be put off if this is the only time of year you can visit.

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 3
    Written on April 25, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    This is a very well planned and executed holiday. Our tour guides' organisational skills and interpersonal management of our group was exceptional. As a whole the trip way exceeded my expectations for content and quality of the hotels used. We were blessed in being a very agreeable and well balanced group in all aspects. In short a wonderful and memorable holiday in a remarkable country spent with a great group of co-travellers.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There were so many: Climbing up the 1000 or so steps of Mandaley hill bare footed to see the setting sun reflected in a veritable palace of coloured mirrored tiles in the Pagoda at its' sumit.Finding ourselves in the middle of an initiation parade for Burmese boys entering monkhood where their family and friends carried elaborate temple gifts of flowers made from folded currency notes.Eating ice cream sundaes with the whole group in Mandaleys' only ice cream parlour. You have to be deprived of such luxuries for a week to appreciate just how wonderful this was!Walking through a patchwork of cabbage fields looking every inch like a cubist painting in the hills above Kalaw. Then eating cabbage soup and other delicacies with a local farming family.Riding the circular slow train around Yangon. Three hours of rattling travel and a lifetimes' memories gained from observing the diversity of Burmese day to day life being lived by fellow passengers.What did you think of your group leader?Joseph Zau Li is a truely inspirational tour leader. His organisational skills were always spot on; we truely never wanted for anything. Joseph was always happy to just chat about anything and was a great source of information for me about contempory Burmese society way above and beyond the tour content. Because of Josephs' enthusiasm for his country I felt we did far more than was strictly listed in the tour notes, and for me this added a huge amount of added value to the tour.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?We went at the hottest time of the year - March/April. The guide books will suggest you should avoid this in favour of December/January and this worried me. My fears were unjustified. Yes it was very hot and we had to avoid walking about too much at mid-day, but if you wear a hat, sunscreen and drink plenty of water the upside is less crowds. I didn't even get sunburnt, and if you sit around more in the middle of the day its more opportunity to watch and interact with the local people.Is there a process to toughen your feet up before you go? If so do it. You will find yourself constantly walking around barefooted over roasting hot stone pavements. This seriously burns the soles of our "sensitive" feet. At times must have looked like a group of sand lizards hopping from one foot to the other to avoid the pain! Curiously, I have to say, dispite such depravations, my feet suffered no lasting damage at all.Is there anything else you would like to add?One of the best things about this itenerary is that it has a very good blend of planned and unplanned time, leaving lots of opportunity for arranging other activities, which, with the inestimable help of our excellant guide was always easy to achieve. There were some early starts because of the plane schedules, but I felt the advantage of using the planes to save time on road journeys over very poor roads easily repaid the effort. Other companies sail from Mandaley to Bagan, but I felt the day cruising up the Irrawaddy to Mingan on a private boat gave enough exposure to riverside life and the time saved flying gave welcome extra time to explore Bagan.I feel the itenerary circuit of Bagan/Mandaley/Hill Station/Lake Inle was preferable to the reverse circuit used by some other tours, as we did the hottest, most temple saturated and most energy demanding areas first before moving onto the more relaxing, slightly cooler areas: which gave a very welcome change of pace.We were a large group of 18 but this was never a problem. We had beautiful large buses for our transport which gave everyone plenty of space to move around and socialise freely. In such a hot country you really need, comfort, good air conditioning and space for long journeys over terrible roads. I have critizised tour companies for using 24 seater mini buses for groups of 16 or more in such conditions which usually makes the travelling hell. I'm very happy that this was not the case here.I spent an extra day in Yangon before and after the tour and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys individual exploration as there is so much to see in Yangon and there is only limited time within the tour program.

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 4
    Written on April 17, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Great country, great experience. Trip was a very good balance between interesting agenda and down time. Definitely the internal flights was an added bonus to reduce travel time.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?The people and varied agendaWhat did you think of your group leader?Excellent. Always avaialbe, very prepared. The trip ran extremely smoothly and effortlessly. The trip leader was always available, full of knowledge and genuinely was pleased to share his country with the travel group.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?No real advice, but would recommend this trip for anyone who wants adventure but also some downtime on the holiday.Is there anything else you would like to add?Great tour leader, definitely a valuable addition to the Exodus team.

