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1 month+ Hiking & Trekking Tours and Trips

1 month+ Hiking & Trekking Tours and Trips

See the best 1 month+ Hiking & Trekking tours. There are 80 tours, in as many as 36 different destinations, including Argentina and Tajikistan.

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80 1 month+ Hiking & Trekking trips

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1 month+ Hiking & Trekking Tours and Trips Reviews

  • "I did this trip in december to january and absolutely loved it! The guides were brillant..."
    Buenos Aires to Lima Adventure
  • "Great way to discover this part of South America!"
    Quito to La Paz Adventure
  • "I had the most amazing trip!! People have asked me my highlight!! My answer, 'Everyday'!!!!..."
    Gorillas, Wildlife & Zanzibar (Zanzibar to Nairobi)
  • "I can't ask for a better way of seeing South America. Tucan and the tour leader was..."
    South America Highlights
  • "The itinerary for south america was very good. We got to se a lot of big attractions...."
    Quito to Rio