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 5
    Written on April 17, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    An excellent trip including the amazing Bagan temples and Shan Stupas with the added variety of a couple of day long boat trips and even some cycling. What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?The Bagan temples were awe inspiring, especially seeing them at sunset. The towns and cities were varied from bustling Yangon to laid-back Nyaungshwe. The Buddhas come in all shapes and sizes and there were thousands of them. The  people are friendly and open.What did you think of your group leader?Josep was a knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful tour guideDo you have any advice for potential travellers?There are no long bus journeys which is a definite plus (although a couple of the flights were very early). It can be very hot in March/April, we experienced 40 degrees although there are almost no mosquitos at this time. Food quality is mixed with several group members with upset stomachs. Is there anything else you would like to add?Tourism is taking off so I would recommend you visit now otherwise places like Bagan will soon become heaving with tourists. It will end up like Angkor Wat in Cambodia

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 6
    Written on April 17, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    The expedition itinerary was well thought out and allowed us to really see Myanmar, it's culture, history, food and most of all the wonderful people. It was a really interesting, elightening, moving and fun experienceWhat was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Loads to mention. Schwedagon Paya in Yangon, the plains of Bagan at sunset, U Bein bridge at sunrise, chatting to monks in Mandalay, getting soaked at the new year water festival, and meeting other travellers in the group.What did you think of your group leader?Excellent. Well organised, smart and attentive. He gave us insights into the country as only proud locals can. He had a great sense of humour combined with impressive knowledge. We felt valued and that our visit was in a small way, helping to make a difference to this wonderful country.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Eat and drink in small local restaurants and bars. Don't be put off because they look "too local". Everyone is so friendly and welcome you like one of the family. Order a beer and start up a conversation.Take lipstick, mascara etc to trade with local girls at the main tourist sights.Take a big memory card for your camera.Men, don't be afraid to wear a Lyongi. everyone does, it's cool and locals like the effort youre making.Spread your money around. Buy souvenirs all over the place. If you are in a big group, arrange to eat in different places so everyone benefits.Is there anything else you would like to add?We have travelled around most of the far east but Myanmar was potentially the most "challenging". However the trip was excellent, interesting, exciting and went without a hitch. We loved the place and the people. Don't be put off coming, but travel responsibly. 

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 7
    Written on April 13, 2013
    4.0 - Good

    Lovely country, friendly people.  Amazing sights from temples to rivers to countryside.  A peaceful. unthreatening place, despite all their difficult past.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip? Inspiring?  Difficult to pick one place from so many - sunsets and sunrises over temples, rivers and bridges. The wonderful trips on the river and lake - the involvement in local village life experienced whilst cycling on very bumpy roads - all great.What did you think of your group leader?Nay Lin was a lovely young man - always calm, helpful and with a great sense of humour especially with a group of variously aged English people with different types of humour!  He had great knowledge of his country and a great love of it and pride at what it hopefully will become in the future. Do you have any advice for potential travellers?We were initially a bit concerned owing to the past history of the coun try but need not have worried.  We had a great trip, everything exceeded expectations - hotels were very good,clean and well equipped.  The food everywhere was excellent and very varied.  Also we took far too much money  and actually had quite a bit to bring home and that was wthout "watching the pennies"   Also we didnt have a ghastly toilet anywhere which must be a first!  A great place which I fear may change due to us tourists going in greater numbers - so go NOW and enjoy!Is there anything else you would like to add?Overall the trip was good value for money, well organised and with a variety of places to visit - covered the big sites but also village life and countryside - no complaints.

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 8
    Written on April 9, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    Myanmar is under-going rapid change. As the infrastructure will not be able to keep pace in the short term, it's a good option to bring it forward in your travel priorities. We were there first two weeks of March and it was 30-35C in the plains.What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There was never a dull moment on the trip itself and you see all the important sights/sites:However, do the very undersold trip extension to Mount Popa. Great drive through the countryside and when you see it perched on the top of the hill it's like something from a film set. Coming back you are shown some of the many uses of palm tress (and lots to drink/taste).We also did the full 3 hour train trip round Yangon. Well worth while for $1. You get to see real life going on and interact with the locals.What did you think of your group leader?Nay was our leader.His organisational skills were legendary. Nothing was too much trouble, everything you asked for he did.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?Unlike most of the Far East, the locals don't actually want US dollars for themselves, they all use local currency. This means you only need $50/$100 bills (in pristine condition). We did everything and spent $450 per person. Lunch/dinner with beer = $5 a head. The $1 bills we took were unneccessary.For the 7 hour lay over at KL on the way back, head downtown to the Petronas Towers. Airport info will give you all the info/maps you need. The train, then tube, are quick and you get an insight into KL life. The towers are actually much nicer close up than the pictures show them to be.Most people fell ill at some point so Immodium was essential!We felt perfectly safe all the time.Is there anything else you would like to add?We only ate local cuisine so turned down the opportunity for Pizza at Lake Inle! We ate at the Lotus Restaurant and took the group there the following night - they loved it. The other star meal was at the Seven Sisters in Kalaw (your guide will know it) - the fish in banana leaf was the favourite choice.Mind you, the evening food everywhere was great.

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 9
    Written on April 9, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    The organised activities and free time was well balanced. We liked spending 2 - 3 days in most places without having to move on all the time.The Burmese are very friendly and there was very little touristy hassle to buy things (although that will probaly change) There are photo opportunities everywhere and the trip allowed for plenty of sunrises and sunsets.  What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?Dawn at U Bein Bridge was everything we imagined about Burma.What did you think of your group leader?Our leader Nay Lin was an excellent guide, knowledgeable, patient and with a good sence of humour.In adddtion to planned activitis he also did things like arranging taxis and helping us with things to do in our feee time.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?The trip notes covered everything we needed to bring.We were a bit worried about mosquitos, but found that in Feb / early March it was not a problem.Is there anything else you would like to add?18 was quite a big group, but we all got on very well.I would have liked to visit the Jumping Cats Monsatry on Inle Lake, but Nay siad it was aginst Exodus Repsonsible Tourism policy. However we were taken to a souvenier shop where we saw some long necked women, whicxh we thought would heve been of more concern than peforfoming cats.

  • Discover Myanmar (Burma) reviewer 10
    Written on March 21, 2013
    5.0 - Excellent

    A fabulous trip to a rapidly changing country, delightful people, wonderful food and many, many temples!What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?There were so many wonderful days, it's difficult to pick out one highlight.  The golden Shwedagon Pagoda, the thousands of temples at Bagan, the boat on the Irrawaddy, finally seeing the iconic U Bein's Bridge, Inle Lake and trekking in Kalaw were all amazing.  Just seeing the local people going about their business and spending time interacting with them was wonderful.  The people are so friendly and really want to talk with you and find out where you're from.  An hour's ride on the train from Yangon (didn't manage the full 3 hours) was fantastic and a wonderful way to spend time with the local people and gain an insight into their world.What did you think of your group leader?Nay was absolutely brilliant the whole way through.  His wonderful sense of humour was evident throughout the whole two weeks.  He was never flustered, always had everyone where they should be on time, was brilliant at organising additional activities.  Our teasing with him was taken well especially with regard to "shoes on - shoes off" at all of the temples and his lovely phrase of "shall we get off?" every time we arrived somewhere on the bus.  When one of our party had a fall on the cycling day, he calmly took charge, got out his trusty first aid kit and very ably treated her.  He was a wonderful guide - one of the best.Do you have any advice for potential travellers?As everyone else says - just go now before it changes too much.  Definitely take a trip on the train in Yangon, though you don't have to do the full circle which takes 3 hours.  We went as far as Insein and then got a taxi back which only cost 4,000 kyat - a wonderful trip.  Make sure your feet are happy to be walking around with no shoes and socks on!  Sometimes the ground is rough to walk on or alternatively you can be walking on scorching hot tiles!  The walk in Kalaw can be done in good trainers in the dry season (I'm not sure about during the rainy season though).  Take a good torch - there's plenty of power cuts, plus they're useful inside some of the temples.  When in Kalaw, go to the caves just up the road from the hotel, they're amazing & we thought were better than the Pindaya caves later in the trip.  Make sure you visit the railway station in Kalaw, another fascinating place to watch everyday life going on.Is there anything else you would like to add?This is a typical Exodus trip - be prepared for lots of early mornings, both for catching early flights and for seeing sunrises.  Don't worry though, there's not a lot of night life in Burma and you'll be tucked up in bed not long after 9pm!  Grab a quick lunch in Yangon at the Ruby Mart (almost next door to the Asia Plaza Hotel), they have great buns & pastries.  Make the most of the bikes or horse & carts in Bagan, they're both a great way of getting around on your own to see some of the smaller temples.  A trip to the Moustache Brothers in Mandalay is a surreal experience but one not to be missed.  Buy souvenirs wherever you go to spread your money around, particularly when you can see the people making the items in their small shops.  Be prepared to need immodium - most of us did at some point in the trip!  


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  1. Introduction
  2. Expand all
  1. Day 1: Start Yangon (Rangoon).
  2. Day 2: City tour including the incredible Shwedagon Pagoda and old colonial areas of this former capital.
  3. Day 3: Fly to Bagan (Pagan) with its ancient temples and pagodas; free time to explore until sunset.
  4. Day 4: Full day tour to explore the largest temples as well as some of the smaller ones.
  5. Day 5: Morning sightseeing at Bagan; free afternoon.
  6. Day 6: Fly to Mandalay; visit Mandalay Hill for sunset.
  7. Day 7: Visit U Bein Bridge at sunrise; day exploring the countryside visiting Mingun and Sagaing villages by boat.
  8. Day 8: Scenic drive to Kalaw, a former colonial British hill station.
  9. Day 9: Day walk through Kalaw past minority villages.
  10. Day 10: Drive to Inle Lake visiting Pindaya Caves en route.
  11. Day 11: Cruise on Inle Lake; visit local craft industries and lakeside markets, Indein pagodas and see the famous leg-rowing fishermen.
  12. Day 12: Cycle to minority villages around Inle Lake by support vehicle (if needed).
  13. Day 13: Fly to Yangon; free afternoon.
  14. Day 14: Tour ends after breakfast in the hotel. End Yangon (Rangoon).

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    • How many people are in the bus?

      The bus will be a private mini bus that will fit 16 travelers and the tour guide.

    • Is there a single supplement available on this tour?

      Yes. Please take note that there will be an extra charge for a single supplement room. Please contact us to arrange this.

    • Do you have the list of the hotels used on this trip?

      The list of hotels used on this tour:

      Day 1 and 2 - Yangon – Hotel Grand United (Alhone Branch)
      Day 3, 4, 5 - Bagan - Yar Kinn Tha Hotel -
      Day 6, 7 - Mandalay – Golden Country/Mandalay City
      Day 8, 9 – Kalaw - Pine Hill Resort -
      Day 10, 11, 12 Inle Lake - Hupin Hotel -
      Day 13 - Yangon – Hotel Grand United (Alhone Branch)

      Please note that these are still subject to change.

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    Start and end in Yangon.
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    Covering a total distance of approx 1,411 km.
    • Yangon (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 505 km
    • Bagan (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 7 km
    • Nyaung U (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 45 km
    • Mt Popa National Park (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 146 km
    • Mandalay (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 11 km
    • Mingun (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 20 km
    • Sagaing (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 16 km
    • Mandalay (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 157 km
    • Kalaw (Myanmar (Burma))
    • 23 km
    • Pindaya (Myanmar (Burma))
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